How Can We Witness if….

…we don’t know what the gospel is? It is getting confusing out there. First, we have false beliefs out in the world: works-based religions, cults, the occult, and the New Age. Then we have false gospels in the church: the “easy-believe” gospel, the social gospel, the PEACE plan, Humanist-Progressive Christianity, Word Faith, Prosperity gospel, the “Your Best Life Now” gospel, Dominionism (Reconstructionism), the New Apostolic (apostles and prophets) movement, Ecumenism, and now goddess worship in church! Then there’s the developing religion of Globalism, which is currently interfaith, universalism, or a godless, heavenless spirituality of “oneness” (solidarity) with earth and all humanity.

Surrounded by false religion and apostacy, we need to understand the true gospel so we can be useful in doing “the one thing that we can’t do in heaven”.

This teaching goes well with a previous post, “Presenting the Gospel“, but this is a more in depth explanation of the true gospel using many theological terms. This is ‘Gospel Theology 101’. It is also interesting since it includes an example of the speaker’s personal experience speaking with a Muslim man on an airplane.

If we were saved purely for fellowship–we might as well go to heaven now, because the fellowship here on earth is imperfect.

If we were saved to have triumph over sin—then we might as well go to heaven because the triumph here is severely checkered and we all live somewhere in Romans 7—wanting to do what we don’t do, and not wanting to do what we find ourselves doing.

God left you here to share the Gospel with the people around you. Most people have some idea of what the Gospel is, but they don’t have a good enough grasp to share the good news.

Audio: How Can We Witness if We Don’t Know What the Gospel is?

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