Christ the seed

Now the promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed. He does not say, “And to seeds,” as referring to many, but rather to one, “And to your seed,” that is, Christ. Gal3:16

If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise. Gal3:29

This post is a response I gave in the comments on the Jacob and Esau post. A Black Hebrew Israelite was telling me his misguided, racist and false “non” gospel of salvation only for the supposed “physical descendants of Israel” (whoever they may be)……. and I answer him here:

My ethnic heritage is Angle, Saxon, Scot, Scandinavian/Viking, German, and maybe Norman (I do not know for sure concerning the last one). So, am I in or out? Am I acceptable to God or am I doomed, due to my ethnic heritage? Should I be proud like the liars who say my ethnic seed is true Israel, or should I despair because of the liars who say any number of other seedlines are true Israel? I do not despair, nor do i revel in pride. My hope is in CHRIST JESUS THE SEED, and I trust Him by faith. I do not put any stock at all in my seedline or yours. My hope is not in flesh; it is in the resurrected Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the seed, who dwells in me and who has given me His eternal life, a place in true Israel, and a place in His kingdom. All by faith. I concern myself not with my ethnic heritage or yours.

True Israel is spiritual, it is of the Spirit of God, it is of Jesus’ kingdom, which is not of this world, it is not of the flesh of the seedlines of men.

God is not a racist, the seedline of God via Abraham and the promise to him, ends with CHRIST JESUS the Lord. He IS Israel, and all who are in Him by FAITH, in Christ, are in the seed, Christ, His seed is in them, they are now the children of Israel.

ALL who believe in Christ are transferred from the kingdoms of this world, which include the ethnic groups through which i was born, and the ethnic groups through which you were born.

I condemn no Anglo-Saxon, no Scot, no Turk, no Kurd, no Arab, no Egyptian, no Greek, no man from all the African people groups, no Pacific Islander, no East Asian, no one…… but rather instead i by the leading of His Spirit, do witness to them all, of the Truth of Jesus Christ and salvation that is offered ALL men regardless of one’s heritage. So my gospel is not one of condemnation— it is one of good news. The good news is ALL may come to HIM, by faith, and He will receive them in. These are the lost sheep of Israel, all who are Christ’s by faith. These have no guile (they do not lie about what the true gospel is!) and they are humble, gentle, like children with childlike faith. This faith pleases God.

Not who sired you and what your ancestry is and what tribe you trace back to.

This is love, that He laid His life down for His friends, the little children of His kingdom, the little sheep who follow Him with faith and humility and trust and joy and hope and love, doing what He said. Therefore now, who are His friends? : )

Who are the ones who truly love the peoples of the world, whether they be African, Mexican, Native American, West Indian, European, South American, etc.? The ones who truly love like God are those who bring the joyful news to them all, of the kingdom of God which is NOT of this world (not of lands, cities or flesh seedlines), which is by faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. This is love: telling this truth to all, and making disciples of people of ALL the nations of the earth. These are the ones who so lay their lives down for the others, doing unto others, with mercy and compassion, as Jesus taught.

Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ! I rejoice with much joy.

not fitting in

So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion, Col.3:12

I know everyone just wants to have fun. Here is a hard word: life in Christ is not about “having fun”. That is not why we are here on this planet, as ambassadors and witnesses of the Kingdom of God. I know, I’m “no fun”. I realize that.

I do love life: i love nature, birds, trees, flowers, gardens, feeding people, talking to people, making things pretty, writing, and being useful. Did i mention I love babies. I love music and art and mountains and beaches. I love the fall season, the leaves, the weather, the crisp air. I like the beautiful things God has created. He created people. He is redeeming people. He gives grace, mercy and love to people.

That is why i do not like Halloween. I do not think there is anything to “celebrate”. Halloween in fact makes me sad. Why do i not “have fun” with it? Because i am not a pagan anymore, as i once was. ( I know what and who Halloween is meant to honor.) And because i care about people. People get taken, hurt, raped, tortured and ritually killed. That hurts my heart. It makes me hurt. I have feelings of empathy and compassion for those who have been ritually abused, and for those who have been killed. I hurt for them. Some of them I know (the survivors). I have respect for them and care about them. I am sad for them, I hurt for them. This makes me “no fun” on Halloween. I have been in a witchcraft satanic place of worship. Yes, built for this purpose. For torture and killing and worship of the god of this world. I can no longer “have fun” with Halloween.

But Jesus came to rescue from death. And that He does. He rescues lost sheep. God rescues from the domain of darkness and transfers them to the Kingdom of His beloved Son. He cares about them. I was one He rescued. I now want to care about people like He does. I want to join Him in rescuing the sheep. My flesh does not want to follow Jesus into this level of love….. my flesh would rather have “fun” and of course I’d like to be accepted as “normal” by everyone I know in Evangelical Christianity. My flesh wants to be “accepted” and to “fit in” and be “normal”….. but Jesus leads me by the Spirit, further away from my flesh. Yes it hurts. It feels like death. And it is. To my flesh, my “self”. But the real life, LIFE IN CHRIST! Christ’s life, is worth it all. Lord Jesus, help us all die to ourselves, and live YOUR LIFE, in your power, sacrificially, in love and compassion, for the others.

Owe no man

Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law. Rom13:8

Fortunately, we are not required to confess men’s confessions, creeds, doctrines, membership requirements, solas, tulips, theologies, catechisms, lists, theologians or Churchmen.

Speaking for myself, “i believe the scriptures”. I confess only Christ.

We owe no man a confession of creeds, confessions, doctrines, theologies or theological camp allegiances. We only owe love.


For the ministry of this service is not only fully supplying the needs of the saints………….2Cor9:12
I know your deeds, your love and faith, your service……….. Rev2:19

The real new testament “Service”……… is not the “Sunday service” or “worship service” as it is called in Church tradition.

It is service to, that is, direct care, of the widows, fatherless, poor, hungry, sick, needy, persecuted, hurting, suffering saints around you.

It is service that you perform for others (other saints), caring for their needs. It is ministering to the saints in word and deed.

Iraqis are my neighbor?

For the whole Law is fulfilled in one word, in the (statement),


“While I was writing this book, the United States entered into war with Iraq to remove from power its dictator, Saddam Hussein. Immediately, the local churches began placing American flags on the church lawns. Church billboards carried slogans such as: “God bless America”, and “Pray for our troops”. But I didn’t see even one billboard that said, “Pray for the people of Iraq.” Even though the purpose of the war was to remove Hussein from power, it was going to be the ordinary Iraqi people- men, women, children, and babies– who were going to die in the invasion. But apparently no church thought about reminding us to pray for them.” -David W. Bercot



We will not fight

“Blessed is that servant whom his Master finds so doing! ” Matt.24:46

We will not fight, we will not kill, we will not hate, we will not fear. We will not curse, we will not take oaths, we will not pledge allegiance to the State, to Caesar, to the world, to the pope or to the gods.

We will not resist evil. We will not protect our other cheek. We will not take up arms of war. We will identify ourselves, but we will not defend ourselves. We will be harmless as doves.

We will be glad and rejoice! We will love our enemies and bless those who curse us. We will do good to those who hate us and pray for those who persecute us. We will bless when we are reviled. In our suffering we shall overflow with joy and praise and love and thanksgiving and prayer and trust in our Father. He will give us power and nothing shall hurt us.
We will speak and testify, or else we will be silent, as led by the Holy Spirit. We will not cease to preach of sin, and righteousness, and judgment, and repentance, and also the cross and the blood and the death and the resurrection and life and the power and glory of Jesus Christ. We will not cease to proclaim Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. We will not cease to pray, and to watch, and to hope and to rejoice in our God and Savior and King.

Keep Walking

But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead. Matt.8:22

Rather than Christ alone,  the church would rather have a mortal man– any man– even a man they think is supposedly a “lesser evil” than the other one. Yes a man (take your pick) who pretends to be “for the common good” but actually worships the devil and works great evil at the command of his higher masters in the coven who own and control him.

But the church does not care, it does not see, it does not believe in such ridiculous kooky “conspiracy” things. The church thinks it silly and nonsense to believe in the reality of the dark spiritual realm, witchcraft, dark sentences, luciferianism. It is written off; disregarded, laughed off, denied. They continue on and on, putting their hope in such men, in flesh, in wickedness. The man who is the “lesser of two evils” always looks so nice, so acceptable, so harmless. Of course! But that man is a liar, he is serving his father the devil. He is flesh, serving the powers of darkness and flesh.

But flesh is death. The carnally minded is death. The lesser of two deaths is still *death.

Oh Israel, put your hope in the LORD.  Oh love the LORD ye His saints. Jesus Christ gives us ABUNDANT LIFE. This life is not in this country, it is not
in government, it is not in this world. It is in HIM ALONE. We cannot share this hope with another. We cannot share our love, and allegiance to Him, with another.

Pilgrims do not put their hope in Vanity Fair, they are citizens of another country. They do hope for the restoration and improvement of Vanity Fair, they have been transferred elsewhere–to the Kingdom of the Son of God. They do not put down roots and labor to save Vanity Fair so they and their children can have a tolerable life there in the future, they know it’s going to burn in the judgment. They do not stop and settle down in Vanity Fair, THEY KEEP WALKING.

Believing and obeying Jesus

“You are My friends if you do what I command you.” John15

Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. Rev14

War, killing and the one world religion for world peace.

Satan is the ‘master-mind’ behind the powers that be (people) who are working against Christ. They have assigned the players and created the conflict. They are programming the masses in how they should believe about it all, and what the solutions to the conflicts should be. But we are not listening to their lies or instructions.

We have the mind OF CHRIST.

The people behind these events (what is happening now in the geo-political-religious-foreign-international realm) are working to get the American public in general but Christians especially to respond in certain ways:

1. Hate and fear the Muslims /Arabs/Egyptians/Persians, and want to go to war and blow them away (kill them with weapons) and “let god sort em out”.

2. Become so frustrated and discouraged with religious conflict and war that they eventually agree to the planned spiritual synthesis: an enforced satanic antichrist law-based one world religion for “permanent world peace”.

This is all satan’s work. How do we respond? We listen to Jesus and follow HIM, and do what HE tells us. Not to the god of this world, who is telling lies and telling you to do the exact opposite of what Jesus Christ said. Satan speaks across the airwaves on internet, TV, radio and yes, even Churches and Christian books and Christian conferences and Christian talk radio stations.

Here are basic instructions to us all, from the scriptures. See Him for your own personal instructions.

1. We obey Jesus Christ. We love the Muslims and ALL the peoples (ethnic groups) of the world. We love our neighbor, as we love ourselves. We love our enemies, those who hate us. We are merciful to them, as God showed us mercy. We love them as God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son… we bless those who curse us, we forgive those who kill us. Though 1000s fall beside us to believing the lie that they should go to war and kill “the enemy”, we as His witnesses, remain in the truth, have love for those who hate us, and we bring the gospel to them. In love and faith and obedience to Christ. In love and obedience we entrust our souls to our faithful Creator in faithfully obeying Jesus, whatever the repercussions.

2. We believe Jesus Christ, that Jesus is the way, the truth, the life, that no man comes to the Father, but by Him. We remain in the truth with simple childlike faith in Jesus Christ. Though 1000s fall beside us into the lie of global, law based, merciless, “rule of god” style, faux-moral, final solution, Jesus Christ-less spiritual global oneness. In love and faith and we entrust our souls to our faithful Creator in faithfully believing Jesus, whatever the results.

The Least of These, Our Brothers

Matthew 25:31-40. Though the words of Jesus (of course) also refer to those who are already our brothers now, these prayers refer to those who, through our Gospel labor and witness, will become our brothers when they are transferred by God the Father into the Kingdom of His beloved Son.

For I was hungry and you gave Me something to eat…
I love You Lord Jesus and I love Your little ones, my brothers. Let me feed them with the Bread of Your Life; Your Word.

I was thirsty, and you gave Me drink…
I love You Lord Jesus and I love Your little ones, my brothers. Let me give them a cup of the rivers of Your living water to drink; Your Spirit.

I was a stranger and you invited Me in…
I love You Lord Jesus and I love Your little ones, my brothers. Let me invite those who are yet estranged and far from you, in to Your Kingdom, that You may draw them near to You to become Your intimate friends.

naked and you clothed Me…
I love You Lord Jesus and I love Your little ones, my brothers. Let me bring (speak of) the clean robe of Your Righteousness that they may be covered by You, and ashamed no more.

I was sick and you visited Me…
I love You Lord Jesus and I love Your little ones, my brothers. Let me visit them and bring them the healing balm of your love, hope, mercy and grace.

I was in prison, and you came to Me.
I love You Lord Jesus and I love your little ones, my brothers. Let me go to your little ones who are in the bondage of sin, death, guilt, shame and condemnation and bring them the Gospel of forgiveness, deliverance, freedom and Life in You.

Lord Jesus we love You and all Your other little ones, “the least of these”; all our brothers and sisters. Help us love them and care for them because we love You. Let us love them and care for them because You love them, and they love You. Thank You, our Shepherd and King, for your faithfulness to bring all of Your little ones, the least of these brothers of Yours, into Your safe and loving sheep fold.