Change Agents in Your Church?

In April, Rick Warren is scheduled to speak at a preaching conference on “how to use the pulpit to address political, social and cultural issues”. What exactly will he tell pastors to teach their congregations? An article by states,

Warren has set a precedent for using his pulpit to speak about global warming and HIV/AIDS and has invited several prominent political figures — including presidential contenders Senators Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) — to speak in his church.

Political, social and cultural issues aren’t what they used to be. Things have been changing. Change agents are hard at work within the church, transforming churches from Christ centered, Spirit-led, Word focused, Gospel proclaiming, called out (from the world) assemblies, into what they would like them to be: communitarian social service distribution centers. The plan involves recruiting Christian churches to work in unity with other religions, the government, and corporations, to solve the world’s social, economic and physical problems.

According to the bible, the church exists to worship the Lord corporately, for fellowship (based on spiritual unity), to train and edify the saints, and to proclaim the gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ. According to the change agents, the church exists to help supply volunteer labor for the global programs that government and business oversee.

This “three legged stool” cooperation of government, corporate, and “church” does not allow for participating churches or individual Christians to share the gospel in the course of the social work. In addition, “church”, in this communitarian plan, means any “faith based” group of any religion.

I was in the bookstore today and was looking through Everything Must Change, by Brian McLaren. He was basically saying this very thing: traditional Christianity is about man being under the judgment of God and bound for hell, the necessity for substitutionary atonement, and salvation through Jesus for forgiveness of sins to make us right with God. In contrast, he said the emergent view of Christianity is that man has messed up things pretty bad, and must work together to change society and the world, and thus we will find redemption, and we will have the kingdom of God on earth. McLaren re-imagines Jesus and the Gospel, and makes it all about working for a social Utopia. Salvation is not personal redemption, but saving the world through global socialism. That is exactly what Rick Warren was promoting in the Faith and Modernization panel at the World Economic Forum.

Well there you go. What we’ve suspected all along: the Kingdom Now, Purpose Driven and Emergent movements are all related and working for the same thing.

The church is being stripped of it’s power, the Word of God, and the Gospel. It is being recruited to serve the world system, which denies Christ.

Let us resist the change agents, rejecting the invitation to join the world system, doing good to those who have need of help, while never ceasing to boldly proclaim the Gospel, in love.

For more on change agents in the church, visit, and Herescope; also see ONE Faith for All, pt.3. and Educate Me, which is about replacing Christianity with Humanistic Psychology.

6 thoughts on “Change Agents in Your Church?

  1. I have been trying to read “Everything Must Change”. I got it from the Library (I certainly wouldn’t pay money for a copy). It is hard to read such garbage. I am also reading Faith Undone by Roger Oakland, which is a wonderful book that exposes the Emerging Church Movement. My husband and I were asked to leave a church several years ago when we spoke up about some things that the new pastor was doing that we had a problem with. We were the first ones to get the pink slip, but not the last. Eventually the pastor replaced the members that were there when he arrived with all new people. They had to sell the church property and now have church in a school. It is a sad situation that so many have their heads in the sand and don’t see the danger of Rick Warren and his fellow change agents.

  2. hello Susan, I did not read the whole thing, but just skimmed through it at the bookstore to get the “gist” of it. Wow thank you for sharing your story; I’m sorry that happened to you but it sounds like this is all too common these days. It is important that we sound the alarm regarding this, and all facets of “church transformation”. We also need to pray for ourselves and all believers to not be deceived in this escalating apostacy.

  3. The spiritual climate is globally warming as truth lies in the streets. I am heartbroken for men like Rick Warren who have become so enamored with their influence that they like the sound of their own wisdom and not Christ’s. It will not get better but worse, and it will be cloaked in a fleshly love that reaches out in humanitarian acts while ignoring the only act of sacrifice that can save.

    Thanks for the good words.

  4. hello Rick, Yes it is sad, but we remember that we are in a huge spiritual war and it is “not as it seems” because of the unseen. The world is not only ignoring Christ, but allying with one other against the Lord, and against His Anointed (Ps.2). But God is in control and He will be glorified in all things.

    Thanks for stopping by…

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