Do Not Be Surprised

Do Not Be Surprised
by:Susan H. Peterson

Do not be surprised at the suffering you bear;
It’s not something strange, so you must not despair.
Rejoice that you share with Christ and His sufferings know;
When He comes in glory, your joy will o’erflow.

If God should will that you suffer ill,
Commit yourself gladly His will to fulfill.

If you are insulted because of Christ’s Name,
You’re blessed, for God’s Spirit on you will remain.
Your suffering should never be for what deserves blame;
But if for your faith you’re hurt, be not ashamed.

God’s judgment will start with His own family.
What then will the outcome for godless men be?
In spite of your suffering, do good to all men;
For God will be faithful to you to the end.

Do Not Be Surprised

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