Sowing in Samaria pt.4

There are some answers to prayer that are so amazing, so clear, you just never forget it. It was several years ago and I was thinking about how I had not yet witnessed personally, one on one, on my own, to a Muslim person. I was uncomfortable with the idea, because of my ignorance. I was learning a little about Muslims from the newsletters of my friend who lived in Afghanistan, and from some other friends in Christ who were raised in the Middle East and were more familiar with it. I went with friends to help man a booth at the San Francisco Arabic Cultural Festival (we were giving out bibles and literature) but I felt that I really had no clue how to witness to a Muslim. It turns out, He wanted me to share the gospel the same exact way as one shares it with an Athiest-Humanist, a New Ager, a religious person, an intellectual, a homeless person, etc. I was uneasy about something I was not familiar with; I knew I did not understand Islam completely. But we do not have to completely understand everything about the person we are speaking with, because the content of the gospel is the same for every person on earth. The Lord showed me that He wanted me to have love, care and compassion for the Muslims, and be willing to reach them, along with everyone else.

I did not know any Muslims. The Lord reminded me that I have not because I ask not. One day I asked Him to let me witness to a Muslim, and I asked for His help to give me the words, because I had no clue what I should say. I thanked Him and went on with my work at home. Within the same week, the doorbell rang. I went to the door and a man was there, selling cable service. I thanked him but told him that we did not need it. Just before he turned away, I grabbed a little book from the dresser near the door, and handed it to him, telling him this was a gift for him, to bless and encourage him. (It was “The Book of Hope”.) He took it, stared at it, looked at me straight in the eyes and asked with all seriousness, “Are you a Christian?”

He seemed very stern and serious. I thought maybe he was angered. Immediately I thought that, perhaps he is a Muslim, and he is going to verbally blast me for being a Christian! I carefully answered, “Yes, I am” to him, wondering what he was going to say next. He blurted out, rather loudly, “I am a Muslim and I do not want to be a Muslim anymore, I want to be a Christian! Can you tell me how to become a Christian?”

I was absolutely amazed. God not only answered my prayer, but brought someone to my door; someone who was ready and wanting to hear the gospel, someone God had prepared beforehand to hear the gospel. I think this is the only time I can recall that I was involved in ‘reaping’, and it was an indescribable joy to see God work in the salvation of a soul.

I immediately said yes, and invited him in, sat him on the couch and offered him tea (I kept the door open). He told me that he grew up in India, right next to a mosque, and his father was a leader in the mosque! He said that his parents sent him to the Christian school in town, because they wanted him to have a good education. He remembered the bible stories he heard there at the school as a little boy. He grew up and became a cultural, secular (non practicing) Muslim. He was MINO (Muslim in name only). His wife was a religious, practicing Muslim who wanted him to get more into Islam. He said he was now ready to leave Islam and become a Christian, and he wanted me to tell him. He was serious; he sat there waiting for me to talk.

I praised and thanked God quickly in prayer and asked Him give me what to say. I started with God and told him who is God, I told him about God, the things that He is. I told him about creation. I told him about the rebellion of man against God, I told Him God’s holy Law, I told him of the judgment of God against sin and wickedness, about who Jesus is and how He came down from God, being God. I told him about what Jesus did for us and out of love, mercy and grace. I told him of the sacrifice of Christ being God’s work on our behalf. I told him God is calling us to worship Him, repent of sin and turn from it, and believe on Jesus Christ as Lord, and follow Him. It was so amazing because he started exclaiming, “I believe! I believe in Jesus!” and he grabbed my bible and started reading it, right then. He already loved the Word and wanted to read it! I did not ‘pray the prayer’ with him, because I believe that God will bring His redeemed to repentance and faith, Himself, by His Holy Spirit, through the hearing of the gospel preached, or through the reading of the Word, and that we will know it by their fruit.

I gave him an English bible to take with him, and invited him to church. He worked Sundays here on the Peninsula, but he lived in the East Bay. So he agreed to meet me at church before he went to work on Sunday. He came three times to church with me, and during that time I got him a bible (from my friend) in his first language (Hindi). After three weeks, he told me he was going to find a church in the east bay, and he wanted to look for a [more traditional] church. He asked me to pray for his wife, because he had not told her yet that he was a believer in Jesus, and he said she would be pretty mad when she found out. He asked me to pray for her salvation. I knew that he would now be a witness to his wife. I will cherish this gift of God of answered prayer as long as I live.

“Ask, and it shall be given to you…” Matt.7:7.

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