Leadership. Summit.

He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. Phil2:8

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time.. 1Pe5:6

New Age Christianity teaches the exact opposite of what Jesus Christ said.

Leadership. Summit.

Pride. Self promotion. Making self High up. Claiming your place in the world system (as a leader). Covetousness (for position) and Selfishness. Wise in the eyes of the world. Mighty. Save self-life. Feigning humility in pride. Seeking followers. Obeying your dreams, visions, desires. Climbing high up the ladder to the mountain of Christian ministry and worldly success. Doing the will of your dreams and visions. A wide path. Serving 2 masters, “Self and God”.

Servant. Humble.

Meek. Self-denial. Making self lower. Detachment from the world system. Sacrifice and selflessness. “Foolish” in the eyes of the world. Weak. Lose life self-life. Humbling of self. Dying to self. Seeking Jesus Christ. Obeying Jesus Christ. Humbling self to death of self. Doing the will of the Father. A narrow path. Serving only one Master.

(Please see my note in Comments.)

7 thoughts on “Leadership. Summit.

  1. New Age Christianity teaches the exact opposite of what Jesus Christ said.

    It’s that time of year again.

    Willowcreek’s Leadership Summit is New Age Christianity. It is part of the New Global Order, which
    utilizes the organized union of government, corporations and secular and “faith-based” 501c3 social service organizations to achieve the goals of UN Agenda 21
    and the UN Millenium Goals. Government registered Institutional Churches are included in the last category. The people in the Churches are supposed to be
    the free manual labor for the projects that the global governance leaders decide on, and the corporations help fund it.Everyone works “in partnership” with the other parts of the “3 legged stool” of Gov+Business+Social sector.

    It is a nice, neat “seamless web” of global organization,
    for the “Purpose” of solving the world’s physical problems and “ordering” the world so it functions sustainably, according to the plans of the world system powers.

    It’s part of the Third Way (system).

    The Churches have been recruited to promote all this. Antichrist Global leaders come in and teach the Church people how they will be needed to help
    achieve the wonderful new PEACE plan, through their volunteer work. Of course this is marketed to them as “serving God” and “doing mission”
    but they are actually doing the will of the satanic world government.

    The Leadership Summit has a mix of worldly professing Christians and professing secular Humanist (or whatever) Corporate-Marketing Management gurus, and scientists and politicians and famous entertainers, and CEOs,

    and other global movers and shakers, — who are all against the true Jesus Christ and the true gospel—

    teaching mixed groups of learners, mostly Church Christians (the mixed teaching the mixed) all about how to be somebody “important” in the New Global System.

    This is “puffing up pride” and is not edification that comes from the Spirit of God.

    The focus is “we can change the world!!”, not mutual joy in our unity with Christ and our communion with Him!

    A “one global spirituality” must also therefore be part of this Plan. And Christianity has been chosen to bring this in.

    Yes “False” System Christianity has been chosen as the main movement through which the new satanic system will be implemented. How deliciously diabolical and ironic is this!

    (And we know this is judgment from God for those who love not the Truth.)

    True Christians listen to the Lord and do what He says, listening to His Spirit as He leads them.

    The fake Christianity, or ‘Churchianity’ is being trained and recruited to help bring in satan’s global system which includes the government, the economic (business) and the social sector.

    Church Christians are being trained in Marketing, TQM to be exact, and in “Leadership” so they can feel important as they sign on to help bring in the New Global System.

    One problem with the New System: it leaves out the exclusivity of Jesus Christ, the Truth, the Holy Spirit, the power of God and the TRUE gospel.

    What is the difference between those who will eagerly sign up to be special (either a Leader or a worker) in the New System? Answer: Listening to the flesh, or the Holy Spirit. Listening
    to the World System or to the Lord Jesus Christ. Following antichrists– or following Jesus.

    Oh the disparaging disdain of those saints who will not join up and participate with the New System. How foolish they are said to be, for not agreeing with this wonderful
    worldly wisdom! They shake their head at us; in their minds it is sad we are not getting on this exciting new bandwagon. Everyone is doing it! We are really missing out on “what’s happening” in the world and in Chrisitanity now.

    I pray for our continued discernment; that we follow only our Lord Jesus by His Spirit.

    It is a narrow path indeed.

    • Excellent article and insight. The scriptures clearly show that that the early church helped each other (poor people seek G_D). The church took care of its own first as seen Acts and the writings of Paul and noted by Gibbons in the Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire. When Paul wrote about collecting money for the poor in Jerusalem due to persecution – it was for the poor believers. This is by no means dismissing the good Samaritan teaching – it is simply John 13:35 ~By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

  2. I see it all over southeast Michigan. I recently drove by a large religious establishment with a sign advertising their “Christian Leadership Academy”. I wonder where the academy is leading people, to hell?

    In Christ -Jim

  3. Amen Loretta. The coven of Willow Creek has spawned many “systems” and “models” across the nation and worldwide. I would venture to say that it is probably the most popular “message”, which should provide the answer. It’s new age practices and “do something” “one.org” etc campaigns adjured the flesh to take up the social gospel, etc….. but Christ’s followers must abjure this cult.

    Great post of truth sister…continue

  4. “The Lord has put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these prophets of yours, and the Lord has declared disaster against you.” (1 Kings 22:23)

    “Go up to the mountain and prosper Christendom”, “climb your summits and conquer”… so they say

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