If I Went to Jail Would You be Ashamed of Me

I admit sometimes I lack patience with a certain group of people and rather than press the “ignore” button and keep walking, I do sometimes choose to take on the situation. Some would say this is a major fault of mine, even sin, and others would say this is the desire to Defend the Faith and Contend for Truth (which again, many would say is wrong to do because it causes division and is ‘unloving’). The particular group I’m referring to here is professing Christians who do not believe the Bible is sufficient, but must be mixed with Humanism and Psychology, who think that pleasing and blending with the world is more important than faithfulness & obedience to Christ, who play footsie with New Age Spirituality, and who dislike the authority of scripture, the exclusivity of the Gospel, and evangelism. I’m talking about the apostacy.

Of course the DMV was closed today.

I bumped into a man who is on staff at a Ne0-E megachurch. He was telling me that he is in seminary so I thought he might be preparing to be a pastor. But he is taking advanced Counseling and Psychology courses. I asked him if he did “Christian Counseling” which utilizes Psychology primarily, or “Biblical Counseling” which utilizes the scripture. He was telling me that now these two camps are now blended together. He kept dropping the word “Spirituality“–and I gave him the benefit of the doubt –at first, although that buzzword set off my alarm bells. Then he started sounding more like a New Ager. He said, “Things are different now” (referring to the many beliefs of the clients, and the new methodology); “if someone comes in saying they do crystals or moon rocks (or such), then we work with that.”

I asked him to affirm what I was hearing: that what he was telling me was that he must operate as a functional Universalist in his counseling sessions. He did not deny. I challenged him, asking why he cannot just operate as a Christian, and he said, “It would not work” (because they want to help people). Then I asked him if he was telling me that Pragmatism was more important than faithfulness to Christ? That did not go over well.

The old city jail bars, in use for 40 years, are now a museum display.

Since he was sounding very New Age, I asked him about sharing the Gospel with the clients and he told me he always leaves them (the unbelievers) with “the Golden Rule”- encouraging them to “do unto others”. When I said that is not the Gospel, he told me he would only talk about that “when the door is open”. He had an expression and tone that indicated, “That is not appropriate”. I asked him if Jesus’ words in Mark 16:15 and Mat. 28:18-20 were not the open door? . He got agitated and challenged me: “Well why don’t YOU go down to the DMV and preach! And when they throw you in jail, well, how about that!” (He made it sound like it would be the most contemptible and dreaded thing that could happen.) But raising my arms up in an attitude of victory,

I told him joyfully, “Wonderful! That would raise up more and more bold courageous evangelists who would be glad to go to jail for the Gospel!”

He shook his head, as if I did not get his point. He explained, “No! No! We would….” ( he indicated in word and facial expression that the rest of the Christians would be disgusted and look with disdain and embarrassment upon me.)

One of the new beefed up high security city jail cells.

If choosing Truth and faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ lands me in jail someday, the Compromising Christians will be ashamed of me. But those who believe the Word and trust and follow Jesus regardless of the consequences, will not be ashamed. I trust that by the Spirit, God will have you either visit me in jail, or else he will move you out on the street, preaching and telling the Gospel, to your joy, and His glory.

Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord or of me His prisoner, but join with me in suffering for the gospel according to the power of God.. 2Tim1:8

For this reason I also suffer these things, but I am not ashamed..2Tim1:12

Listen! Sermon Jam: John Piper UNASHAMED!!

24 thoughts on “If I Went to Jail Would You be Ashamed of Me

  1. Ha guys, you both get dibs: boys and girls are in separate locations.

    Here’s my jailhouse rules:
    1. Remember, it is only your ministry location that has changed. Your ministry continues.
    2. Witnessing to the lost. Encouragement to the saints.

  2. My wife, Kim, would be your jailmate there Loretta. 🙂

    Seriously, that was a very encouraging and gutsy post! The call to preach the gospel without compromise, without shame, no matter the cost. We should all have such conviction and courage.

    If our love, commitment, faith and trust is truly in the Lord, we can further the Kingdom for Christ no matter we be in the public square or in jail. As you say, the work continues on, for whomever and wherever we are. Great post!

  3. Paul right on, send Kim on by! Tell her to hit me up on FB.

    Quote: “The call to preach the gospel without compromise, without shame, no matter the cost. We should all have such conviction and courage.”

    Paul I believe history and prophecy repeats. I believe we need to be developing this conviction and courage now- not when the “thlipsis” is greater than it is now….

    And yes, it matters not where we are… or whether we are “free” or incarcerated: while we have breath God has plans to use us for the sake of the lost, and for the benefit of the saints, for the glory of Christ. amen!

  4. Beloved, do not think it strange concerning the
    fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened to
    you; but rejoice to the extent that you partake of Christ’s sufferings, that
    when His glory is revealed, you may also be glad with exceeding joy.

    If you are reproached for the name of Christ,
    blessed are you, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you. On their
    part He is blasphemed, but on your part He is glorified. 1 Peter 4:12-14

  5. Loretta,
    Awesome challenge that you faced head on. I am proud of you sister!
    One day it will come down to Jesus. We could very well be thrown into the jail cell for confessing Christ and not be tolerant of other religions. Even now when I am preaching on the streets, the Lord occasionally has me say some about “Buddha” and or “Mohammad”. In my spirit, I sense it won’t be long before they will come and take me away for preaching against false god’s. Our laws are just about there. First it was against “homosexuals”, next it will be against anyone who speaks in public that criticises other religions. (so they will say).
    God bless you and keep it up!

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  7. Very sad but this sorry state of church was indeed predicted in the Scriptures. The fallen church has mixed with the world, watering down the gospel and accepting sin. As a result there is no power in the church, not of the HS anyway, so they resort to Physcology to teach people to cope with their problems and manage stress and depression etc, when the problem is a spiritual one inside the house that needs the grace of God to fix. But they dont believe in it, they dont believe God’s Word, they just want follow a gospel that accomodates practice of sin and are willing to cope with the dark powers that bring all of these afflictions onto them in response to their stiff necked stuborn rebellion against God. They dont want to come out and be separate, they would rather mix with the world and think they are doing something grand for God. A day may be coming where any of us could be off to jail for offending someone with the truth of the gospel. But we are those who do not shrink back from the WORD and are destroyed. Stay strong.

  8. Pete, it’s true, everything you said. Yes we are there, right in the middle of God’s Word fulfilled concerning the church.

    “a day may be coming”…. brother the day is here. As you know around the world in the East, brethren are attacked, killed and imprisoned daily for daring to worship and speak of our God and Savior, and speak His Word. We shall also see it in the “west” openly before long. Let’s prepare now.

    God’s people, mixed in all this and scattered about, are and will be victorious as we continue to fulfill Rev.12:11 for the love of our Savior Jesus, through faith in Him. He will give His strength. He will give us JOY.

  9. We have lots of the Universalism groups here in Knoxville. Where there is a big university tends to bring out big groups of Universalists. No Compromise on the Jesus and the Word!

  10. Robert, that’s the thing. This man was not from a Universalism group. He is a leader, teacher and counselor in one of the largest Neo–Evangelical (Willowcreek member) Churches in my area. His view is now a common mainstream “Christian” Church view. I’m also in the “no compromise” camp. Thanks for posting!

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