The Two Christianities

The two Christianities are completely different things, and the visible church is falling on one side of the line, or the other.

The true church, which I’ll call “Biblical Christianity”, is about the objective truth of God’s Word, Jesus, walking the narrow path, repentance, faith, humility, obedience, redemption, the gospel, and evangelism. It has the Holy Spirit. It often involves suffering.

The other church, which I’ll call “Fake Christianity”, is about subjective personal revelation that is not really from God, entertainment, feelings, experiences, popularity, prosperity, success, pride, fake spiritual manifestations, false signs and wonders, spirits and ‘angels’, fake dreams and visions, New Age beliefs and practices, bringing the glory of God down, bringing the Kingdom now etc. It “fakes” the Holy Spirit. It is often about money.

I’m mainly referring here to the Kingdom Now/N.A.R. movement but I also believe included in “Fake Christianity” would be the Emergent movement and in my opinion, the Church Growth movement as well. Eventually everything that denies the truth of God’s Word joins Cultural Christianity, the Roman Catholic Church, the New Agers (New Spirituality), the world religions and the Globalists/Humanists for the “one world religion”. In Rev. 13:11, the false prophet looks like a lamb (like a Christian) but speaks as a dragon (like satan).

Oddly, this group thinks that Biblical Christianity is the “establishment church”: the Pharisees which must be opposed. But in fact, it is this huge group which is forming, which will be the world’s accepted church, established by the world. These will be the ones who will persecute the true church, just like the Pharisees persecuted Jesus. In Matt. 24:10 I believe that the “many” are people in the visible church. Persecution of the true church will come from the “one world religion”.

Meanwhile, we watch the dividing between the “Two Christianities”.

Blog: Bentley Revival-goers are angry when they hear Tony Miano preaching the gospel- they don’t want to hear it.

8 thoughts on “The Two Christianities

  1. wow! They sound a lot like the whole Todd Bentley crew over here in Lakeland Florida. He’s having a huge “revival” involving calling angels down and all kinds of strange things. I agree with you that we will be persecuted by the “one world religion”. It’s already happening through the likes of the mega church people like rick warren. Great post! 🙂

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  4. as the Lord is opening my eyes by His mercy to understand what is going on in these last days, I must adjust some things here…. in the article i call the true church “Biblical Christianity”. Well…i think i want to rename that, “The pure holy virgin Bride”, or The Remnant” or something else like that.

  5. Woe to you when all men speak well of you said Jesus. Paul said that all who wish to live a godly life in Christ WILL be persecuted. I look around at these mega pastors, the seeker sensitive movement trying to bring the church into the world. It is an abomination, they fail to purge sin, they don’t teach repentance, judgment, fear of God and the house is desolate. Even though for the moment they appear to have a false peace and security. Destruction will come upon the people that call themselves Christians very suddenly. It is already happening in my eyes. Those of us suffering for the true gospel look like fools in their eyes, yet we of true faith must trust the WORD and know that our patience will be rewarded and sadly their foolishness punished with wrath. I hope more awaken.

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