Flag Day

…Jesus, crowned with glory and honor…

I will not fly, honor or pledge to the American flag for the same reason I will not honor or pledge to the Grand Union Flag, or the English flag (Red Cross of Constantine/Knights Templar/Knights of Malta and the Crusaders), or the British East India Company Flag  or the Honorable East India Company Flag or the Worshipful Company of Mercers, or the Aragon Templars (or all other such societies), or the “astral gods” of ancient Babylon, Egypt and Rome, or the Rothschild symbol (red shield, = star of Reprham/Moloch), or to the Families and Ecclesiastical-Military-Political Dominionist Powers behind all these.

If and when the global Manifest Destiny, fake Israel/”divine right of kings” powers of “this world” set up their long desired, rebuilt Jerusalem temple (of Solomon) to self, greed, pride, that they may glory openly in ruling the entire world, what flag will fly there?

What will the symbolism be on this flag? A flag will be hoisted, and, just as in Daniel chapter 3, there will be the call to honor this temple and the “image” it symbolizes.

On that day, I will not honor that “image”, the temple, nor it’s flag.

6 thoughts on “Flag Day

  1. Amen! The Lord Jesus is our Banner (Flag) and to Him and Him alone do we give our “pledge” and allegiance and the only banner for which we declare.

  2. Amen, this is a practice I have followed for many years now since the Lord opened my eyes about patriotism. Sometimes I stand, but clasp my hands behind my back. Sometimes I stay seated. No one has challenged me yet, but the Lord has prepared me. We are strangers in a strange land on a journey to His Kingdom. Are we loyal to Him or this world?

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