The Blood of the Lamb

God will strike”Egypt” again! The next time, it will be the entire world. At midnight, the judgment of death will pass over all, yet we shall be unhurt. We are safe under the blood of the Lamb. The blood has been applied to the doorposts of our heart; it has been applied to our forehead and our hands. The blood of the Lamb redeems us and protects us from the wrath of God. Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world! His blood was shed for us! Christ our Passover Lamb has been sacrificed. His blood is on us. We belong to Him; He owns us. We are marked by God!

And when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you, when I strike the land of Egypt. from Ex.12:13

Audio: Hazakim holy hip hop: preaching the Passover Lamb!

The Safe Place

Yesterday I again found myself in a face to face encounter with the unseen forces. I had two long conversations with S., a homeless woman my age, who was pushing her packed shopping cart with her three pet rats. It turns out she is one of those who has, since a little girl, been the victim of the satanic torture, abuse, terror and mind control of the wicked earthly “powers that be” that the Lord speaks of in Ps. 2 and Ps.21:11.

She was filled with paranoia, fear and hate for those who have hurt her. As she gripped her mace can, she told me exactly how she got her bruises and burn marks. Her STD was affecting her whole body. Demons were speaking wicked lies to me; I was speaking Truth of God’s Word to her. This shut up the demons, but she was listening. God wanted me to just show her His love, and build trust. There was much more to these conversations than I can possibly articulate here.

She lamented that the evil men who have tortured her have gotten away with it. I assured her that they ultimately will not: that God will judge all sin, evil and wickedness. The demons in her told me that this is not true, but I again answered with Bible Truth of God’s righteous character, and again, this shut them up and she was listening. I could see this Truth gave her a bit of hope.

The Lord wanted me to tell her where the safe place is. “There is no safe place!”, she insisted. I assured her there was a spiritual safe place: the large loving arms to hide under, the big cupped hands to hide in, the safe shelter to run to, the hiding place that is the Lord Jesus.

Ready to Share the Gospel

Being ready to use current events to share the gospel. Several witnessing conversations I’ve had were the result of someone asking me directly about some current event. After 911, I had neighbors literally coming to my door to ask me what was happening, if God “did that”, etc. They were afraid and they wanted answers. In those cases I told them that this was not “God making that happen to us”, but was the act of evil men. But I told them that this was now the time to hear what God is trying to tell you. Then I went into the gospel with them. I shared about how we can only be “safe” in Christ. They listened. The same thing happened with Katrina and the South East Asia tsunami. The same thing is happening now.

Right now we have government billboards asking us, “READY?”(it begs the question!), we have weird things going on with money, food, gas, markets, jobs, weather……..then there’s America slowly uniting with Canada and Mexico…………and lots more. I’m sure you could add to the list.

About a month ago I was in a store, and I heard a group of businessmen talking about the economy, about recession, and they had tinges of panic and fear in their voices. They were seriously asking each other what was going to happen. I often hear people in public, discussing their fear regarding current events. As things change and events happen, people are bewildered and frankly, afraid. Many times people will openly speak to you about how they feel. We need to be ready to lovingly direct people from these world events to dealing with the ultimate issues of God’s righteousness, justice, love, mercy, and the cross of Christ. We need to be ready to share the gospel.

We Have Good News

On my way out of the grocery store with several other people, a man (“Benny”) was trying to get my attention, waving to me as if he wanted to talk to me. He acted as if he knew me, but he did not. He wanted to talk for some reason, and as he got his bicycle, he approached to chat in the parking lot. Keeping a safe distance, I introduced myself and he started asking me questions about what I do, and he correctly guessed that I was a teacher. He asked me what school I teach at and I told him I have my own school. The conversation was going in strange directions, so I took charge and changed the direction of the conversation, asking him what things he is concerned about in the world.

He started talking about earthquakes, tsunamis, and war. I suggested that there are things far more dangerous than these. He asked, what could be more dangerous than natural disasters and war? This gave the opportunity to bring up spiritual truth and share the gospel, starting with the law, our sin, and the fact that God will judge sin, being right and just. I explained this in detail, using scripture, and he asked if we would get another chance after this life (as in another life) and I told him of the one life we have and then the judgment. He was genuinely concerned after hearing all this.

Then I told him all of what God did for us in and through Jesus, because of His love for us, because we are helpless and lost in our sin, unable to save ourselves. I focused then on God’s mercy, grace, love, and willingness to save us Himself, through Jesus, that we would not come under judgment. I explained that Jesus took the judgment for those who believe, and accounts His goodness to them. I explained about repentance, trust and faith in Jesus to save from sin.

At the beginning of our conversation, he was talking silly. Now he had a look on his face that told me that he was interested and concerned with this topic of judgment and salvation. He asked me if I believed if Jesus was coming back. I told him yes, and soon, and that is why it is today that is the day for salvation, and not tomorrow. We had talked a long time by then and I needed to get home to make dinner. In my pocket was a copy of my message, “Safe?” which I gave to him. I told him it explained more about the things I was telling him. As he got on his bike and waved goodbye, I waved and told him I’d see him around town.

Sometimes when we share the gospel, the person will have that dreaded (but expected) roll of the eyes, an argumentative, skeptical, mocking or cynical attitude. But sometimes, the person will show on their face, and respond in a way that lets you know that they want to hear, that they want to know; that they have been waiting to hear this.

To them, we have good news.