God Has a Dream for Your Life?

A friend emailed me the link to the Women of Faith Conference that will take place in San Jose. There is a Pre-Conference called, “God Has a Dream for Your Life”. Check out the preview video in the ad. Listening to the video, it sounds like it is all Psychobabble and New Age ‘lite’. If this dream they are referring to is founded in scripture, then it would be instruction and encouragement from God from His Word. But this preview, anyway, does not give any indication of this. I would be interested in the content of this talk. Will it be loaded with truth from the Word of God, or more Freud-Skinner-Maslow, et al?

They talk about understanding your self so you can reach the dreams you have not dared to dream, about dreams residing in your soul, dreams in your heart, so you will understand you better. It sounds like psychoanalysis, in it’s reference to past psychological trauma. It says there is a path God has laid out for us and the psychologist will help us understand what that path is. Is this path the truth of God’s Word? If this is about how God leads us to serve Him by His Holy Spirit, and guides us, and will also work out all things together for good for those who love God, who are called according to His purpose, why don’t they give a hint of this in the preview video? They say it’s not going to be like your 6th grade Sunday School class: it will be fun!

They use the analogy of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz “finding her path” when someone tells her to follow the yellow brick road. What is this? Is this supposed to symbolize following God according to His Word? Or what?

God does not have a dream for your life. He has a plan, and a will, and truth, which we should humbly follow, obey and trust. Brothers and sisters, this is not Christianity. Again, modern Evangelicalism is sounding more like my college Psych class, and my local New Age talk radio station.

The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. Prov.16:9.

Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but the counsel of the Lord, it will stand. Prov.19:21.

..yet not My will, but Thine be done. Luke 22:42.

Video: God Has a Dream for Your Life Conference

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10 thoughts on “God Has a Dream for Your Life?

  1. Wow! What a wonderful encounter! I thank God for your faithfulness in sharing the gospel and will pray for Ron’s salvation.

  2. A group of women attended the Women of Faith conference last fall. I had gone to two previous WOF conferences in the late 90s and thought they were OK. But I’ve done a lot of spiritual growing since then, my discernment has been sharpened, and almost as soon as I set foot into the arena, my spirit was in a state of discomfort. First of all, I felt like it was a huge mind-control operation, getting the audience involved in standing, sitting, singing, etc., on command. Second of all, I was sickened by all the Christian merchandise on display. Each speaker had a table of t-shirts, mugs, books, CDs, etc., in a shameless effort to milk more money from the attendees, above and beyond what they paid for admission. Third, it was “Christianity lite.” I understand there were women there who were probably attending a Christian event for the first time, whose faith is not mature and strong. However, for me, it was not satisfying–almost like going back to my mother’s breast instead of chewing on solid food.

    Robin McGraw, Dr. Phil’s wife, was one of the speakers, and her name sent shivers through me, and not in a good way. Not knowing anything about her, I sensed she was there solely on the basis of her husband’s popularity more than her own walk with Christ. She gave a more powerful testimony that I expected, but in the end, Dr. Phil walked out, stole the show and her thunder. It offended me that WOF so blatantly and obviously used Dr. Phil’s presence.

    The church ladies are planning to attend the WOF conference again in September, but I will not go. It would be a waste of my time and money. I have to admit I enjoyed the fellowship of the women in my church, but I refuse to attend this conference when it doesn’t build me up, spiritually.

  3. That’s interesting, Linda, thanks so much for sharing that. I’m not into ‘celebrities’ at all, and am so uncomfortable if a man is the center and highlight, rather than Christ. I have not gone to Women of Faith, although I see that some other local churches are planning to go. I sure do not want to do “Christianity lite” anymore. I agree, it is a waste of time and money. But what really concerns me, is Psychology and hints of New Age in Evangelicalism.

  4. I am glad I came across your blog, because New Age and man-centered psychobabble in the church is one of the biggest concerns to me. My own church is doing Natural Church Development, and I’ve expressed my opinions that it’s seeking a man-centered, rather than God-centered, solution to problems in the church. I mean, it works, but that’s not the bottom line.

    I am old enough to have seen New Age go from something “out there” to infiltrating the church, and it’s been a very subtle move. People are stepping off the solid rock onto an attractive island of shifting, eventually sinking, sand. And because it’s so pleasant on the island, they don’t see the danger.

    There is a measure of New Age and psychology in Women of Faith Conferences. There’s also an element of man-centeredness as the conferences are more designed for entertainment than teaching and witnessing.

  5. Linda, your concerns about new age and psychobabble/man centered/entertainment/pragmatism in the church are very concerning to me as well. I do not know what Natural Church Development is (yet), it sounds strange. What I have seen is more like “Total Quality Management”/systems theory stuff. It’s all related, I’m sure.

    I am also old enough to see New Age go from fringe ‘out there’ to inside the church. I personally believe it has been brought in by plan/design (based on the content of some of my college curriculum).

    Your last paragraph makes me shudder. This is so common now. It is like there are two Christianities separating out: the man centered one, and the Christ centered one.

  6. As a Christian Man , Like John MacArthur I am Blown Away at the Complete
    Lack of Discernment in Christian Women these days . It seems like so many will swallow anything popular, especially from a TV Celebrity. Where are the Women who will rely on Scripture alone for Doctrine Truth ?
    The TBN Hucksters like Joyce Meyer are fleecing the female flock with a Phony Man-Centered False gospel. Oh to hear the Cries of the Reformation again , Christ Alone, Faith Alone,Scripture Alone,Grace Alone, to the Glory of God Alone. Postmodernism has so poisoned the Church it doesn’t even know it’s History . It is Lost to Emotions, Feelings and Experiences .. and the Desire for Worldly Success.. I wish we could force every Woman in America that Confesses Christ as her Lord & Saviour to sit
    down and watch the 2003 movie ” LUTHER ” Maybe they would regain some kind of Balance.

    Randy in PHX

  7. I agree Randy but it seems to me that there are just as many men out there that lack discernment too.

    “It is like there are two Christianities separating out: the man centered one, and the Christ centered one.”

    That sure seems to be the case. I’ve wondered about this myself. If I was just more aware of it now or if that is what is happening more and more. There does seem to be 2. You are either in one or the other.

  8. bebereans, Looks like the two Christianities have been separating out for a while now, and it is just getting more obvious. This “new” Christianity is a substitute for the real one, and it may in time also be in clear opposition to the real one. Wheat. Chaff.

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