What Do You Expect?

I found this while blog surfing:

What Do You Expect?

By Paul Pilgrim

What do you expect when you minister or preach Jesus Christ to others? We were taught early on that we must witness our faith and commitment to Jesus Christ to the “un-saved”, or lost. This is not only what the apostles did, but they were also commanded of Jesus Christ himself to do so. We take the apostles mission and do the same thing because we want to see those who live in darkness to come to the light of Jesus Christ in their lives too.

But what are your expectations when you witness the light? Do you expect that others will respond and turn to Jesus Christ as savior and Lord? What do you do when they don’t, and does that shake your faith? Why don’t we see more brave people openly preaching Jesus Christ on the street corners, and in public places? Why do so many “Christians” not speak of Jesus Christ to anyone except when they get inside of a safe church building?

I think it is because of wrong expectations, that’s why. As long as what we say and preach is accepted by friends, family, and those we meet, then we are good with it, but that is hardly ever the case, and most people cannot bear being rejected by all for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Are you willing to preach, speak, and live according to your convictions, and the leading of the Holy Spirit? If you say yes, be prepared to be alone, for very few in this day can bear witness of the truth and light. If you still say yes, I will ask again what are your expectations?

You may be asking right now, ok Pilgrim, what should we expect?
Expect nothing, if you can. This way you will not be shaken, or tossed by what people may say or do. You should be obedient to God in your mission, and care not the reactions of people. We are witnesses of truth and light, which is Jesus Christ. We are to remain steadfast in our post, and there is no room for discouragement. Discouragement comes when our expectations are not met. Do not let the enemy gain a stronghold your life through loss of expectation.

We do the job God gave us, no matter if anyone ever believes us, or follows the light with us. In this wicked and evil generation in which we live, where faith in Jesus Christ is all but lost, except by a few, we should be evermore steadfast in our resolve to being a witness of the light.

8 thoughts on “What Do You Expect?

  1. Loretta, Amen. I know I have been held back by fear. Fear of rejection or fear of persecutionn (friends/family), yet we are told all that who live a godly life in Christ will be persecuted and the true gospel does not and cannot please flesh. Speaking from experience and observation, most Christians have the approval of men/woman elevated in their hearts, and consequently water down the truth, don’t speak righteous judgment when they should and by our actions or inactions can give approval to unrighteousness.

    This is also where I think church as it wrong. We were told to go preach the whole gospel, plant the seeds and move on. It is up to God to make it sprout, He saved everyone as He indeed chooses us. When we see seed not sprouting, it seems at times, we move into the flesh and try to force it down people and then we are clearly operating outside of the Holy Spirit.

    I speak this to my own shame as I have situationally done the very thing I just mentioned. So I/we are all learning togehter, but unless we get in the game, we will never learn.

    Great encouragement sister. Thank you. I am still going to send you some stuff, I have not forgotten. Jesus Bless You.

  2. Pete, amen to all you said. I try to make this my ‘way’: to preach the gospel, plant seeds and move on. Now, looking at your second paragraph, your statements, and the article, reminds us that our method reflects our theology of salvation (oh oh! can of worms!) : ) But, it is true. How we evangelize is directly related to how be believe people are saved or born again.

    I love the emphasis of this article- that regardless of the ‘results’, God has called us to be faithful and obedient, and proclaim Christ and the gospel, even when we weary of the mocking and scoffing. Like Pilgrim said, we have a job God gave us to do: represent Him and proclaim His message, even if we labor alone, even if no one heeds.

  3. Fear of rejection or fear of man is what holds me back, while I should have a healthy fear of God instead. What should I expect? What did Christ expect? If they rejected Jesus, they will reject me. I need to be okay with that. Christ felt the pain, and I will too. It helps me to know/understand Him better. What do I expect? I expect to know Jesus more and I expect that God will work in spite of any insult or rejection. I expect that God will cause the seeds to grow and to save those whom He will save!

  4. Petra, thank you for articulating many of the “expectations” we have as we journey through life with the gospel. And thank you for letting us know you are out there with your lovely blog.

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