we hear and heed our King

“You say correctly that I am a king. For this I have been born, and for this I have come into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.” John 18:37

As we live in the realm of our King Jesus, we hear Him and obey Him.

We do not break civil laws, (unless we must in order to be faithful to Christ) or trust civil documents or civil leaders to be our salvation or means of life. We do not pledge oaths of allegiance to the State or Church, for we have made our covenant of allegiance to Christ.  We do not kill supposed enemies of God (whether evil religious or civic leaders, supposed heathens or Christians who are deemed “heretics” by theologians). We do not kill or destroy to solve political disagreements, we do not riot, protest, march for our so-called rights, seek revenge, rebel against the government, or foment violent revolutions.

We live by the instructions and Spirit of Christ. Our Kingdom is not of this worldly realm. We live by the Way of our Kingdom. We are strangers and pilgrims while here in this world. We offer the peace of God to both the oppressors and the oppressed. We are peacemakers with the peace of God. We hear and heed our King.

5 thoughts on “we hear and heed our King

  1. We do not twist, disregard or disobey scripture in order to selfishly “get our way” or even to try to get our supposedly deserved “human rights” in civic matters, in politics, in culture or civil society. Our kingdom is not of this realm.

    • Yes, Loretta, this is true and should be faithfully taught and preached. Thank you for doing that!

      I’m sad when we see cases going to court with school children who have been forbidden to pray or read their Bibles in school. For one thing, we’re told to pray in secret, not to rally around flagpoles or pray over lunch in the cafeteria (or for adults, in a restaurant. But these lambs don’t know this – they must be taught. And if the world comes against them and us, we should be expecting this, and obey our King first, and then the authorities He placed over us, second, when this wouldn’t mean disobeying Him.

      This refreshed me – thank you!


  2. I don’t see where protesting is wrong. Christ protested against the religious system and it got him hung on a cross.

  3. Hi Michael, Absolutely, Christ protests against the religious establishment/ system! This post is about the political system, the State. He very much got in the face of the religious Pharisees and challenged them; He did not though, with the powers of the Roman Empire. He remained faithful to His kingdom (as do we).

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