now i call you friends

You are my friends.

I don’t have an organization “over” me, or a Church “over” me, or a religious corporation “over” me. I don’t have a pastor “over” me or elders “over” me. I’m not part of a hierarchy, in which everyone is ranked according to levels of importance.  Jesus is my friend. My husband is my friend. My kids are my friends. My friends are my friends. I call you friend. You are not my servants or slaves either. Now you are my friends, since I have told you everything the Father told me.


SHOCKING  teachings of Jesus:

1. BEWARE of the “Godly Religious Leaders”!

2. The kingdom of God is WITHIN YOU!

3. LOVE the people who hate your guts!

4. CARE about strangers, children, women, the social outsiders, the eunuchs and the foreigners!

5. When you go to other countries, bring the people there BLESSING and GOOD NEWS!

6. The era of religious buildings, acting religious and performing religious ritual is OVER!

7. The GENTLE people are the ones who will inherit the earth!

8. It’s the MERCIFUL who will be shown mercy!

9. The children of God are PEACEMAKERS!

10. Yes I actually DO want you to take care of the poor, homeless, vulnerable, helpless, needy, sick, suffering, incarcerated, hungry, and lonely PEOPLE!

The things I did get to do

The things I got to do in life were better than the dreams I had, better than the things I thought I wanted to do.

I wanted to be a nurse, that did not work out for personal reasons. I wanted to be
a school teacher, that did not work out (I made the painful choice to not finish college). I wanted to be a lifetime overseas missionary; that’s a long story, it didn’t work out.

But God! He gave me better things. Things He chose just for me. He let me take care of my husband for months when he was really sick (he was an outpatient). He let me teach my own children for many years. And he brought the entire world here to where I live, the San Francisco Bay Area. And He let me meet them.

I’ve met people from all over the globe, right here where I live. From 1985 to present, He keeps bringing them here and I get to meet them. I get to talk to them. I get to witness to them. I get to make friends with some of them. I welcome them! And I thank God for all His wonderful, kind and loving gifts to me, especially the gifts of “the things I did get to do”.


There is a major dialectical conflict of will between speaking or not speaking of the trauma of religious abuse and lies. The conflict exists because there are major repercussions to speaking out. The flesh is afraid of this rejection and backlash. But the Spirit fills you with faith, love and strength to endure the result. Jesus Christ is victorious in this dialectical conflict (Spirit over flesh!); He speaks out, proclaiming the truth. He accepts the repercussions by those implicated (and their devotees), and the victims of spiritual abuse and lies (the sheep) are cared for, helped and freed. Will you speak?


When we witness to people, we must make sure to let them know we are not representing Americanism, Democracy, British Empire, American Empire, State of Israel, Zionism, Military Industrial Complex, Right Wing culture wars, Left Wing culture wars, a lifestyle, a culture, a morality, moralism, nationalism, empire building, Dominionism, a particular economic policy or ideology, 3rd way global governance, public-private partnerships, a particular political ideology, an institution, a religious movement, The Church, “any” Church or Christian organization, or even the religion of Christianity. But rather we are representing Jesus Christ, the kingdom of God, which is not of this world.

public policy vs His Kingdom Way

Evangelical Christians will do whatever their pastor tells them to do regarding any public policy issue (or else pastors will be 100% silent on the issue). They will be in compliance with their pastors who are in compliance with the USGovernment policy. Pastors and “Reverends” will be up in pulpits preaching compliance, or, he or she will be silent on public policy. When and if the next president is a Republican, especially and if he is a professing Christian, compliance with all existing and new government policies will be fully expected of the flocks, by the Incorporated Church clergy.

This is why our pastor needs to be Jesus and our king needs to be Jesus. Because contrary to popular Evangelical theology, that “to unquestioningly obey government is to obey God”, Jesus and the laws of the land are often at odds.  We are NOT to blindly obey everything the government says we must do or not do. We are to obey Jesus in matters of conscience and when HE tells us instructions that differ from public policy. Churches lie: Obeying government is NOT always obeying Jesus. Public policy is not always Kingdom policy. You must discern the difference. There is conflict because there is contrast. This is why Jesus talks about being in and of HIS KINGDOM WAY.

already exempt

I AM the ekklesia. But I am not a religious institution. I have no tax-exempt status for them to take away. With money or with no money I am able to do whatever He calls me to do, and leads me to do, to serve and help any and all others in the flock of Christ. HE is the one who equips me and provides me what I need, to care for others. Not the government.

YOU ARE the ekklesia. But you are not a religious institution. You, an individual person, have no tax-exempt status that they can take away. They cannot prevent you from functioning as you are called to function in Christ. They cannot prevent you from doing His will, as He leads by the Spirit and as He speaks with words. With money or with no money, you are able to do whatever He calls you to do to serve and help the least of these His brethren. HE is the one who equips  you and provides you what you need, to care for others. Not the government.

You are already exempt from “tax exempt”. There is nothing they can “take away” from you. And no one can stop you from helping, teaching, giving, and caring for others; from living His life, the kingdom within you.

a much better Counselor

Are you tired yet? Have you had enough shock and disappointment yet? Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy counsels (your Church and ChristianPolitical Leaders, leading you astray, lying to you, disappointing you and tiring you out!).  Let now the astrologers (Ivory Tower Theologians who teach you untruth), the star-gazers  (“rising” rock “star” Pastors who lead you into idolatry), the monthly prognosticators (the corporate CEO Evangelical executives who manage and counsel you, advising you to join this month’s awesome pop-Christian Movement), stand up, and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee. Isaiah 47:13

These multitudes of your counselors, they will not remain, they will not last out the day! They are going down as we speak! They will fail! Yes even that greatly admired and respected one you thought was SO genuine, holy and wise. They will not be able to save you! I will pray to the Father, and he will give you another Counselor, that he may be with you forever.He will save you from these very things that are coming upon you now.

Flag Day

…Jesus, crowned with glory and honor…

I will not fly, honor or pledge to the American flag for the same reason I will not honor or pledge to the Grand Union Flag, or the English flag (Red Cross of Constantine/Knights Templar/Knights of Malta and the Crusaders), or the British East India Company Flag  or the Honorable East India Company Flag or the Worshipful Company of Mercers, or the Aragon Templars (or all other such societies), or the “astral gods” of ancient Babylon, Egypt and Rome, or the Rothschild symbol (red shield, = star of Reprham/Moloch), or to the Families and Ecclesiastical-Military-Political Dominionist Powers behind all these.

If and when the global Manifest Destiny, fake Israel/”divine right of kings” powers of “this world” set up their long desired, rebuilt Jerusalem temple (of Solomon) to self, greed, pride, that they may glory openly in ruling the entire world, what flag will fly there?

What will the symbolism be on this flag? A flag will be hoisted, and, just as in Daniel chapter 3, there will be the call to honor this temple and the “image” it symbolizes.

On that day, I will not honor that “image”, the temple, nor it’s flag.