The Jesus You Can’t Ignore!

Proclaiming the real Jesus and the true gospel, defending and contending, discerning false gospels; if you desire to be faithful with “Grace and Truth”, you will be encouraged by this interview.

Audio: The Jesus You Can’t Ignore: An Interview with Phil Johnson and John MacArthur

Willing to be Weird

Are you willing to be labeled “weird” for speaking the gospel truth? Are you willing to be hated for it? Today I discovered Randy Alcorn’s blog through this post, Are You Willing to be Hated for Speaking the Gospel Truth? This article is full of truth and wonderful encouragement for any ambassador of Christ who has been hated or maligned for the sake of the gospel. I appreciate his also reminding us that there are people out there who do want to hear you share the gospel with them. Here are a few snips from Alcorn’s article:


“But at some point the greatest kindness we can offer them, coming out of a life of humility and faithfulness to Christ, is the good news about Jesus. (That good news actually involves some very bad news about human sinfulness, which is what makes the cross an offense, meaning that it ticks people off)…

Some modern concepts of evangelism are little more than being nice to your neighbor and loaning him your hedge clipper and hoping that somehow he will come to Christ without you actually having to say the WORDS of the gospel which would run the risk of him thinking you’re weird. Our good example is important, but it’s not sufficient. There are actual truths that must be grappled with in surrendering to Jesus (1 Cor 15:1-6). And these truths are expressed in words…

Sometimes we assume the moral high ground by rolling our eyes at those street preachers, congratulating ourselves that we aren’t like that. Street preaching’s not my thing, but I can give you names of people who have come to Christ through street preaching. It’s more of a stretch to name those who’ve come to Christ through Christians who think it’s not cool to tell people the biblical truth that they need to repent of their sins…

There is nothing new or postmodern about the gospel turning some people off. That’s always been true, just as it’s always been true that some people are longing to hear it and will deeply appreciate it that you had enough courage to tell them about Jesus.”