Get Equipped:The Gospel

We will now be looking at various resources and ministries that can help you train and prepare for witnessing. Some of the material may be familiar to you, some of it we have already discussed here, and some may be new. I hope these teachings will help you become more equipped to get started, or to press on, in sharing your faith.

What is The Gospel

First, before we get to evangelism “how-to’s”, I’d like to review the topic of what is the gospel, for those just joining the blog. Here is a collection of previously posted teachings, sermons and videos on this most important subject of knowing and understanding the true gospel message.

Audio Sermon: How can we witness if we don’t know what the true gospel is?

Audio Sermon: The Errors of Modern Evangelism

Video: Teaching only part of the Truth is not teaching the Truth.

Video: The Modern Gospel vs. the Biblical Gospel

Audio: The Biblical Gospel as Taught by Christ and His Apostles

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