out of the F.O.G.

Today in Neo-Evangelical American Church, many folks will dine on sickening poisonous subtle or blatant comments from the pulpit about fear of Muslims, obligation to ‘take back America’ and guilt for not participating in politics or war and killing (“if necessary!”). But you are no longer in the F.O.G., you are in the clear blue sky sunshine fresh green grass meadows, feeding on real food provided by your real Shepherd. And you are thriving!

14 thoughts on “out of the F.O.G.

    • hi Maria, f. o. g. is “fear, obligation and guilt”. In this post, it is referring to LIES taught to Christians in Church which contradict the kingdom teachings of Jesus. By thriving, i do not mean “happy” or oblivious to the suffering of our brethren (the contrary!!) but i mean thriving in getting fed the TRUTH from Him, about how He wants us to live right now in this world. Instead of taking in the poison of teachings that are the direct opposite of Christ’s… we are taking in His Truth and thus we are strengthened to live His kingdom “Way” as all these things happen around us.

  1. “fear, obligation and guilt”. How true Loretta…
    If the pew warmers were to follow Christ in His kingdom, then these charlatans would be left with nothing to merchandise. And that is their fear. The fearful leading the fearful as the lords of darkness in the pulpit show the way…………keep up the good word, Bill

  2. “Neo-Evangelical American Church”
    You are being kind, with identifying the “Neo”, this gives all that don’t think they are “Neo” the out. I would say that if you are part of the institutional church system in America or overseas that was started by any of the denominational divisions you are open to the deception. When remaining together requires financial support you will hear about anything from the hireling.


    • I very much agree Rich! I tend to indentify “Neo_ when referring to the Evangelical non-denominaional IC’s of which I was perusing in the 80s, 90s and 2000s. This is the camp where movements such as “Total Quality (scientific) Management Business Model”, “7 Mountains Dominionism”, “Politics and Patriotism as the Christian Life”, “Church attendance as group salvation”, and “Billy Graham ask Jesus into your heart style evangelism” reign. You know the type.

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