and he had in his hand a little book which was open…………….. Rev.10:2

Just about everyone famous or well-known in politics, governments or Christian religion, were part of the Beast. That is, the anti-Christ world system of satanic government and satanic religion.

The true disciples were not famous world leaders as the world defines ‘leaders’. They were not movers and shakers according to the world. They did not become famous in government or religion. They did not become household names. They likely did not make the history books at all. In the eyes of the world, the true disciples were pathetic nobodies (“lambs for the slaughter”, as it were).

Most mainstream history books (secular or Christian) teach the history of the Beast.

But God knows all the details of the hidden history of His true people. He keeps the history of His kingdom, in His books.

And He knows what the famous men of government and religion have done to His people. He has kept a history of that also.

God is speaking, and has spoken, and will speak to these things. He will and does now prophetically speak against many peoples and nations and tongues and kings. He speaks against those who, under the pretense of “Christianity”, have done atrocities against the world’s people (to whom the gospel should have been lovingly given). And He speaks against all those who have done atrocities against the gentle, childlike Jesus following people of the kingdom of God.

2 thoughts on “history

  1. I often think how the true saints, apostles, and prophets have been overlooked in the centuries they lived and even up to now.
    Paul was a unimpressive in appearance, contemptuous in speech, lunatic. and considered to be a criminal / jailbird (Peter was no different).
    Can we recognize or do we recognize the real apostles when we hear/see one ?
    G_D help us.

  2. Because the church is incorrectly thought of as a place, a service, a building, etc, and not the called out people of God that it really is, (the Ecclesia). There is no such thing as a “church service”, it is not found anywhere in the NT. It is a made up phrase by man and has become a tradition of men. Most people assume that a church needs to be organized and managed by a CEO (disguised as a shepherd). By way of this entanglement they end up with a worldly business disguised as a church fully equipped with a secular military chain-of-command, a “Simon says” hierarchy> “the unholy priesthood”, a formula of the RCC transformed into a Protestant disguise >(Senior Pastor, Executive Associate Pastor, Associate Pastors, Music Pastor, etc,). This is pure rubbish as it is nowhere to be found in the scriptures. The book of Acts is the exact opposite of what is known as the Organized Church we see today. I can’t find where the Spirit of God moved upon the Board of Directors and their underlying administrations….go figure


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