In the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk!

Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk. Acts 3:6

Silver and gold have I none, but what I have I give to you. In the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk free from what hurts, deceives, confuses, cripples, binds and hinders you: that 501c3 Government controlled State Church. You are now free to follow Jesus Christ!

You are now free in Christ! You are released from bondage and lies! Be healed in the name of Jesus Christ!

You are now the temple of the Lord!

You are healed: rise up and walk on out of that Babylon Church!

Walking leaping and praising God! Jumping with joy!

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Here is the mind which has wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits… Rev.17:9

7 Mountains DOMINIONISM: Where the different Evangelical Movements converge as one.

I see 3 completely different camps of Evangelical DOMINIONISM converging. These three Christian movement camps think they have nothing to do with each other. Not so.
They are all pushing for global DOMINIONISM. Rather than teaching their members to follow Christ, they are teaching them to be change agents.

Do the followers of these movements see this yet?

I see the convergence is unfolding before our eyes.

1. The Charismatic, NAR, “Army of God”, Rick Joyner/ Elijah List type DOMINIONISM.
2. The  Modernist, Neo-Evangelical, BillyGraham/RickWarren/Campus Crusade/YWAM type DOMINIONISM.
3. The Intellectual, Authoritarian, Neo-Calvnist Reformed, Crown Rights to rule/Rushdoony/Reconstructionism type DOMINIONISM.

They are all “7 Mountains” in their goal for political, religious, cultural & economic dominion,  “World Evangelization” , “converting the nations” and “changing the world”.

The “3 measures of meal” do combine, and the whole loaf is leavened.

There is also the John Hagee, Dispensationalist, State of Israel worshipping, “Israel has the divine right to rule the world” ideology, whose members can be found in all three of these movements. This is part of the mix for sure, without a doubt!

Beware the false gospel of DOMINIONISM.

(It’s a Roman Catholic doctrine, comes straight from the Vatican Basement.)

This movement is concerned with “moralistic culture, and religious, political and economic control.
It based on eating from the tree of good and evil, it is not of eating of the Tree of Life.

Jesus tells us to make individual disciples OF HIMSELF and that His kingdom is not of this world.

Rome’s Tetzel preached FEAR of “hundreds of years in purgatory” and the “eternal damnation in fires of hell” (if they didn’t pay The Church for their indulgences), and thus sold the middle ages Christians a bill of goods.

The new false preachers of Rome (dressed as Evangelicals) preach a FEAR of “losing our Christian nation”, “losing the world to the secularists”,  and they are thus selling modern Christians a bill of goods.

The DOMINIONIST agenda requires $$$$$$$$ (Get Tetzel, the pope is on the phone!)
The true gospel of Jesus Christ and His kingdom, requires the Holy Spirit.

The false Christianity builds physically, infrastructure for political Christendom and the world system, while the disciple of Christ works as a laborer, helping build the unseen kingdom of God,
which no one can SEE unless they be born again. (John 3:3)

Business Leaders==== “Leadership Network”, “Leadership Conference”—“Marketplace Transformation”=== it’s all worldly, dead, carnal flesh! It is MANIPULATION and manipulation is witchcraft.

This is about witchcraft working vs THE HOLY SPIRIT WORKING.

heed not the motivation of fear

Hear My voice, I am the True Shepherd of the sheep, the thief comes to kill and destroy, but he comes as an angel of light!  from John10 and 2Cor11

I accepted an invitation from my girl friend, to go to a Christian conference at a Church building. I went because I wanted to spend time with her, and hear news of the suffering saints. I was given liberty from the Lord, to go, to hear what was being said these days, to Christian people at Church.

It was the VOM regional conference; the subject was persecuted believers in communist and Muslim countries. There were videos, pictures, testimonies
of these saints, and stories the speakers told, of their lives and suffering. I am always glad to hear of them, it is a sweetness and bittersweetness at the same time, the believers in hostile lands are so dear and sweet, but it is so sad, their suffering. I wanted to participate in remembering them, and learning of their plight.

But there were some things I noticed that grieved me. I really went, with an open heart, assuming the best, hoping and trusting I would not hear anything that would grieve me, but alas, I did. But I’m not surprised (though I’m saddened) because the Church System really is Babylon….. and she cannot be healed. Thus fleeing and forsaking her is the only way……. it’s not safe because the truth is tainted and muddied with bondage or lies (or both!).

The main speaker (from Iran) said all kinds of concerning things, though he is very eager to reach muslims in Iran as a missionary. Now he did report that many Iranians are coming to Christ and are assembling secretly, quietly in homes and such, and are doing a lot of evangelism. But this man defined the sharing the gospel as getting someone to “pray the prayer” for God or Jesus to “come into your heart”.  That was concerning.

He basically pushed for political and religious Dominionism in Iran. His words and style reminded me of Campus Crusade for Christ and YWAM, as far as the ministry catchphrases.

He boldly promoted the 7 Mountains Dominionism! That is where the 7 Mountains of society will be ruled by a cultural and political Christianity. He said Iran will become a Christian country!  He said 2 kingdoms are clashing and Islam is a spirit. But then he said, “You can’t come against it (the spirit of Islam) with the military, well sometimes you have to use the military.”

With that statement, he went against Jesus’ words and promoted war and killing “if it is necessary”.

Further, he said that we want to evangelize the muslims and convert them for these reasons:
1. because if not they will kill us all
2. because they want to take over the world and make every nation Muslim, (submit to Islam) thus we must stop them by converting more of them to Christianity.

This is NOT to be our motivation. His motivation was unfortunately pure FEAR— fear of being killed, fear of jihad, fear of being forced to submit to Islam, fear of our country being taken over, etc. This is NOT of Christ.
That attitude is the spirit of the Holy Roman Empire of Christendom, which wanted to preserve the culture, earthly kingdoms, lands and power holdings of State-Christianity (Christendom).   This is not of the Spirit. This is of earthly Churchianity or what we call Babylon Church.

The motivation he promoted, is the same motivation that sent men to the Crusades to kill and shed oceans of so-called infidel or heretic blood (Christian, Muslim and Jewish blood, and also pagans of other indigenous local religions). This motivation is satanic, it is not of Love, it is not of Faith, it is not of Hope. It is not loving God and loving neighbor. It is pure fear, and determination to hold on to what we “have in this world” (lands, nations, freedoms, rights, our lives, our culture etc). This is not of Jesus Christ who told us to die to self, follow Him and make disciples.

The man did promote evangelism and making disciples, but for the wrong motivation, not out of obedience to Christ, not out of love for God and people, and not out of gratitude to our beloved Christ Jesus for our salvation, not out of compassion for the lost, not out of the willingness to die if need be, not to serve others and love enemies, to give to others, like Christ gave to us.

So his message of what motivates us to reach Muslims, was entirely political and carnal, fear based and worldly. And it feeds into satan’s plan to get us warring and killing, (Christians and Muslims) that the synthesis/ solution of world government and global syncretic religion might be implemented as the solution for world peace. Political-military Dominionist Christianity is being used right now to help this global plan along.

So the man was either knowingly or unknowingly (we don’t know) helping the plans of the wrong side, so to speak, rather than encouraging us: to NOT FEAR and LOVE NOT YOUR LIFE and LAY DOWN YOUR LIFE FOR ANOTHER, and to LOVE UNTIL YOU DIE in your service of bringing Christ to the lost world WITH JOY AND HUMBLE TRUST IN THE LORD. We do not try to save our life, lifestyle, limb, culture or physical nation. We lay it down, and love like our Father loves.

I would have been so edified to hear that from this Christian Leader.

The teacher  taught that the motivation (to try to convert them) is:
1. because of terrorism growing
2. because they want to take over nations and plan to take over all nations including USA
3. because Islam is the greatest threat to the world, to world peace.
4. because Islam wants to wipe (political-geographical) “Israel” off the map.  Yes he said this. This motivation seems entirely fleshly, earthly and political.

Then he said: Iran will be a Christian nation! Christianity will rule the (7 Mountains) business, government, family, religion, media, education, entertainment (the 7 mountains exactly as taught by Bill Bright and Loren Cunningham!). There you go folks, straight up Dominionism.

He said, The future of Iran and Israel are united! He had scripture to back this up. He was quite serious that he meant this literally, in the physical-political. !!

He said, over 25,000 documented “decisions” for Christ. (This sounds identical to Billy Graham and CCC).

His definition of sharing the gospel, shown repeatedly over his speech, was leading ppl in prayer for God to come into your heart. Salvation was praying “the prayer”.

He taught that 9 11 was done by muslims. He showed pictures of the “twin towers” in a ball of flames and other scary pictures.
He had a lot of power point pics and charts that fanned the flames of “fear of Muslims”,  and reiterated that the main reason for his evangelism was to hold back the tide of Islam and prevent them from ruling nations.  weird. This is not the motivation Jesus gives us.

Also, this statement, “You can’t come against it (the spirit of Islam) with the military, well sometimes you have to use the military”,
is a statement that reveals an unstable DOUBLE-MINDEDness.

It’s either one or the other.

We either obey Jesus Christ’s instructions and love our enemies, and war in the Spirit with Holy Spirit power against principalities (spirits), OR we war in the flesh with physical war machine weapons, against flesh (literal physical men).

One or the other.

The Earthly Church has no qualms promoting warring in the flesh, and killing enemies. “Fight the enemies and kill your neighbor.”

The spiritual church, those led by Jesus, does what Jesus says:  “Love your neighbor, love your enemy.”

Babylon Church has lied for far too long to the Christians, about this. It does mislead the sheep.

It is a lie that it is “God’s will” that we as Christians must war and kill in the flesh in order to survive or take out the enemy or save the country or Christendom or take back the ‘Holy Land’ for God.

Let God (JESUS) be true, and every man a liar.

I have heard this also, on Christian “God N Country” Crawford Broadcasting and Salem Communications radio stations, back when I used to listen to them. I heard very clear messages of “fear of Muslims” and promotion of politics and “war and killing” being necessary to deal with this scary “greatest threat” to us.  This is not of the instructional words of Jesus, nor of the Spirit of Jesus.

Dear friends, let us encourage one another in this time, to heed the voice of our Shepherd Jesus and do what He says, doing the will of our Father.

Let us not operate in the flesh, but in His Power.

Let us not live because of fear but because of Love.

It’s Over

Guest post:

It’s Over

by Steve Dines

Behold, your house is left to you desolate! Matt.23:38

It’s over. The relationship between the Lord Jesus Christ and the group of people who are called “the church” is finished. And if my life is as prophetic as I have come to believe it to be then look out, because fire and death will come upon us suddenly.

Church by church, assembly by assembly, the Lord has been visiting those who say they belong to Him, and church by church, assembly by assembly, each has fallen short of His evaluation. We have failed to hear His voice, we have turned a deaf ear.

Some people try to tell me that there are some good churches out there, but I don’t believe it. To my mind, to my whole being, there is no such thing as a “good” church.

It is with our beloved churches that we, like Old Testament Israel, have defiled the land; we have brought to ruin our promised life in Christ.

That’s because our love for that “sacred cow” we call local church has replaced our love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

We have come to believe that being in church is the same as being in Christ, that listening to church leaders is the same as listening to Christ, but they are complete opposites.

The difference is something that is of vital importance to us, it is a matter of life or death.

I saw a news item on a popular “church” news TV program last night, a church out West in Canada had burned to the ground and was completely destroyed. The Pastor and the congregation were wondering what it was God was trying to tell them. Perhaps the message is plain enough, “the second death is by fire”.

I know I keep on banging on about it, but I can’t keep quiet. This is my message:

Wherever you see hierarchy, formal use of power and authority, routine or mechanistic ways of getting things done and a predominance of one-way communication, then this is not the Lord Jesus Christ at work but men.

It is the work of men that has defiled our Holy Land, our Canaan, our promised life in Christ. It is our human thinking and our human ways that have set Christ aside and caused us to turn a deaf ear to the voice of the Lord. For years He has been calling us to repentance, now the time has come where He is giving us over to what we want. And what we are going to get will eventually destroy us.

We are going to get a radiant, beautiful church that has power. You want a transformed church? You’ll have it. You want an influential church? You’ll have it. You want a church that will unite all “believers”? You’ll have it, and then some. But you won’t have Christ. Because it’s over. The Lord is not going to suffer our insults any longer.

Since coming to Canada, I have come to learn there are two areas of my life you can’t touch, my intelligence and my integrity.

Insult my intelligence or question my integrity and you will see a side of me that you won’t think is very Christ-like. Perhaps the Lord built me this way so that I have a better understanding of how He feels about our churches. Not that I am excusing my sin or my sinful nature, I am having to face up to the fact that I need the life of Christ more than anyone.

But we have to face up to the fact that with our churches we insult the Lord’s intelligence and question His integrity. How? By organising and planning, by directing and controlling, by “leading” the people who are called by His Name. The Lord is quite capable of doing that without our help.

Is not putting ourselves in the place of Christ the work of anti-Christ?

Stay in church long enough and you will get the turnaround you have been asking, seeking and knocking for. But be warned, destruction will follow and you won’t see it coming. That’s because the Lord is testing your ability to hear Him now.

Look through scripture and tell me when there was an occasion where the Lord did something without announcing it well in advance first? Tell me when the Lord allowed people to continually turn a deaf ear to His warnings of destruction without eventually hardening their hearts such that they could not escape His judgement?

Church has brought us to the point of delusion. The time to leave church is now before it is too late.

Since writing “Too dark to work” I’ve been deeply troubled. The Lord speaks, we should listen and respond (willingly cooperate) accordingly. Failure to do so puts us in great danger. “Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts” because those that do harden their hearts will perish.

God is not speaking to His people today through Pastors or Evangelists or so called Apostles or Prophets. He is speaking with His people directly. This is how He is sorting out the wheat from the tares, the sheep from the goats and the live branches from the dead ones.

Those of us speaking out about what we believe act as a means of ministering to the saints. We speak to encourage those who are hearing the Lord for themselves…………..

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Cooled off

…….Because you are lukewarm…….Rev.3:16

I’ve known some men, evangelists mostly, who were spiritually hot, filled with the Holy Spirit,
preaching boldly Jesus Christ, even in the face of disapproval from men and society.
Then they got cushy Church jobs with regular paychecks, a title & a nice office, settled down and cooled off.

Loving Jesus Christ, loving Truth, Repentance

And he said, “Take heed that ye be not deceived..” Luke21:8

“I advise you to buy from Me …….. eyesalve to anoint your eyes, that you may see. Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline, be zealous therefore, and repent.”  Rev3:18-19

Loving Jesus Christ, loving Truth, Repentance, and separation from Lies and Idols.

by: Loretta Heiden

One of the themes in the OT scriptures is the story of how those who are supposed to be God’s people have given themselves to delusion, lies, worship of false gods, evil, idolatry, harlotry, and witchcraft. We also see there are those who truly are His, who have wandered off,  but then they have all these things removed from them and they are brought back by the Lord into pure and holy relationship with Him. He purges them restores them unto Himself. This is all over OT scripture.

We see the same theme in the NT. Plenty of scripture (both Jesus and the apostles )about those who say they are God’s people, but they are not. Jesus talks about them and to them in the gospels. The apostles wrote of them. They are well described in the book of Revelation. They say they are God’s people but they love evil, lies and violence, the world, and false gods. They are right there in the assembly of God. We see where God has many warnings for His people about the false believers, the fakers, the pretenders, the wolves, the goats, the false teachers, the “leaven” infiltrators, the “snakes & scorpions”, the carnivorous “birds of the air” atop the ‘great tree’.

We see Jesus in the letters to the assemblies, rebuking and calling His own sheep to repentance. We see Him purging them, separating them from the false, and bringing His own back to truth, purity, obedience and devotion to Him alone. In the OT and NT we see this process of going from delusion and disobedience, to truth and obedience. It is often a very painful process for those being “purged in the fire”.

Some in the “camp” are brought out of the lies, into the truth. Others remain in the lies. The difference is, some love and want the truth, and others don’t, they would rather have the delusions and lies. God gives them over.

Jesus is the truth, so those who want the truth, love the truth and get in the truth, Those in the truth are in Him. To be in Christ Jesus is to be in the truth.

God only gives truth to those who want it. To those who love the truth, God gives truth. Jesus is the truth and God gives truth to those who love His Son, the Son of God, Jesus Christ. To those who love lies, He leaves them alone in their delusions. They love their delusions. He gives them what they want. He actually chooses their delusions for them.

God chastises and disciplines His children. He separates them from the lies. When we come in to the truth of Jesus Christ, we may still have delusions that need purging. It is False Christianity’s apostacy itself, that has trained many sheep in all of the lies.  If we love Him, and our love is increasing, we will seek the truth and love this purging and discipline. The more we love Jesus the more we will love the truth. The more we love Him, as we go on in our walk with Him, the more we will love truth, the more we will want it and love it, because we love Him. Over time God purges us, or cleanses us, from the delusions and separates us from the lies and whatever false gods, idolatry, and spiritual harlotry (unfaithfulness) we may be joined to. He brings revelation of these things, and we are led to repentance. We are separated from these things and we repent of them. Our love for our beloved Savior, our Lord Jesus, grows.

Over the years, many things happened to me in my life, in my walk with Christ Jesus, our Shepherd. Things have happened to me that have
brought me closer to Him. These things were suffering, persecution, trials and tribulation. In my brokenness, He brought understanding and truth to me, and He led me to repentance over these things  (my idolatries) that grieve Him. He has progressively separated or detached me from many of these aforementioned sins, idolatries, lies and many things that are “of the world”, and has brought me closer to Himself.

So there are many things He has separated me from, physically and in my heart. There is a very long list!  In this note to you, I’m just sharing a very short list of specifics. Here are a few delusions (lies) that He has separated me from, as he has brought me further along in my relationship with Him, as He guides me on the narrow path.

1.That the American government is good and something i can trust, and that America is something I should reverence (worship), serve, live for, fight to “take back”, and give my allegiance to.

2.That Israel (that physical political State in the middle east) is good and almost equated with God or Jesus Christ Himself, and something i should reverence (worship) and give my allegiance to.

3.That official “Christianity”, is safe; that the “manmade traditions” Institutional System Church is equated with Jesus Christ Himself, is good and in the truth, and can be trusted, and that the Church System is something I should reverence (worship), live for, serve, and give my allegiance to.

I spent time in many lies. Many, many years. I was in these delusions. I had my hope in America and pride of nationalistic patriotism. I was a “God N Country” girl, mixing America with my Christianity. I voted Republican faithfully thinking I did was doing my Christian duty (getting those Democrats out!). I even took part in some political demonstrations. I was a “Conservative” (Neo-Con) apologist and a “FReeper”. I waved my flag. I believed the mainstream news political pundits talking heads. I reverenced Israel the political nation (like I was “supposed to”, like i was taught to by Evangelical Christianity) almost as if it were Christ. I read the books and listened to the lectures of popular Freemason Christian pastors, or pastors who were trained by Freemason “theologians” and books. I believed their false doctrines. I sat there and heard blatantly unChristian teachings and false doctrines. I was immersed in false doctrines from the pulpit and on Christian radio. I believed what they told me.

Gradually, God woke me up. He made me see. It was an incremental thing. Through personal suffering, I grew to love Him more. I became more detached from this world. My flesh “self-life” was being put to death. Bit by bit, he separated me from these lies and delusions. He brought me into repentance. Through suffering, tribulation, persecution, trials, sorrow (for sin) and repentance, I received a love of the truth, and my love for Jesus Christ grew very strong.

It was a long and painful road getting these delusions out of me. It took years to get me to shed these delusions. He showed me some things when I was young that I did not understand at all, until years later when He revealed the meaning to me and gave me understanding. This did not happen until He brought me through my suffering, and I began to come to the end of myself, and love Him more than my life and the things of the world. He built me up (his ekklesia, His called out one) on the rock of revelation from God. (Matt.16:18)

He built me up on the rock of revelation from God. (Matt.16:18)

For most of my Christian life, I was given to these delusions. But God is faithful. This is what He is so faithful at, among many other things: chastising, disciplining, and bringing His own children into the truth. And bringing them to repentance. He opened my eyes so I could see the truth, though I had the “hard facts” all along, but I did not get it until I wanted Jesus more than this life. I did not get it until I wanted Jesus more than my idols. I did not get it because I was bound to the delusions in false Christianity, which include loving the things of this world. God tells us not to love the world or the things of the world. (1John)

The facts that follow are pertaining to the points 1 and 2. Point 3 is another saga altogether.

I share the following with you in the hopes that you will wake up and see, be sanctified through the Truth, and repent.

When I was a college student, I went with a Christian group to Liberia, West Africa for a “mission trip”. I was very young, and quite a babe in Christ. While there, an African college age young man (Christian like us) brought us to see the ruin of the Grand Masonic Temple on Waterside, in Monrovia, up the street from where we were staying, next to the American Embassy. This place was accessible to us because there were small holes in the walls due to the 1980 coup. We were there in 1988, right before the long, horrific, violent 1989 war began (which lasted 20 years). Deep inside this building was a ‘worship room’ made of marble. There was a huge elevated throne with a tall back and big armrests, a very big altar and an enormous (10ft diameter) floor pentagram with the evil faced god of the goats inside the star (the horns, the ears, the beard/mouth). This image was all black marble stone (black stone etched with the details), inlaid in white stone. The other objects mentioned were white marble stone. There were Hebrew letters all around it, there were other symbols of Hebrew and Egyptian(?) everywhere. There were holes in the points of the star (candles?). There were wall sconces on either side of the throne. There were symbols all around. It is obvious what went on there. The shocking image of what we saw is burned into my mind, even 24 years later. This was way before small video cameras and video cell phones. I did not have my old-fashioned film camera with me the day of that outing to this place. I have my memory.

This place was not “African” in origin. It had nothing to do with indigenous pagan tribal African religion. It was American and Western. Liberia was created by America and is owned by America (and the UN). The soon to be Americo-Liberians (freed African- Americans/ former slaves) were sent from the American Government, congress and presidents, to settle what was to be Monrovia. They built it and they became the elite class, disrupting the dozen and more indigenous peoples (tribes) who were already living there. The Americo-Liberians ruled for the whole history of Liberia. They were every president, they ruled the country. The American presidents who sent them were Freemasons. The people they sent to settle Monrovia were Freemasons. Every president of Liberia was Freemason. Liberia was and is essentially a natural resource (gems, war machine materials) rich, colony of America, her owners, the UN, the global elite satanic powers.

Every president of Liberia was Freemason. Every Liberian president was also the head (Grand Master) of the Freemasons in Liberia. This thing i saw was not something indigenous to Africa, it was imported from America. It’s origin is from the American government (and her owners). The Liberian presidents, also the main leaders of the Freemasons in Liberia, were also often the heads of all the Christian denominations, for example, the Baptist Church denomination, in Liberia.

The throne in the temple looked exactly like the pope’s throne, (the thrones of John Paul ll and Benedict xvl).  Except it was not gold with many decorations such as angels and triangles. The one in the Liberian temple was made of white marble stone. But it was exactly the same shape and size. Elevated up on a pedestal. Big armrests. Huge back with curved top. Same size and shape. It was a copy of the “papal throne”.

One more thing. American sent “Americo-Liberian” Freemasons were in Liberia since the 1800s, but the building itself was not constructed until the 1960’s. There was a country that had a “construction for foreign alliances” program in the  1950s and 1960s. They wanted to exchange engineering and infrastructure construction services for political friendship and alliances with sub-Saharan African countries. They had a specific program to do this and constructed infrastructure and buildings in many countries during this time. One of those buildings was the Grand Masonic Temple. They also did the presidential palace, the big hotel and most of Monrovia’s modern infrastructure. Liberia is owned by America (unofficially) and by whoever owns America. The Americo-Liberian presidents were essentially servants of America’s interests. The Liberian presidents were all Freemasons. The building, commissioned by the Liberian president, was thus indirectly commissioned by America and her owners. The building was paid for in USD since the Dollar is the currency of Liberia. (Liberia’s presidents were visited by many American presidents.) The building itself was constructed by a firm working for this other country’s “Engineering-contracting for political friendship” foreign policy program. Who constructed that building? The most preeminent construction firm from the country that had this “buildings for political alliances” program. That country is the State of Israel.

In no way do i think the Freemasons are the main operators in the grand luciferian hierarchy on earth. No, they are only lower to mid level slaves, who are serving their higher masters. Essentially this truth about this synagogue of satan, this coven of “state-craft”, this brotherhood of evil, this kingdom of darkness is described to us in Psalm 2. God knows all about this and He tells us all about it with detail and clarity. This truth is not a secret to us. The grand conspiracy against God is well described all over the Bible. He talks about it all over scripture. We know that there are on this earth, the kingdoms of this world. We know this is the kingdom of darkness.

But we have been transferred to the Kingdom of God’s Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and we battle spiritually, in the Spirit, with the armor of God, with faith, love and hope, in boldness and courage, in gentleness and humility, in the spiritual power of God. We battle by the Spirit in faith and obedience to our King, Jesus Christ. His kingdom is within us and His kingdom is not of this world.

This is why He has told us not to love the world nor the things in the world. The whole world lies in wickedness. He does not want us to give our allegiance (our “loyalty oath”) and parts of our heart to this wickedness. The world system, ie, “State-craft” occult government and synagogue of satan antichrist religion, (which work together in cooperation) is not the place for the loyalties and affections of the child of God. How could we give what should be our exclusive “loyalty and love” for our Savior Jesus Christ, to the world’s “Church and State” antichrists who hate Christ, and serve the evil one?

The question is whether we are deceived, or whether we are in the truth. Whether we are blind or whether we see. Whether we are in lies or in the truth. Jesus warned us intently, not to be deceived. We are warned in the NT repeatedly about being deceived, and about deceivers. The only thing that will separate us from the lies, is the love of the Truth. We can only love truth if our love for Jesus is greater than the lies. Only repentance and love for Jesus Christ will separate us from the lies and delusions. Ask Him to show you the lies. Ask Him to bring you into the truth. He will show you and bring you into all truth, like He promised. You have to want it. You have to want HIM. You have to seek Him. He will reveal it to you.  We must want it though, and seek it, and ask. And He will give what we ask. This is part of becoming an “overcomer”.

I am testifying to you right now, of Jesus Christ.

I am testifying to you right now, of Jesus Christ. I am declaring to you that He does not want the hearts and loyalties of His people to be divided, and shared with a nation “AMERICA” (or any  country), or with your GOVERNMENT (The State) or with the political STATE OF ISRAEL or any man, or with any other (satanic) “state”, “global” or “ecclesiastical world power”, or with any Masonically controlled or influenced ‘Christian leader’ or Church. I pray your eyes be opened that you see.

If you don’t love truth and seek truth and repent of idols, you will not see the spiritual truth of what I am trying to tell you, even though I plainly tell you the material facts of my eyewitness account.

We must repent. Do not be deceived. Fear God and give Him glory! We must not give His glory to another, by worshiping the created things, by dividing our worship between Christ and the things of the world. We must love the truth more than our delusions. We must come out of  “her” (the satanic one world church+ government system) and not participate in her sins. We must love truth more than our divided loyalties (Christ “plus” the things of the world). We must love the truth more than idols. We must be purged of the idols. We must separate from the idols, the lies, delusions and from “all that is in the world”.

We must love Jesus Christ more than anything else.


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Loving the Truth

“But I have this against you, that you have left your first love. Remember therefore from where you have fallen, and repent”……Rev2:4-5

The thief on the cross was born again on the cross and immediately he was in the truth. He loved the truth. He died in the truth. He did not have time to be indoctrinated with false doctrines from a corrupt religious establishment and a satanic world order. He believed the truth, remained in the truth, and He loved Jesus to the end.

For those of us who live longer than a few minutes after we are come into relationship with Jesus Christ, He gives us in the gospels many warnings of “do not be deceived.” The apostles also warn us not to be deceived. Jesus in his letters to us His people in Revelation, warn us not to be deceived. Jesus and the apostles warn the sheep because deceivers have come in to disseminate falsehood, which comes from false teachers in the corrupt religious establishment and evil leaders of the satanic world order. Most of us are around for more than a few minutes after being born from above. Thus we are warned by Jesus and the apostles, “do not be deceived.” We must remain in the truth. To do that, we must have the love of the truth, which is love for Jesus Christ. Loving truth, loving Jesus Christ, is necessary for us to be in the truth. We must remain in the truth. If we are convicted and come to the realization that we have been deceived into loving lies (loving idols) over loving Christ, we must repent and come back to that first love we had with Him.

Christians, repent.



Cleanse Me O Lord

For PRIDE, impure motives, wicked thoughts and imaginations, fear, anxiety, unjust anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, discontentment, arguing, striving, judging unjustly, failing to humble self, rebellion, retaliation, distrust, dishonesty, unbelief, disobedience, dishonor, SELFISHNESS, self-righteousness, covetousness, envy, lack of love, carnal mindedness, hypocrisy, impure worship, unthankfulness, lawlessness, worldly and carnal affections, foolishness, vanity, deceitful desires, sinful behaviors, deeds of the flesh

….IDOLARTY of the heart….

I run to You in my weakness, shame and sinfulness! I am poor, blind, naked, wretched! I confess my sin and REPENT. Forgive me O Lord. Be gracious to me, O God, according to Thy lovingkindness; according to the greatness of Thy compassion blot out my transgressions. Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin. For I know my transgressions, and my sin is ever before me. Against Thee, Thee only have I sinned, and done what is evil in Thy sight! My spirit is broken before You. My heart is contrite, O God. I hate my sin and “self”, and turn from it to You, seeking Your mercy and grace. This confession and repentance I lay down before You as a sacrifice, an offering to You. Let my sin be soaked in Your holy blood, Lord Jesus. Put my sin to death by Your Spirit, O my God. Turn my heart from idolatry to You alone. Revive me O Lord! Cleanse my heart from unrighteousness, cover me with your grace! Refine me in Your holy fire; let me be purified. Have mercy on me O Lord my God! Conform me, submit me and abandon me to Your will. I seek Your righteousness. I seek Your grace. O that I may love You with all my heart, mind and soul! O that I may rightly love my neighbor! Help my unbelief. Help me trust in You. My Savior, I desire only You.


For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, Mark13:22

Children, it is the last hour; and just as you heard that antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have appeared….1Jn2:18

Representative of………Christ or someThing else?

Grounded in….. Christ or someThing else?

Member of…….. Christ or someThing else?

Under the authority of…… Jesus Christ or someThing else?

Submission to…………. Jesus Christ or someThing else?

Under the coverage of…….. Christ or someThing else?

Belong to………… Christ or someThing else?

Owned by…………Christ or someThing else?

Accountable to…………Christ or someThing else?

Attatched to…………Christ or someThing else?

Salvation provided by…………Christ or someThing else?

Mediator is……….Christ or someThing else?

Obedience and service given to………Christ or someThing else?

Lord and Master is……….. Christ or someThing else?

Married (spiritually) to…………..Christ or someThing else?

Devoted to…………..Christ or someThing else?

Allegiance to…………Christ or someThing else?

Loyalty to……………Christ or someThing else?