SHOCKING  teachings of Jesus:

1. BEWARE of the “Godly Religious Leaders”!

2. The kingdom of God is WITHIN YOU!

3. LOVE the people who hate your guts!

4. CARE about strangers, children, women, the social outsiders, the eunuchs and the foreigners!

5. When you go to other countries, bring the people there BLESSING and GOOD NEWS!

6. The era of religious buildings, acting religious and performing religious ritual is OVER!

7. The GENTLE people are the ones who will inherit the earth!

8. It’s the MERCIFUL who will be shown mercy!

9. The children of God are PEACEMAKERS!

10. Yes I actually DO want you to take care of the poor, homeless, vulnerable, helpless, needy, sick, suffering, incarcerated, hungry, and lonely PEOPLE!

a New and Living Way

By a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh; Heb10:20

JESUS: the New and Living Way!


“The Church System, like Judaism before it, has come to believe that IT is the way to God.
But the Church System is not the way to God, Jesus is.”~ Steve Dines

“I do not believe the Church System is the body of Christ but I do believe a large part of
the body of Christ is within the Church System. A body within a body, as it were, like a baby
within a womb, or the Israelites within Egypt, being kept until the right time to be delivered.” ~Steve Dines

(see vid in comments)

We will not fight

“Blessed is that servant whom his Master finds so doing! ” Matt.24:46

We will not fight, we will not kill, we will not hate, we will not fear. We will not curse, we will not take oaths, we will not pledge allegiance to the State, to Caesar, to the world, to the pope or to the gods.

We will not resist evil. We will not protect our other cheek. We will not take up arms of war. We will identify ourselves, but we will not defend ourselves. We will be harmless as doves.

We will be glad and rejoice! We will love our enemies and bless those who curse us. We will do good to those who hate us and pray for those who persecute us. We will bless when we are reviled. In our suffering we shall overflow with joy and praise and love and thanksgiving and prayer and trust in our Father. He will give us power and nothing shall hurt us.
We will speak and testify, or else we will be silent, as led by the Holy Spirit. We will not cease to preach of sin, and righteousness, and judgment, and repentance, and also the cross and the blood and the death and the resurrection and life and the power and glory of Jesus Christ. We will not cease to proclaim Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. We will not cease to pray, and to watch, and to hope and to rejoice in our God and Savior and King.

Communicating the Gospel

I think this is my current favorite Paul Washer message about the Gospel. Right on and to the point regarding communicating the gospel. Really good stuff. Here’s a few quotes.

“There’s no such thing as a motivational speaker in Jesus name. Either be a preacher or be nothing.”

“Men are changed through the communication of truth- not methodologies.”

Audio: The Gospel of our Salvation, Page 3 from Journey into the Gospel.

The Sacrifice Lamb

Why are Christians celebrating “Easter” this weekend when Jesus actually died and was resurrected at Passover time, which this year is a month away on April 20? It’s because the Jewish calendar (and thus Passover) is on the lunar cycle, and the Roman calendar (and thus Easter) is on the solar cycle. “Easter” is really a Roman/pagan celebration.

Easter is the name of Ishtar/Astarte/Eostre, the “goddess” of the ancient world, who also goes by a handful of other names. At some point in the past, someone changed the Christian calendar to coincide with Roman paganism (now who could that be?) and the focus is back on some pagan fertility goddess rather than on Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory.

But no matter. We know Jesus laid down His life at Passover, as the sacrifice Lamb, and He took it up again when He rose from the dead. He has now written His Word on our hearts, and we celebrate his death and resurrection every week, and every day.

Here is a beautiful song (an oldie) which lifts up Jesus and His sacrifice for us. I just love the words in this song. I first heard this on Sounds of Shalom on

The Sacrifice Lamb, by Joel Chernoff

Have you ever heard, Messiah has come?
It says in His Word, to cleanse everyone
Atonement He made, iniquity bore
That we can find life, in Him evermore

The sacrifice Lamb, has been slain
His blood on the altar, a stain
To wipe away guilt and pain, to bring hope eternal
Salvation has come, to the world
Messiah, the one, for the world, Yeshua is He

The prophets of Old, Speak much of Messiah
His death is foretold, the purpose is clear
Isaiah did say, ‘twas for an atonement
To give us a way, that leads not to death (chorus)

So brothers of mine, look not to yourselves
For we are but one, we all need His help
We’ve broken the Law, but He paid our debt
That we can find life, by Yeshua’s death

The sacrifice Lamb, has been slain
His blood on the altar, a stain
To wipe away guilt and pain, to bring hope eternal
So final atonement has come and brought us new hope by God’s Son, if you believe…in your heart…Yeshua you’ll know

Jesus, Our King

While the world continues to look to politics, government, science, men and earthly kings to “save the world”, we follow and worship our beloved Savior; the Lord Jesus Christ. He who has overcome the world loves us with an everlasting love and has bought us with His own blood. He is the Son of God. He is Yahweh, the ruler of the universe. He is everything. He is our King.


Come, Thou Savior of Our Race

Meditating on the humble incarnation of our Lord Jesus to die for our sins brings with it renewed encouragement regarding His second coming, the Resurrection, and the glories to come. How blessed we are to be able to look back and remember what the Lord has done to redeem us, and to look forward in faith and joyful hope to the fulfillment of His promise to come again to gather us unto Himself in glory.   “I will come again.” John 14:3.

Come, Thou Savior of our race,
Choicest Gift of heav’nly grace!
O Thou blessèd virgin’s Son,
Be Thy race on earth begun,
Be Thy race on earth begun.

Not of mortal blood or birth,
He descends from Heaven to earth;
By the Holy Ghost conceived,
God and man by us believed,
God and man by us believed.

Wondrous birth! O wondrous Child
Of the virgin undefiled!
Though by all the world disowned,
Still to be in Heaven enthroned,
Still to be in Heaven enthroned

From the Father forth He came,
And returneth to the same;
Captive leading death and hell—
High the song of triumph swell,
High the song of triumph swell!

Equal to the Father now,
Though to dust Thou once didst bow,
Boundless shall Thy kingdom be;
When shall we its glories see,
When shall we its glories see?

by Ambrose Milan, c.397

The Candy Cane Gospel or The Glorious Gospel

Last Saturday, we stopped for a quick lunch at our favorite taqueria. Munching a chicken burrito, I was soberly contemplating the fact that I was “too busy” to do any outreach that day. Good intentions aside, there was softball catching tryouts, Christmas shopping to do, and the school Christmas program started in the early afternoon. I had to get everyone ready and I was pretty much rushing from one thing to another.

Then Santa walked in! He was “ho ho ho”-ing and passing out flyers from his bag. With him was a “lady reindeer” also passing out flyers. I thought they were probably local merchants advertising their business with coupons. Soon the reindeer lady came to our table (Santa worked other tables) and to our surprise, the reindeer placed on our table, a candy cane attached to a gospel tract!

Wow, someone was actually out on a Saturday, passing out gospel tracts to hundreds of people on the streets in downtown San Mateo. And they were doing the “high visibility” thing; being clearly “visible” as someone openly sharing the gospel in public. This was encouraging to see Christians willing to do this. Turns out this was a local church I am familiar with.

So after chatting with the reindeer lady for a while and she moved on, I looked down and read the message. It was “The Candy Cane Gospel”. As I read it, I have to admit, my heart sank, and I began to wonder, is any evangelism better than no evangelism at all?

This message shares some things about Jesus, but it leaves out so much of the gospel. Our sin against God is great. The gospel is glorious. Jesus is glorious. What He did for us to save us, is glorious.

On the back of the tract is “The Prayer”. It says, “If you want to have a relationship with God, you can pray…” and it has the prayer, and then, “Signed_______”, Dated_______ Welcome to the family of God!” This is way too easy. I don’t think people reading this will really grasp Who God is, how righteous, holy and just He is, what we have done against Him, how great is our need for God’s grace and mercy, how great and glorious Jesus is, and what He did for us to pay for our sins, Himself.

“Praying a prayer” is not the thing that brings people into right relationship with God through Jesus. The act of praying a prayer does not save. People need to be convicted of sin, and repent of sin to be saved. They need to place their faith and trust in Jesus to save them. (And yes, I believe it is God that does this, through the reading or hearing of the gospel.) A person may express this repentance and faith in a prayer to God. But we do not need to tell them to “repeat this prayer after me.” They will pray if they have been born again and given the Holy Spirit.

We must be bold and willing to reach out with the gospel. But we must be more bold to share clearly, as much as we can, the true, complete, Christ exalting, glorious gospel, trusting God to save His sheep .

The church that posted this gospel message (below) says we can download, burn and give away copies of this message (for free) all we want. Listen, be blessed, and pass it on, because the gospel is glorious.


Update: Click here or here for high quality audios of this message for burning your own “audio gospel tracts” to give out.

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On our way out of the children’s section of the library, our arms loaded down with books on China, my daughter and I stopped briefly at the “featured books” table to look at the display on Hanukkah. Only a few feet away, two men and a woman were sitting down and looking at a children’s book, speaking intently with each other. The book was open to a picture of what looked like Europe and all the lands surrounding the Mediterranean. It looked like a picture of the old Roman Empire. They were speaking in Spanish, and when I heard the words, “Rome…Jesus… Jewish”, I became interested! I decided to hang near them and just listen to their conversation a bit.

When they were done talking, they looked at me and I smiled, admitting that I was wondering what they were talking about, since I heard them say, ‘Jesus’. One of them said to me (in English)that they were discussing and wondering “who it was that killed Jesus”. I said that was a good question, and he said they did not know. He asked me if I knew! We all got to talk a long time. I explained the whats and whys about the Roman political leadership, and the Jewish religious leadership, but then said that the real story is that it was God’s plan all along; Jesus willingly laid His life down for us, to pay for sin. They never heard that before. We got into the character of God, man’s sin and why the sacrifice and offering of Jesus was necessary to make us right with God.

Listen. You may hear an opportunity to share the gospel with someone who has questions about Jesus.