more encouragement to women who witness for Jesus

“All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples” Matt.28:18-19

In response to this blog post article:

Any professing Christian “leader” who tells any disciple of Jesus, that they “should not” or “must not” be obedient to Christ, evangelize, speak of Jesus, preach the gospel, proclaim the Truth, or make disciples of Jesus, (which is part of loving your neighbor as He commanded) is a false teacher and is not speaking for Jesus Christ but is very much working against Christ. Woe.

To make evangelism and proclaiming the gospel about being obsessed with sex (that is, male roles, female roles) authoritarianism, power, control and domination over women, is to create a cult.

Jesus Christ Himself is the power and the authority. His Spirit indwells the female saints as well as the male saints. HE has given His authority also to the daughters of God (the sisters in Christ) to witness and speak of Him, or read scripture, to any person, as HE leads and empowers them by the Spirit.

10 thoughts on “more encouragement to women who witness for Jesus

  1. This cult teaches that it is the scriptures that have the authority therefore women must not demonstrate the authority of scripture…. because women are not to have any authority. But it is Christ Jesus Himself who is the authority and we sisters are in Christ.

    This cult also teaches that it is The (institutional) Church which has the authority but it is Christ Jesus Himself who has the authority and we sisters are in Christ.
    (The idea that it is The (institutional) Church that has all the authority is a Roman Catholic doctrine. And that is where that comes from.)

    • Wondering-

      The apostles do give a few specific instructions for sisters to be reserved in certain situations, to keep a certain attitude in their homes, etc, but that verse does not apply to sharing the Gospel. The whole council of the word of God is sufficient to paint a picture of many sisters having a powerful witness for the Lord both before and after pentecost (women at the well, etc). Again, this does not nullify the places where God’s word gives general outlines for brothers and sisters in the home or assembly. If all brothers and sisters would avoid the extremes on both sides of this topic there would be very little controversy over it. Sisters who have a gentle and quiet spirit combined with evangelistic zeal (including opening their mouths and speaking) are a blessing to the body of Christ.

      Beyond that, Tony’s “ministry” (I use that word very loosely) has been going downhill for quiet some time.

  2. Wondering, those verses have nothing at all to do with a saint of God obeying the words of Jesus Christ, witnessing, proclaiming Jesus Christ & telling the gospel to great Grandma, uncle Jim, the Muslim salesman at the door, the homeless man on the street or a mixed group of people in public who have not yet heard the good news. Thank you for your inquiry.

  3. Good word Loretta… This topic has been one that has been very maligned for a long time now. And yes I know what Paul wrote in 2 Cor 11 & 2 Tim 2, etc. and what he wrote in 1 Cor 11….

    But, in keeping with your post, you are not talking of the fact of anything usurped, etc but the proclamation of the truths of Christ and His preeminence and the good news of such therein.

    I like to point to a simple nugget in Mark 16 that flows in the same channel as what you have presented….. “when He first arose….he appeared FIRST to Mary Magdalene…and He instructed her to go and tell his brethren/disciples…..and she went and told them…”

    • I’m a very simple person and to me it seems so simple and clear in scripture that there is a difference between instruction on how we behave in the home and in an assembly, versus how we are instructed by Christ Himself to witness, share the gospel and make disciples out in the world among the nations/ ethnos/ peoples of the world. Thanks TJ.

  4. Shame on you men reading this. Read the Bible! Not woman’s writing! This should be women to women talk. IF anything at all…
    I sense so much pride and superiority in this “circle of mutual adoration”… There is no spirit of gentleness and meekness. Wow! I guess I am wondering more now than before…

    • Thank you Wondering, for showing me a good example of why the Lord has led me, and others, even via these little blogs, to bring encouragement to the saints. Peace.

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