When we witness to people, we must make sure to let them know we are not representing Americanism, Democracy, British Empire, American Empire, State of Israel, Zionism, Military Industrial Complex, Right Wing culture wars, Left Wing culture wars, a lifestyle, a culture, a morality, moralism, nationalism, empire building, Dominionism, a particular economic policy or ideology, 3rd way global governance, public-private partnerships, a particular political ideology, an institution, a religious movement, The Church, “any” Church or Christian organization, or even the religion of Christianity. But rather we are representing Jesus Christ, the kingdom of God, which is not of this world.

public policy vs His Kingdom Way

Evangelical Christians will do whatever their pastor tells them to do regarding any public policy issue (or else pastors will be 100% silent on the issue). They will be in compliance with their pastors who are in compliance with the USGovernment policy. Pastors and “Reverends” will be up in pulpits preaching compliance, or, he or she will be silent on public policy. When and if the next president is a Republican, especially and if he is a professing Christian, compliance with all existing and new government policies will be fully expected of the flocks, by the Incorporated Church clergy.

This is why our pastor needs to be Jesus and our king needs to be Jesus. Because contrary to popular Evangelical theology, that “to unquestioningly obey government is to obey God”, Jesus and the laws of the land are often at odds.  We are NOT to blindly obey everything the government says we must do or not do. We are to obey Jesus in matters of conscience and when HE tells us instructions that differ from public policy. Churches lie: Obeying government is NOT always obeying Jesus. Public policy is not always Kingdom policy. You must discern the difference. There is conflict because there is contrast. This is why Jesus talks about being in and of HIS KINGDOM WAY.


Religious leaders bound by 501c3 compliance will be legally required to uphold public policy (and not oppose it). They must wrestle with themselves concerning the issue of compliance.
But you are FREE (from public policy compliance) to BE in the kingdom life and DO exactly what Christ wants you to.

already exempt

I AM the ekklesia. But I am not a religious institution. I have no tax-exempt status for them to take away. With money or with no money I am able to do whatever He calls me to do, and leads me to do, to serve and help any and all others in the flock of Christ. HE is the one who equips me and provides me what I need, to care for others. Not the government.

YOU ARE the ekklesia. But you are not a religious institution. You, an individual person, have no tax-exempt status that they can take away. They cannot prevent you from functioning as you are called to function in Christ. They cannot prevent you from doing His will, as He leads by the Spirit and as He speaks with words. With money or with no money, you are able to do whatever He calls you to do to serve and help the least of these His brethren. HE is the one who equips  you and provides you what you need, to care for others. Not the government.

You are already exempt from “tax exempt”. There is nothing they can “take away” from you. And no one can stop you from helping, teaching, giving, and caring for others; from living His life, the kingdom within you.

a much better Counselor

Are you tired yet? Have you had enough shock and disappointment yet? Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy counsels (your Church and ChristianPolitical Leaders, leading you astray, lying to you, disappointing you and tiring you out!).  Let now the astrologers (Ivory Tower Theologians who teach you untruth), the star-gazers  (“rising” rock “star” Pastors who lead you into idolatry), the monthly prognosticators (the corporate CEO Evangelical executives who manage and counsel you, advising you to join this month’s awesome pop-Christian Movement), stand up, and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee. Isaiah 47:13

These multitudes of your counselors, they will not remain, they will not last out the day! They are going down as we speak! They will fail! Yes even that greatly admired and respected one you thought was SO genuine, holy and wise. They will not be able to save you! I will pray to the Father, and he will give you another Counselor, that he may be with you forever.He will save you from these very things that are coming upon you now.

Flag Day

…Jesus, crowned with glory and honor…

I will not fly, honor or pledge to the American flag for the same reason I will not honor or pledge to the Grand Union Flag, or the English flag (Red Cross of Constantine/Knights Templar/Knights of Malta and the Crusaders), or the British East India Company Flag  or the Honorable East India Company Flag or the Worshipful Company of Mercers, or the Aragon Templars (or all other such societies), or the “astral gods” of ancient Babylon, Egypt and Rome, or the Rothschild symbol (red shield, = star of Reprham/Moloch), or to the Families and Ecclesiastical-Military-Political Dominionist Powers behind all these.

If and when the global Manifest Destiny, fake Israel/”divine right of kings” powers of “this world” set up their long desired, rebuilt Jerusalem temple (of Solomon) to self, greed, pride, that they may glory openly in ruling the entire world, what flag will fly there?

What will the symbolism be on this flag? A flag will be hoisted, and, just as in Daniel chapter 3, there will be the call to honor this temple and the “image” it symbolizes.

On that day, I will not honor that “image”, the temple, nor it’s flag.

God’s Temple/Tearing Down What Man Has Built

“For centuries now man has worshipped God in temples called church. Men have felt justified by this approach to worship and have followed such traditions because that is what has been handed down to them from their forefathers.” Click the link to read the full article.

Last Days of the Age

For centuries now man has worshipped God in temples called church. Men have felt justified by this approach to worship and have followed such traditions because that is what has been handed down to them from their forefathers. But what if I could destroy this image in your mind with two Scripture passages and rebuild it in one? Would you change your mind about how you approach God and worship Him? If you don’t care you don’t need to read any further. But if your curious, please read on and judge for yourself.

I want to start in the book of Acts. Quoting from what the first martyr in Christ proclaimed before his death.

44 “Our fathers had the tabernacle of witness in the wilderness, as He appointed, instructing Moses to make it according to the pattern that he had seen, 45 which our fathers, having received it in turn…

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The double-minded god of this world

“There’s drones to kill people, why not drones to save people?!!” This was announced, incredibly, in a cheerful happy voice. Thus began the radio news report.

The god of this world is a dualist; a “two-spirit” god of darkness and light. “He” (the god of this world/the world system/the kingdoms of this world) is a god of “good and evil”. He sees himself as having the power of good and evil over the world, and he is darn proud of it. He congratulates himself for doing “good” in the world with one hand while simultaneously doing evil in the world with the other. But of course they ironically claim that this evil is all “for the common good”. (“the common good” is Enlightenment and Masonic theology.) In the kingdom of this god, knowingly doing good and evil is acceptable and necessary.

Bottom line: While seeking praise and admiration from the people of the world, all the dualist god’s actions are done via pride, charm, boasting, self-flattery, self-promotion, deception, manipulation, abuse and cruelty in order to “get his own way”. The dualist world god seeks what he wants for “self” (success, power, greed, domination, resources, ruling the world) without any compassion or empathy for others.  Any empathy for people is feigned in a pretended, theatrical show of concern. Thus the dualist world god is an personality-disordered spiritual psychopath.

Case in point: The radio news report. I believe Stanford University is an extension and servant of the US Fed. Government.  The news report said the Stanford grad students are working on drones for “good”, to deliver humanitarian aid to suffering people. But they are doing this even while the same government is using drones to kill others. The world dualist god gives humanitarian aid to some (the useful for some purpose) while it kills others (the undesirables). All on the same day. Drones for aiding people. Drones for killing people.  Double minded is schizophrenic.

This is why pledging to the flag of the USA in Church or anywhere else such as events, is a tragedy and an abomination for the child of God. This is why blindly and unquestioningly supporting all policies of the US government (which you are doing if you sign a membership contract to a government incorporated, 501c3 Church corporation) is a tragedy and an abomination for the child of God. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. The god of this world is double minded. This is why listening to and submitting to pastors who teach things about Christ on one side of their mouth(ie “Love your neighbors”), but teach blind support and obedience to government policies at all times (ie “Sometimes it is necessary for us to kill our enemies!”) on the other side of their mouth, is a tragedy and abomination among God’s people.

We are called out (ekklesia) into Jesus Christ and into His kingdom. And Christ and His kingdom is within us. We cannot be witnesses of the Truth if we are (perhaps unawares) supporting, approving, obeying and serving the “god of good and evil”. We are Christ’s witnesses when we speak and live the Truth which comes by the Spirit. Our God is ONE. He is not a two-spirited god or dual god of yin/ yang or good/ evil.

Our God is ONE SPIRIT who leads us into all Truth. The tree of (knowledge of) good and evil is deceiving many within double-minded Christianity, and masquerading as God. Many Christians eat from it daily and are spiritually sick. We have the mind of Christ. Our God is the tree of Life. The tree of Life is in His kingdom. We feed from Him and He keeps us well.

The thief comes to steal kill destroy but I came that they might have LIFE!

a mother’s love for her children

The State is a bad mother; she is cruel and she does not love you. Likewise,
The Church (or The Caliphate or The Lubavitch Chabad, etc) is a bad mother; she is cruel and she does not love you. These mothers most definitely will not protect you.

Oh Jerusalem Jerusalem, how Jesus longs to gather you under His wings, but you are not willing. Unlike those other ladies (actually they are impersonal corporations), He is, nurturing, warm, compassionate, faithful and loving to the little chicks. Are you still over there trying to get love from those substitute mothers? They will betray you before long, lead you astray and hurt you. Those women don’t care about you! Little chicks, Jesus longs to gather all of you, His children, under the loving protection of his wings.

Unwittingly putting self at the center

Ian Vincent

The trap the “mystics” fell into was they made their personal experience with God the ultimate goal of their life, and hence, unwittingly, put self at the center and became self-serving. Many modern charismatics have fallen into the same deception.

Perhaps some would be shocked to learn that spiritual experiences, though important, are not the ultimate goal of the Christian life. To love and glorify God, to know Him by faith, and to do His will is the ultimate goal: something for Him, not something for me: THIS is the ultimate goal.

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