Fellow Laborers in My City

On Sunday morning I got up, packed my bag and walked downtown to work among the Guatemalans. First I talked to two men sitting on the front porch steps. Then I hung out with a large group of men sitting on a retaining wall on the street corner. Next, I went into a local family shop and talked to a young mother working the front counter while her whole family- husband, father, children, cousins- listened. All these people heard the gospel and got Spanish bibles to read.

Then as I was walking up the avenue, I approached a group of people hanging out on the corner. When I saw that they were all holding bibles and passing out the same Spanish tracts I was giving out, I rejoiced! “Preach the Gospel to me!”, I requested as I approached them. They were also out ministering among the Guatemalans. We all rejoiced and had a wonderful time of fellowship and encouragement there on the street corner. We talked about the Lord Jesus, the Gospel, and the unreached people our community. It was a joyful time of street church with my Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters in Christ.

You Will See the Fruit of Your Labor

Witnessing Tip
By: Ray Comfort
Weekly Email Update
Aug. 11, 2008

“I’ve been out on the street witnessing for about three years now, one-on-one, and I can’t say confidently that I have seen anyone ‘saved.’ I’ve seen so many cry and do all that, but none of them have ever called me or written about how their new faith is going. So the question is: What do you do when you feel like you’re not doing anything at all?”

This is such a good question, because you are going to have people come up to you and say things like, “I led 169 people to the Lord last week, praise the Lord. All glory to Him for what He’s doing!” And there you are, faithfully laboring away, and you haven’t seen anyone come to the Lord.

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Tourist or Christian Worker?

Well summer is right around the corner. Time to make our travel plans to see the world. Let’s see, there’s France, Hawaii, New York, the Alps, Olympics in China, Kenya safari, Italy/Greece, the Caribbean, cruising the oceans…. so many choices. Here’s a challenging thought from the Dec. 2004 issue of Voice of the Martyrs about what we are spending all our time on, in this life.

At an airport in India, the immigration officers stopped the son of one of our board members. They would not let this young man into the country. Looking over their shoulders, the American was able to read his own file on the computer screen. He saw the accusation: “religious activist”. A year earlier he had participated in a Christian musical presentation there. Now he was expelled, his passport was held, and he was escorted through two countries by various airport officials before being freed in the Phillipines. He had hoped to return to India, but carried his Hope elsewhere.

When God looks at the computer screen of our life on our Judgment Day, what will flash across about our time spent on earth, tourist or Christian activist (Christian worker)?