Courage to Witness: Paul

Witness to the Religious Establishment and the kings of the earth.

Paul must witness at Jerusalem (to the Religious Establishment) and to the Roman Government (the kings of the earth). The Jews (Synagogue of Satan) conspire under solemn oath to kill Paul (a plot!). Tertullus, hired by and representing the Religious Establishment, acknowledges to the governor the many benefits provided to them by the Roman government which they have enjoyed! Tertullus then falsely accuses Paul of working to help foment a political revolution or insurrection against the government. We note the bond and agreement of cooperation between the Religious Establishment and the world government system. (Does any of this look familiar in our current time?)

Paul speaks to the Roman governor about sin, righteousness, the judgment to come, and faith in Christ Jesus. Felix becomes frightened as he is convicted of his sin. To Agrippa the Jewish king, he boldly and humbly declares what Jesus said, what God has commanded men to do and how prophecy was fulfilled in Jesus.

“Take courage;

for as you have solemnly witnessed to My cause at Jerusalem, so you must witness at Rome also.” Acts23:11

5 thoughts on “Courage to Witness: Paul

  1. The Religious Establishment and the kings of the earth….living and working side by side together in (world) peace…… who is the one who does not fit in to this cozy arrangement? The bondslave of the Lord Jesus Christ; the little sheep who hears the voice of the Shepherd and follows Him wherever He goes……..

    “Take courage…”
    How loving of the Lord Jesus to tell us this Himself, again, as He imparts and ministers His courage to us.

  2. The religious establishment and the world’s governments (kingdoms) are in bed together committing fornication for the benefits of money and power and control… but those pure virgins engaged to Christ remain outside this adulterous arrangement, and instead, declare (witness) to both of them….the message from God they were sent to declare.

  3. “For this very night an angel of the God to whom I belong and whom I serve stood before me, saying, ‘Do not be afraid, Paul; you must stand before Caesar; and behold, God has granted you all those who are sailing with you.’ Therefore, keep up your courage, men, for I believe God, that it will turn out exactly as I have been told.”

    Acts 27:23-25

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