spiritual empowerment

Jesus Christ our Lord, empowered by the Holy Spirit; we are empowered also by the Spirit of God, we also now share spiritual empowerment with others. We don’t hate, hurt others, abuse and spiritually (or physically) destroy people. In the power of the Spirit of God we walk in love, heal and bring spiritual LIFE, power, encouragement and strength to others.

4 thoughts on “spiritual empowerment

  1. So true Loretta, I was reading 1st Thessalonians this morning and in verse 19 of chap. 5 it says” Quench not the Spirit.”
    And I’d like to share a quote from Tyndales bible concerning that verse, “The spirit whereby we believe in Christ and
    consent to the law, is quenched again with evil conversation and lewd communication.

  2. Amen! Thank you for visiting holdingforthhisword and liking the post edification. May Christ’s Spirit who dwells within us conform us to the image of the Son more and more for His glory. Amen!

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