out of the F.O.G.

Today in Neo-Evangelical American Church, many folks will dine on sickening poisonous subtle or blatant comments from the pulpit about fear of Muslims, obligation to ‘take back America’ and guilt for not participating in politics or war and killing (“if necessary!”). But you are no longer in the F.O.G., you are in the clear blue sky sunshine fresh green grass meadows, feeding on real food provided by your real Shepherd. And you are thriving!

4 Questions to ask before joining a Church

So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8

This post is a response to this article by the “The Gospel Coalition”:

Link:  4 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Church

1. Is this a Church where my family will be safe from sexual predators? Is this a Church where my family will be safe from deceptive pastors who will do anything to cover up evil in order to protect and preserve what they have worked so hard all their lives to build?

2. Is this a Church where I am convinced I will not be lied to by the endless false doctrines and traditions of American Churchianity?

3. Is this a Church where my family will experience truth and freedom and love, and not shame, bondage, lies, oppression, condemnation and shunning? (And disenfranchisement if we question anything or speak truth?) Is this a Church where the PASTORS have accountability and do not circle the wagons in “good old boy” fashion to protect their kingdoms (Churches/ministries) and reputations, fame and income, at all costs?

4. Is this a Church where I am allowed to use my gifts and serve Christ and the saints by the leading and power of the Holy Spirit, as led and directed by God, without having my work and service nullified, shamed and disallowed by the Church Clergy hierarchy? Is this a Church where I am allowed to obey Christ above the Church leadership and not submit my service to Christ, my conscience and very soul to the “Clergy”?

Important final note: You and your family must understand that it is Christ who is your Lord, not the Institutional Church, not the “Clergy” (self-appointed pastors) and not the religion and hierarchy of Roman Catholic based Hierarchical Christendom. You must understand that you are accountable to Christ Jesus who leads you by His Spirit. You must understand that you are not under the authority of “local shepherds” you are under the authority of Christ. And understand that YOU, saint, also have authority in Christ not just the “Clergy” which is a man-made construct of the Roman Catholic Church, based in ancient paganism and religious Old Testament Judaism. You have authority; you are a priest of God, yes you. This wonderful truth is brought to you by the Kingdom of God, in Christ Jesus our Lord. The Kingdom of God is within you.

You must understand this hierarchy, with men lording it over you, is not of Christ, that you are all brothers, equals in Christ and free in Him to love God and neighbor and serve according to the leading and power of the Holy Spirit. You must all submit to one another, it is not about the lowly “laity” submitting to the higher ranking “Clergy”. You must understand that men requiring you to be under them in an authoritarian hierarchy of lordship over you, is sinful and not of Christ. Watch out for men who want you to submit to their “shepherding” (control and dominance and suppression) of you.

You must understand that it is being IN Christ that makes you part of the flock, not attendance at an institutional, man created, 501c3 Church business franchise. You must understand that Jesus Christ Himself is the real Shepherd and you all are the church (ekklesia, the called out assembly) and wherever you are, with other saints, there is the church, there is the people and flock of Jesus Christ. You may meet in a dirt floor shack, a coffee shop, an empty lot, at a kitchen table, on the street corner or in a prison cell. Christ is with you and in you (Christ in you hope of glory) and there you have the church, wherever YOU are, dear saint of God. Do not let the hireling “shepherds” lord it over you, shame you or stop you from being who you are in Christ.

Do not let them lie to you and deceive you. Do not let them shame you. Do not let them turn your joy of your first love (Jesus Christ) into a lifetime of oppressive bondage to serve them and maintain the existence of their man created, business marketing managed, flesh powered organizations. Do not let them turn your first love joy and Christ Life into a lifetime of serving, slaving for and financing a “Thing” to keep it going. (The man created Church System is a “Thing”, an “it”.)

Therefore friends, do not join a “Church”, join Jesus Christ and stay joined to Him. Listen not to Churchmen who are NOT focused on Jesus Christ, they are completely focused on The Institutional Church, especially THEIR CHURCH and making it “successful”. Jesus Christ is your Shepherd and you are in His flock. He will lead, guide and teach you. HE will care for you. Listen to Jesus Christ and continue in His word. You will know the Truth, and the Truth will make you free. Peace in Christ, my beloved brothers and sisters.

Mourning the abomination

Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. Matt.5:4

Jesus promises comfort to those who mourn. “Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.”

I visited my friend Diane and her family last weekend. We had a wonderful visit filled with sharing, caring, loving, cooking, eating, helping, laughing, reading the scriptures aloud, teaching one another, encouraging one another. It was a happy 6 hours of fellowship.

She shared a story with me that illustrated to me how she had recently experienced grieving with mourning. Mourning over what? Over the state of Babylonian Churchianity: the apostacy, the abomination, the confusing, distressing “fully leavened” mess.

We met at our last Church, back in 2005. They were only there a year or so. Her family left several years before we did. They left because of Church teachings and practices(traditions) that they did not believe were right.

Since they left, they did some serious Church shopping all over the Peninsula and found nothing that seemed safe or real or true. They have been staying at home ever since, loving God as a family, practicing loving hospitality and having fellowship with Christian friends in an informal way at their home and in the homes of friends. Between her godly husband who has a gift for teaching, and the Holy Spirit who comforts, leads, and teaches all things, they are thriving spiritually as a family. Though their material circumstances are challenging, their little home just bursts with the love and joy of the Lord.

So we were talking during our visit, and she shared with me how they were out in the neighborhood with the kids, and they bumped into a neighbor who is a professing Christian. Their conversation turned to the topic of “Church”. He began promoting and recommending his Church to them. They said thanks but they were not interested. They were happy “as-is”. He gave them a brochure booklet from the Church about “making a commitment” (to the Church) to look over for their consideration.

Diane told me that they brought the booklet home and she and her husband looked it over. She was so disturbed that looking at it made her feel physically sick.

What was in the booklet? The first thing they saw was new age symbols and charts that were designed to convey the values, “vision”, purpose, and organization of the Church, as well as the “spiritual life” and “spiritual practices” of a member. These looked like business model charts and new age psychology charts. Second, they saw an illustration called, “Denominational Tree” (oh the irony!) with the caption, “One Body, Many Members”. The tree starts with Judaism (!!) and goes up to Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, Reformed, Lutheran, Mainlines, AOG,……..

…Baptist, (and many others) and….. Unitarian and Universalist! The brochure describes mandatory “Tithing” for members and has an organizational flow chart of the paid staff which illustrates a top-down hierarchy starting at the top with the lone, “Lead Pastor”, and going down to the “lower” staff workers at the bottom. The Church also practices Communitarianism (public- private partnerships/Agenda21/UN Charter Church), life-stage small groups, spiritual formation, Monvee, contemplative mystic experience practices, meditation, marketing, psychology (“coaching?”)….and “unity within diversity” whatever that means?

So my dear sweet friend Diane who just loves Jesus, (and not the world) was sick reading this. Seeing this Church booklet made her ill. She was sighing and groaning. She was in mourning. After all, the abomination has truly made desolation. Some see it. Many do not.

Over these last 3 years, God has brought into my life, many, many who mourn over these things: “Laodicea Church” and “Circus Church” and “Man Made Man Controlled Busine$$ Church” and “Love of the World System Church” and “Babylon (confusion) Church” and “Idol Worship Church” and “One World Order/ New Age Church”. They mourn over this abomination. They mourn because of un-Christian things done to them personally, in Babylon Church. I’ve talked to brothers and sisters who have experienced horrific abuse, cruelty, bondage, oppression, deception, and confusion in Babylon Church. I have been observing the apostacy for 20 years and writing about it for about seven. I have been out of the Harlot Church for almost three. I have many friends who have gone through this process of mourning. I could tell of 10 good friends I know personally who have experienced and mourned the abomination. Some were kicked out of Church. Some decided to leave. All the others were literally called out of the System, by God. (I know of hundreds of others who have also come out the System in order to follow Jesus.) They were hurting, sad and some were confused. They needed comfort. These who mourn need love and someone who understands. They need to know they are not alone in their seeing the abomination, that they are not alone in their mourning. Jesus mourns with them! They are in very good company.

Yes Jesus indeed provides this promised comfort to those who mourn. He understands this more than anyone. He mourned when He was here in the flesh, over the apostacy and idolatry. Loudly. Further back in time, in the old days of the prophets, He mourned the apostacy and idolatry. Loudly. His prophets have always seen the abomination, and have mourned it. Loudly.

He knows that for us, in our time, there are “even greater abominations” that we will see (from Ez.8). He knows we are experiencing this now. But our Lord Jesus comforts us Himself. His people are with Him where He is. They follow their Shepherd wherever He goes. He cares for them and feeds them and provides for them, and keeps them spiritually safe. He understands the sorrow, pain and distress. He understands their sighing and groaning. He understands their grief. He is spiritually protecting them from what is happening and what is coming. He is comforting His people who mourn.

The LORD said to him, “Go through the midst of the city, even through the midst of Jerusalem, and put a mark on the foreheads of the men who sigh and groan over all the abominations which are being committed in its midst.” Ez.9:4

Bread of Life!

It is My Father who gives you the true bread out of heaven. For the bread of God is that which comes down out of heaven, and gives LIFE to the world. John6:32-33

My Willowcreek Association member, “man and business centered” false gospel preaching, Freemason supporting&defending Church was not safe, so i left.

My (next) false doctrine teaching, “Israel and America &PopularfalseteacherTheologianstudy bible notes centered”, legalistic, shaming, bondage, guilt and manipulation inflicting Church was not safe, so I left. My two Christian radio stations “Israel, America &Patriotism centered”, were not safe. They were preaching Roman Catholic false doctrines (yes really) and supporting and promoting: disobedience to Christ, world, flesh, pride, hate, fear, racism, politics, patriotism, war and killing, so I turned them off.

Churchianity offers you leavened bread to eat. Starvation and poison and (spiritual) suffering and death.But Jesus gives His bread of Life.My Father has given me the true bread out of heaven! Jesus Christ my Life!