4 Questions to ask before joining a Church

So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8

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Link:  4 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Church

1. Is this a Church where my family will be safe from sexual predators? Is this a Church where my family will be safe from deceptive pastors who will do anything to cover up evil in order to protect and preserve what they have worked so hard all their lives to build?

2. Is this a Church where I am convinced I will not be lied to by the endless false doctrines and traditions of American Churchianity?

3. Is this a Church where my family will experience truth and freedom and love, and not shame, bondage, lies, oppression, condemnation and shunning? (And disenfranchisement if we question anything or speak truth?) Is this a Church where the PASTORS have accountability and do not circle the wagons in “good old boy” fashion to protect their kingdoms (Churches/ministries) and reputations, fame and income, at all costs?

4. Is this a Church where I am allowed to use my gifts and serve Christ and the saints by the leading and power of the Holy Spirit, as led and directed by God, without having my work and service nullified, shamed and disallowed by the Church Clergy hierarchy? Is this a Church where I am allowed to obey Christ above the Church leadership and not submit my service to Christ, my conscience and very soul to the “Clergy”?

Important final note: You and your family must understand that it is Christ who is your Lord, not the Institutional Church, not the “Clergy” (self-appointed pastors) and not the religion and hierarchy of Roman Catholic based Hierarchical Christendom. You must understand that you are accountable to Christ Jesus who leads you by His Spirit. You must understand that you are not under the authority of “local shepherds” you are under the authority of Christ. And understand that YOU, saint, also have authority in Christ not just the “Clergy” which is a man-made construct of the Roman Catholic Church, based in ancient paganism and religious Old Testament Judaism. You have authority; you are a priest of God, yes you. This wonderful truth is brought to you by the Kingdom of God, in Christ Jesus our Lord. The Kingdom of God is within you.

You must understand this hierarchy, with men lording it over you, is not of Christ, that you are all brothers, equals in Christ and free in Him to love God and neighbor and serve according to the leading and power of the Holy Spirit. You must all submit to one another, it is not about the lowly “laity” submitting to the higher ranking “Clergy”. You must understand that men requiring you to be under them in an authoritarian hierarchy of lordship over you, is sinful and not of Christ. Watch out for men who want you to submit to their “shepherding” (control and dominance and suppression) of you.

You must understand that it is being IN Christ that makes you part of the flock, not attendance at an institutional, man created, 501c3 Church business franchise. You must understand that Jesus Christ Himself is the real Shepherd and you all are the church (ekklesia, the called out assembly) and wherever you are, with other saints, there is the church, there is the people and flock of Jesus Christ. You may meet in a dirt floor shack, a coffee shop, an empty lot, at a kitchen table, on the street corner or in a prison cell. Christ is with you and in you (Christ in you hope of glory) and there you have the church, wherever YOU are, dear saint of God. Do not let the hireling “shepherds” lord it over you, shame you or stop you from being who you are in Christ.

Do not let them lie to you and deceive you. Do not let them shame you. Do not let them turn your joy of your first love (Jesus Christ) into a lifetime of oppressive bondage to serve them and maintain the existence of their man created, business marketing managed, flesh powered organizations. Do not let them turn your first love joy and Christ Life into a lifetime of serving, slaving for and financing a “Thing” to keep it going. (The man created Church System is a “Thing”, an “it”.)

Therefore friends, do not join a “Church”, join Jesus Christ and stay joined to Him. Listen not to Churchmen who are NOT focused on Jesus Christ, they are completely focused on The Institutional Church, especially THEIR CHURCH and making it “successful”. Jesus Christ is your Shepherd and you are in His flock. He will lead, guide and teach you. HE will care for you. Listen to Jesus Christ and continue in His word. You will know the Truth, and the Truth will make you free. Peace in Christ, my beloved brothers and sisters.

The troublemakers

Guest post:


by: A. Brother

“But Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit, looked up to heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God. ‘Look,’ he said, ‘I see heaven open and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.” At this they covered their ears and, yelling at the top of their voices, they all rushed at him, dragged him out of the city and began to stone him.”

Acts 7:55-58

When a man gets a full vision of Christ, and has his eyes opened to who Christ really is, and then seeks to communicate that fullness to others, he will run into trouble, and create much opposition.  Here we have that happening.  Stephen had testified to the full message of Christ in front of the religious establishment of his day, and he was rewarded by being dragged outside the city walls and stoned by a large crowd of men.
When any of us begins truly seeking to have his eyes opened to this fullness of life in Christ, and it begins happening, Christ in us will overflow to others, and the truth will often offend and even infuriate those who do not see.  It happened throughout Scripture, and it will happen to those today who make it their sole aim in life to know Christ, the fellowship of his suffering, the power of his resurrection.
My heart is grieving this morning over the state of the Body of Christ.  Not because I choose to be critical, or because I am legalistically imposing the measure of Scripture upon our current modes and methods of doing church.  But because I see the people of God like Jesus saw the Jews in His days among them, and wept.  I was raised in these churches, and spent many years trying to live the life they represented was the Christian life.  The Spirit of God grieves today at the hardness of our hearts, and the proud insistence that we know how to do everything Christian in the best way.
God’s people in our modern, affluent society are like sheep without a Shepherd.  Running to this man or that man who can speak well, or has written some landmark book about the Christian life.  Running after this or that new method, or clever program, or way of doing church that seems to breathe something new into their spiritual walks.
Scripture points back to Christ Himself, who is not only our Savior and Lord, but whose Life must be in us, whose Eyes must illuminate Truth to us, whose Mind must open us up to His fullness.  Our hearts must beat to the drum of His love in our chests.  This is what Jesus taught, that we are the branches to His Vine, and the Father the source of all nourishment.  That remaining in Him is the essential, and all other things are optional.
So why do we concentrate on the optional?
Today we have a plethora of pulchritudinous programming going on among Christians.  (Sorry for the cheesy PPP acronym).  That means a complete array of attractive systems for practicing and distributing the gospel.  The church has become like a spiritual candy store, holding out sweets and treats, hoping to lure people into attending.
Come here to church because we have so many services of different worship styles to meet your needs.  Come here and enjoy cappuccinos while you fellowship after worship.  Does your back get tired while meeting together?  Can’t see or hear the presentation very well?  No problem, we’ve installed expensive theatre-style seats and fabulous sound systems so you can concentrate on hearing the music and viewing the sermon in total comfort.  The Pastor is on a huge screen or multiple screens around the room so you can feel like you’re actually in a more intimate, personal setting.
Tired of traditions that bore you?  No worries, I feel you, we’ve done away with the things that take too much time and effort.  Communion is only hassled with on occasion, and then with little cups and tiny wafers, and love feasts among believers are a thing of the past.
Remember how Paul used to speak on and on to those early believers, cramming in Truth until late at night, meeting in homes day after day, gathering anytime they could find to be together, hungry for the Word, hungry for the Spirit to work, thirsting after righteousness like it was Life itself?  Forget about it!  We don’t need all that.
We have schedules to keep, and people to see, and business to conduct, and lives to live out in the world.  We’ve figured out how to do both!  Just keep your appointment with God in our services once or twice a week, or if you’re really zealous, meet for a Bible study, too.  That will set you on fire.
The reason we’ve settled for this type of Country-Club Christianity is that we have not understood the Christ-life.
We have been taught wrongly, by men who have only known the casual, easy gospel of modern, affluent religion, instead of the radical, revolutionary, life-changing, outside the city gates, stir-up-opposition-everywhere-you-go, stumbling-block, hate-inducing, cliff-edge, religion-destroying, faith- and love-filled Gospel of Christ that God absolutely will not allow to be contained in man-made systems or programs.
You can be a member of the Christian Country Club set, or you can be a member of the Body of Christ.  There is no middle ground.  From the birth of the Body, men have sought to impose their own religious mind-sets upon it, and have succeeded in the form of the huge Christian denominations and organizations throughout history.
The dynamic ekklesia, Christ’s church, which originally meant the “called out to be together” people of God, has been hijacked by religionEvery day more Christians get together and decide they want to form another group, or build another building to meet their needs.  Every day Christians make another list of options they want in their religion.  Every day Christians miss the simplicity of Christ, and His love and power, in favor of building another platform from which to proclaim an easy gospel.  With their list of choice options, they have managed to derail the Spirit of God from reaching men.  Like the Pharisees, they keep others out of the Kingdom as they are keeping themselves out.
The point is this:  Stephen saw what we must see.
Christ is all, and is our focus.  Not our methods and man-made options.  Not our forms of doing church.  We don’t worry about that.  We seek Christ, and He seeks us.  We die, He lives.  Individually and corporately.  Christ leads us by His Spirit, and dictates what we do and how we do it.
Today, Christ may do this.  Tomorrow He may do that.  Just as He did with His disciples, He is busy doing the Father’s work, and will not be pinned down as to where or how He’ll be doing it.  He looks for needs, and He responds.  Today He is in Bethany, tomorrow in Cana of Galilee, the next day in Jerusalem.  Today He’s healing people, tomorrow preaching from a hilltop, the next day He’s confronting the religious leaders.  He is ever meeting where two or three of us are gathered together.  He is not bound by our calendars and schedules.  And He would have us be more responsive and flexible, open to the Spirit of God to respond to one another and to His prompting.  Many of our modern churches are just as hide-bound and fixed in their ways as the highly liturgical churches they criticize.  They just have different traditions.
This dying to the Old Man and living to Christ in the New Man is a messy, hard, can’t-be-contained-in-traditions thing.  No carefully-programmed new church service format or electronic gadget is going to make this happen, or, more tragically, even allow this to happen.  There is no room in our carefully-scripted lives for God to move.
One thing is certain.  If you and I have the explosive, uncontainable Spirit of God in us, we will be like Stephen.  Seeing clearly the Christ we love and serve, and speaking of Him to whoever asks, no matter the consequences.  There is no room for compromise in the Kingdom of God.  We love and serve Christ, without any option.  That is the gospel, the good news of the Kingdom.  This hard, beautiful and ultimately impossible-without-God gospel that is Christ in us.
Like our Lord Jesus Christ, like Stephen, like a host of others including many around the world today, when we stand and tell the Truth from Scripture many will oppose us.  The fury of the oppressor, religious or pagan, has the same result.  The stoning of the one who sees.  The shooting of the Messenger.  The eradication or excommunication of the offender.
Be ready, brother or sister, if you seek Christ in all His fullness.  He will uphold you.
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short prayer

3Grace be to you and peace from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ, 4Who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father: 5To whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen. Gal.1

Oh God. Have mercy on the lost. And lead Your people to the Truth. Separate them from the lies and delusions of this world. Deliver them from evil. Make their heart’s allegiance You alone.


So they went on their way from the presence of the Council, rejoicing that they had been considered worthy to suffer shame for His name. Acts5:41

In The Church I was shamed by the pastor for rightly discerning false teaching the camp and boldly calling it out. (Warning & exposing the darkness.)

In The Church I was shamed by the pastor for caring for and helping suffering Christians. (Loving one another; loving Christians.)

In the assembly (ekklesia) , I know that I am allowed to use my spiritual gifts that He has given me, as He leads me by His Spirit, to be a witness to the world, boldly preach truth,  to minister to & help the suffering, and to edify the saints.

And there, I am not shamed for doing so.

warning: witchcraft

……for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived……. Rev18:23

Leaders of the Corrupt religious system (apostateChristianity) indeed practice witchcraft (sorcery).
They are not honest with the people. (They lie.)
They utilize manipulation and deception to control the people.
The people are then bound under the deluding spell of that sweet but deadly potion.
Through witchcraft, Corrupt Christianity invites people to make a commitment to the kingdoms of the world.

Jesus did not practice witchcraft.
He was straightforward and honest with the people. (“I tell you the truth.” He said.)
He did not practice manipulation or deception on them.
The people were free to accept His challenging claims and terms or not.
Through truth, Jesus invites people to make a commitment to His kingdom.


“I, John, your brother and fellow partaker in the tribulation……….” Rev.1:9

My heart aches for all the dear precious believers who are sad and in great personal distress, or confused and upset, because they see the intense infiltration of satanic power and activity, into the religion of Christianity. (“Mourn with those who mourn.”) My heart aches for those who are waiting and waiting for “revival” or hoping for it all to just go away. But this is prophetic, this is scriptural, as we know. It will not go away. Christianity the religion will not be “reformed” or “revived” or “purified”………. the only revival in official (State approved) Christianity is a satanic revival. There is intense spiritual warfare in these last days. Yet this apostacy and all the delusions, are judgment from God for those in Christianity who love not the truth (who love not Christ Jesus, but love the flesh and the world and take pleasure in unrighteousness).

He is using this judgment to separate out the sheep unto Himself. But this separation process hurts. Oh how it hurts! There is intense pressure, a pressing, a hard squeezing, anguish, almost likened unto childbirth, it hurts so much. It hurts watching the destruction. It hurts watching the falling away from the faith. It hurts being rejected because of Christ. It hurts being hated. It hurts separating unto Christ. It hurts being removed from “the world and all that is in the world.” It hurts being separated from the false (apostate) Christianity. It hurts being mocked, scorned, reviled and verbally crucified. It hurts proclaiming the truth. It hurts being called crazy, stupid, divisive, lone ranger, negative, heretic, hater, unloving, and blasphemer.

Those on the wide path are not feeling the pressure of these sufferings. Their way and path feels soooo good and fun and pleasing to the flesh.

The way is narrow. The path is narrow. For those walking on the narrow path, walking in the narrow way, there is separation, intense pressure, a hard squeezing, distress, affliction, suffering… mental, social, spiritual and relational anguish and pain. One cannot remain in the narrow way and on the narrow path without going through this thlipsis.

This is all a part of the tribulation.

You are not alone as you partake in it.

Believing and obeying Jesus

“You are My friends if you do what I command you.” John15

Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. Rev14

War, killing and the one world religion for world peace.

Satan is the ‘master-mind’ behind the powers that be (people) who are working against Christ. They have assigned the players and created the conflict. They are programming the masses in how they should believe about it all, and what the solutions to the conflicts should be. But we are not listening to their lies or instructions.

We have the mind OF CHRIST.

The people behind these events (what is happening now in the geo-political-religious-foreign-international realm) are working to get the American public in general but Christians especially to respond in certain ways:

1. Hate and fear the Muslims /Arabs/Egyptians/Persians, and want to go to war and blow them away (kill them with weapons) and “let god sort em out”.

2. Become so frustrated and discouraged with religious conflict and war that they eventually agree to the planned spiritual synthesis: an enforced satanic antichrist law-based one world religion for “permanent world peace”.

This is all satan’s work. How do we respond? We listen to Jesus and follow HIM, and do what HE tells us. Not to the god of this world, who is telling lies and telling you to do the exact opposite of what Jesus Christ said. Satan speaks across the airwaves on internet, TV, radio and yes, even Churches and Christian books and Christian conferences and Christian talk radio stations.

Here are basic instructions to us all, from the scriptures. See Him for your own personal instructions.

1. We obey Jesus Christ. We love the Muslims and ALL the peoples (ethnic groups) of the world. We love our neighbor, as we love ourselves. We love our enemies, those who hate us. We are merciful to them, as God showed us mercy. We love them as God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son… we bless those who curse us, we forgive those who kill us. Though 1000s fall beside us to believing the lie that they should go to war and kill “the enemy”, we as His witnesses, remain in the truth, have love for those who hate us, and we bring the gospel to them. In love and faith and obedience to Christ. In love and obedience we entrust our souls to our faithful Creator in faithfully obeying Jesus, whatever the repercussions.

2. We believe Jesus Christ, that Jesus is the way, the truth, the life, that no man comes to the Father, but by Him. We remain in the truth with simple childlike faith in Jesus Christ. Though 1000s fall beside us into the lie of global, law based, merciless, “rule of god” style, faux-moral, final solution, Jesus Christ-less spiritual global oneness. In love and faith and we entrust our souls to our faithful Creator in faithfully believing Jesus, whatever the results.

Loving Jesus Christ, loving Truth, Repentance

And he said, “Take heed that ye be not deceived..” Luke21:8

“I advise you to buy from Me …….. eyesalve to anoint your eyes, that you may see. Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline, be zealous therefore, and repent.”  Rev3:18-19

Loving Jesus Christ, loving Truth, Repentance, and separation from Lies and Idols.

by: Loretta Heiden

One of the themes in the OT scriptures is the story of how those who are supposed to be God’s people have given themselves to delusion, lies, worship of false gods, evil, idolatry, harlotry, and witchcraft. We also see there are those who truly are His, who have wandered off,  but then they have all these things removed from them and they are brought back by the Lord into pure and holy relationship with Him. He purges them restores them unto Himself. This is all over OT scripture.

We see the same theme in the NT. Plenty of scripture (both Jesus and the apostles )about those who say they are God’s people, but they are not. Jesus talks about them and to them in the gospels. The apostles wrote of them. They are well described in the book of Revelation. They say they are God’s people but they love evil, lies and violence, the world, and false gods. They are right there in the assembly of God. We see where God has many warnings for His people about the false believers, the fakers, the pretenders, the wolves, the goats, the false teachers, the “leaven” infiltrators, the “snakes & scorpions”, the carnivorous “birds of the air” atop the ‘great tree’.

We see Jesus in the letters to the assemblies, rebuking and calling His own sheep to repentance. We see Him purging them, separating them from the false, and bringing His own back to truth, purity, obedience and devotion to Him alone. In the OT and NT we see this process of going from delusion and disobedience, to truth and obedience. It is often a very painful process for those being “purged in the fire”.

Some in the “camp” are brought out of the lies, into the truth. Others remain in the lies. The difference is, some love and want the truth, and others don’t, they would rather have the delusions and lies. God gives them over.

Jesus is the truth, so those who want the truth, love the truth and get in the truth, Those in the truth are in Him. To be in Christ Jesus is to be in the truth.

God only gives truth to those who want it. To those who love the truth, God gives truth. Jesus is the truth and God gives truth to those who love His Son, the Son of God, Jesus Christ. To those who love lies, He leaves them alone in their delusions. They love their delusions. He gives them what they want. He actually chooses their delusions for them.

God chastises and disciplines His children. He separates them from the lies. When we come in to the truth of Jesus Christ, we may still have delusions that need purging. It is False Christianity’s apostacy itself, that has trained many sheep in all of the lies.  If we love Him, and our love is increasing, we will seek the truth and love this purging and discipline. The more we love Jesus the more we will love the truth. The more we love Him, as we go on in our walk with Him, the more we will love truth, the more we will want it and love it, because we love Him. Over time God purges us, or cleanses us, from the delusions and separates us from the lies and whatever false gods, idolatry, and spiritual harlotry (unfaithfulness) we may be joined to. He brings revelation of these things, and we are led to repentance. We are separated from these things and we repent of them. Our love for our beloved Savior, our Lord Jesus, grows.

Over the years, many things happened to me in my life, in my walk with Christ Jesus, our Shepherd. Things have happened to me that have
brought me closer to Him. These things were suffering, persecution, trials and tribulation. In my brokenness, He brought understanding and truth to me, and He led me to repentance over these things  (my idolatries) that grieve Him. He has progressively separated or detached me from many of these aforementioned sins, idolatries, lies and many things that are “of the world”, and has brought me closer to Himself.

So there are many things He has separated me from, physically and in my heart. There is a very long list!  In this note to you, I’m just sharing a very short list of specifics. Here are a few delusions (lies) that He has separated me from, as he has brought me further along in my relationship with Him, as He guides me on the narrow path.

1.That the American government is good and something i can trust, and that America is something I should reverence (worship), serve, live for, fight to “take back”, and give my allegiance to.

2.That Israel (that physical political State in the middle east) is good and almost equated with God or Jesus Christ Himself, and something i should reverence (worship) and give my allegiance to.

3.That official “Christianity”, is safe; that the “manmade traditions” Institutional System Church is equated with Jesus Christ Himself, is good and in the truth, and can be trusted, and that the Church System is something I should reverence (worship), live for, serve, and give my allegiance to.

I spent time in many lies. Many, many years. I was in these delusions. I had my hope in America and pride of nationalistic patriotism. I was a “God N Country” girl, mixing America with my Christianity. I voted Republican faithfully thinking I did was doing my Christian duty (getting those Democrats out!). I even took part in some political demonstrations. I was a “Conservative” (Neo-Con) apologist and a “FReeper”. I waved my flag. I believed the mainstream news political pundits talking heads. I reverenced Israel the political nation (like I was “supposed to”, like i was taught to by Evangelical Christianity) almost as if it were Christ. I read the books and listened to the lectures of popular Freemason Christian pastors, or pastors who were trained by Freemason “theologians” and books. I believed their false doctrines. I sat there and heard blatantly unChristian teachings and false doctrines. I was immersed in false doctrines from the pulpit and on Christian radio. I believed what they told me.

Gradually, God woke me up. He made me see. It was an incremental thing. Through personal suffering, I grew to love Him more. I became more detached from this world. My flesh “self-life” was being put to death. Bit by bit, he separated me from these lies and delusions. He brought me into repentance. Through suffering, tribulation, persecution, trials, sorrow (for sin) and repentance, I received a love of the truth, and my love for Jesus Christ grew very strong.

It was a long and painful road getting these delusions out of me. It took years to get me to shed these delusions. He showed me some things when I was young that I did not understand at all, until years later when He revealed the meaning to me and gave me understanding. This did not happen until He brought me through my suffering, and I began to come to the end of myself, and love Him more than my life and the things of the world. He built me up (his ekklesia, His called out one) on the rock of revelation from God. (Matt.16:18)

He built me up on the rock of revelation from God. (Matt.16:18)

For most of my Christian life, I was given to these delusions. But God is faithful. This is what He is so faithful at, among many other things: chastising, disciplining, and bringing His own children into the truth. And bringing them to repentance. He opened my eyes so I could see the truth, though I had the “hard facts” all along, but I did not get it until I wanted Jesus more than this life. I did not get it until I wanted Jesus more than my idols. I did not get it because I was bound to the delusions in false Christianity, which include loving the things of this world. God tells us not to love the world or the things of the world. (1John)

The facts that follow are pertaining to the points 1 and 2. Point 3 is another saga altogether.

I share the following with you in the hopes that you will wake up and see, be sanctified through the Truth, and repent.

When I was a college student, I went with a Christian group to Liberia, West Africa for a “mission trip”. I was very young, and quite a babe in Christ. While there, an African college age young man (Christian like us) brought us to see the ruin of the Grand Masonic Temple on Waterside, in Monrovia, up the street from where we were staying, next to the American Embassy. This place was accessible to us because there were small holes in the walls due to the 1980 coup. We were there in 1988, right before the long, horrific, violent 1989 war began (which lasted 20 years). Deep inside this building was a ‘worship room’ made of marble. There was a huge elevated throne with a tall back and big armrests, a very big altar and an enormous (10ft diameter) floor pentagram with the evil faced god of the goats inside the star (the horns, the ears, the beard/mouth). This image was all black marble stone (black stone etched with the details), inlaid in white stone. The other objects mentioned were white marble stone. There were Hebrew letters all around it, there were other symbols of Hebrew and Egyptian(?) everywhere. There were holes in the points of the star (candles?). There were wall sconces on either side of the throne. There were symbols all around. It is obvious what went on there. The shocking image of what we saw is burned into my mind, even 24 years later. This was way before small video cameras and video cell phones. I did not have my old-fashioned film camera with me the day of that outing to this place. I have my memory.

This place was not “African” in origin. It had nothing to do with indigenous pagan tribal African religion. It was American and Western. Liberia was created by America and is owned by America (and the UN). The soon to be Americo-Liberians (freed African- Americans/ former slaves) were sent from the American Government, congress and presidents, to settle what was to be Monrovia. They built it and they became the elite class, disrupting the dozen and more indigenous peoples (tribes) who were already living there. The Americo-Liberians ruled for the whole history of Liberia. They were every president, they ruled the country. The American presidents who sent them were Freemasons. The people they sent to settle Monrovia were Freemasons. Every president of Liberia was Freemason. Liberia was and is essentially a natural resource (gems, war machine materials) rich, colony of America, her owners, the UN, the global elite satanic powers.

Every president of Liberia was Freemason. Every Liberian president was also the head (Grand Master) of the Freemasons in Liberia. This thing i saw was not something indigenous to Africa, it was imported from America. It’s origin is from the American government (and her owners). The Liberian presidents, also the main leaders of the Freemasons in Liberia, were also often the heads of all the Christian denominations, for example, the Baptist Church denomination, in Liberia.

The throne in the temple looked exactly like the pope’s throne, (the thrones of John Paul ll and Benedict xvl).  Except it was not gold with many decorations such as angels and triangles. The one in the Liberian temple was made of white marble stone. But it was exactly the same shape and size. Elevated up on a pedestal. Big armrests. Huge back with curved top. Same size and shape. It was a copy of the “papal throne”.

One more thing. American sent “Americo-Liberian” Freemasons were in Liberia since the 1800s, but the building itself was not constructed until the 1960’s. There was a country that had a “construction for foreign alliances” program in the  1950s and 1960s. They wanted to exchange engineering and infrastructure construction services for political friendship and alliances with sub-Saharan African countries. They had a specific program to do this and constructed infrastructure and buildings in many countries during this time. One of those buildings was the Grand Masonic Temple. They also did the presidential palace, the big hotel and most of Monrovia’s modern infrastructure. Liberia is owned by America (unofficially) and by whoever owns America. The Americo-Liberian presidents were essentially servants of America’s interests. The Liberian presidents were all Freemasons. The building, commissioned by the Liberian president, was thus indirectly commissioned by America and her owners. The building was paid for in USD since the Dollar is the currency of Liberia. (Liberia’s presidents were visited by many American presidents.) The building itself was constructed by a firm working for this other country’s “Engineering-contracting for political friendship” foreign policy program. Who constructed that building? The most preeminent construction firm from the country that had this “buildings for political alliances” program. That country is the State of Israel.

In no way do i think the Freemasons are the main operators in the grand luciferian hierarchy on earth. No, they are only lower to mid level slaves, who are serving their higher masters. Essentially this truth about this synagogue of satan, this coven of “state-craft”, this brotherhood of evil, this kingdom of darkness is described to us in Psalm 2. God knows all about this and He tells us all about it with detail and clarity. This truth is not a secret to us. The grand conspiracy against God is well described all over the Bible. He talks about it all over scripture. We know that there are on this earth, the kingdoms of this world. We know this is the kingdom of darkness.

But we have been transferred to the Kingdom of God’s Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and we battle spiritually, in the Spirit, with the armor of God, with faith, love and hope, in boldness and courage, in gentleness and humility, in the spiritual power of God. We battle by the Spirit in faith and obedience to our King, Jesus Christ. His kingdom is within us and His kingdom is not of this world.

This is why He has told us not to love the world nor the things in the world. The whole world lies in wickedness. He does not want us to give our allegiance (our “loyalty oath”) and parts of our heart to this wickedness. The world system, ie, “State-craft” occult government and synagogue of satan antichrist religion, (which work together in cooperation) is not the place for the loyalties and affections of the child of God. How could we give what should be our exclusive “loyalty and love” for our Savior Jesus Christ, to the world’s “Church and State” antichrists who hate Christ, and serve the evil one?

The question is whether we are deceived, or whether we are in the truth. Whether we are blind or whether we see. Whether we are in lies or in the truth. Jesus warned us intently, not to be deceived. We are warned in the NT repeatedly about being deceived, and about deceivers. The only thing that will separate us from the lies, is the love of the Truth. We can only love truth if our love for Jesus is greater than the lies. Only repentance and love for Jesus Christ will separate us from the lies and delusions. Ask Him to show you the lies. Ask Him to bring you into the truth. He will show you and bring you into all truth, like He promised. You have to want it. You have to want HIM. You have to seek Him. He will reveal it to you.  We must want it though, and seek it, and ask. And He will give what we ask. This is part of becoming an “overcomer”.

I am testifying to you right now, of Jesus Christ.

I am testifying to you right now, of Jesus Christ. I am declaring to you that He does not want the hearts and loyalties of His people to be divided, and shared with a nation “AMERICA” (or any  country), or with your GOVERNMENT (The State) or with the political STATE OF ISRAEL or any man, or with any other (satanic) “state”, “global” or “ecclesiastical world power”, or with any Masonically controlled or influenced ‘Christian leader’ or Church. I pray your eyes be opened that you see.

If you don’t love truth and seek truth and repent of idols, you will not see the spiritual truth of what I am trying to tell you, even though I plainly tell you the material facts of my eyewitness account.

We must repent. Do not be deceived. Fear God and give Him glory! We must not give His glory to another, by worshiping the created things, by dividing our worship between Christ and the things of the world. We must love the truth more than our delusions. We must come out of  “her” (the satanic one world church+ government system) and not participate in her sins. We must love truth more than our divided loyalties (Christ “plus” the things of the world). We must love the truth more than idols. We must be purged of the idols. We must separate from the idols, the lies, delusions and from “all that is in the world”.

We must love Jesus Christ more than anything else.


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12 Evangelism Myths vs.Truth

1. Myth: “Jesus told us to bring people into a church building”. Truth: Jesus said to go in to all the world and preach the gospel.

2. Myth: “Going to church means one is a Christian.” Truth: Being born again from above means one is a Christian.

3. Myth: “It is the pastor’s job to evangelize in the church building.” Truth: It is the job of every born again Christian to evangelize out in the whole world.

4. Myth: “It is the evangelist’s job to do all the evangelism.” Truth: It is every born again Christian’s job to do all the evangelism.

5. Myth: “If I give money to the church/ pastor/ Christian organization, that is obeying Christ’s command to reach the lost.” Truth: Going out and actually telling someone the gospel yourself is obeying Christ’s command to reach the lost.

6. Myth: “Being nice, helping with charitable social work and inviting people to church is spreading the gospel.” Truth: Telling someone about Jesus and the gospel or giving them the gospel & scriptures to read or listen to, is spreading the gospel.

7. Myth: “Going to church, going to Bible studies, going to prayer meetings, going to conferences, going to sports events and Superbowl parties, going to movies, going to merchandise selling parties and going to potlucks is obeying Christ’s commission to reach the lost.” Truth: Going into all the world, sowing the seed of the Word of God and telling someone the gospel is obeying Christ’s commission to reach the lost.

8. Myth: “Jesus told us to build buildings so they will come into our Church”. Truth: Jesus told us to preach the gospel, go make disciples and teach them everything He has commanded, so they would come into His Kingdom.

9. Myth: “A person must be a baptized by a pastor, by appointment, inside a building, after they have agreed to the church membership contract.” Truth: Any believer can baptize anywhere, anytime, immediately, on the spot as the Holy Spirit leads, after they have been born again.

10. Myth: “Jesus told us to pray for the world.” Truth: Jesus told us to be His witnesses and preach the gospel to the world.

11. Myth: “Jesus told us to pray for the lost.” Truth: Jesus told us to preach to the lost. He told us to pray for one another.

12. Myth: “Jesus told us to save the world.” Truth: Jesus told us to go into all the world, preach the gospel, make disciples, and teach them everything He has commanded, for lo, He is with us, even to the end of the world!