Revival in Haiti: Fasting and Prayer

You will not see a report of this true work of God on the satanically controlled MSM, or announced by the Beast world government system, or praise given to God by the Babylonian religious establishment. BUT GOD is bringing His sheep into His fold as He brings them to repentance and faith! He is bringing His people through the purifying fires of affliction, and leading them to repentance that their faith may be found as pure gold for the love, devotion and worship of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. May we also be brought to fasting and prayer– and repentance.

Thanksgiving to God for His mercy in bringing His people to repentance and faith, for His glory and for their joy. Thank You Lord for the work of Your Spirit among the beautiful Haitian people. Praise to God.

4 thoughts on “Revival in Haiti: Fasting and Prayer

  1. I just posted this on my blog as well!!! Thanks be to God!!! This occurred the week I was in Haiti! It is what my coworker was telling me about in my post on day four!

  2. Oh yes Michelle, I remember now, you mentioning this in your day 4 post! I was so moved by this and had to blog it when I found it this afternoon- I saw it on a Christian message board. Did you see this kind of worship and repentance among the people, yourself? This is just amazing…. God is so good!

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