Confessing Christ

Because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus..Rev1:9

With Jesus, they made Him confess who He is, they asked Him if He is the Christ. He gave the wrong answer (in their minds) and this enraged the Sanhedrin, they killed Him.

In the early church era, people had to confess “Caesar is lord”, (if they confessed Christ is Lord they were killed) in the middle ages, people had to
bow to the pope and confess that the pope is the “stand in” of Christ on earth, (if they confessed Christ alone they were killed)… in the end people will have to confess that fake Israel is God’s true Israel or is “the savior”……..if not you must be killed. (Figuratively and/ or literally.)

All 3 of these scenarios involve the flesh, “divine right of kings” that held up in the kingdoms of the earth……in that Caesar, the pope (and the earth’s crowned Kings&Queens) and false Israel were/ are considered DIVINE rulers of the earth (royalty, kings) and either representing God or God Himself.

Oaths or not taking oaths, and confessing or not confessing, are a big part of the drama that plays out in the tribulation.

Confessing Christ Jesus as the only Savior, the only Christ (the only true GOD) worthy of obedience, and the only King worthy of allegiance, helps separate everyone in the (ongoing) tribulation of the saints. Regardless of the consequences (Rev.12:11), the overcomers (Rev.3:21) are loyal to the Kingdom of Christ, pledge allegiance to Christ alone, and only confess the Truth.

We will not fight

“Blessed is that servant whom his Master finds so doing! ” Matt.24:46

We will not fight, we will not kill, we will not hate, we will not fear. We will not curse, we will not take oaths, we will not pledge allegiance to the State, to Caesar, to the world, to the pope or to the gods.

We will not resist evil. We will not protect our other cheek. We will not take up arms of war. We will identify ourselves, but we will not defend ourselves. We will be harmless as doves.

We will be glad and rejoice! We will love our enemies and bless those who curse us. We will do good to those who hate us and pray for those who persecute us. We will bless when we are reviled. In our suffering we shall overflow with joy and praise and love and thanksgiving and prayer and trust in our Father. He will give us power and nothing shall hurt us.
We will speak and testify, or else we will be silent, as led by the Holy Spirit. We will not cease to preach of sin, and righteousness, and judgment, and repentance, and also the cross and the blood and the death and the resurrection and life and the power and glory of Jesus Christ. We will not cease to proclaim Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. We will not cease to pray, and to watch, and to hope and to rejoice in our God and Savior and King.