All We Need We Have

What we don’t need:

  1. Health, wealth & prosperity
  2. Stocks, investments & benefits
  3. 401K’s
  4. Nice homes
  5. Fancy Vacations
  6. Status, power, and worldly perks
  7. Nice clothes
  8. Physical Security
  9. Physical Safety
  10. Men’s approval
  11. Comfort and ease
  12. Things of this world which will fade and burn like grass
  13. Our own resources
  14. This world system with all it’s evil
  15. Goods, kindred and this mortal life

What we have, which God has given us as a gift:

  1. God Himself, Truth, salvation and His everlasting love for us
  2. Christ our Treasure in heaven
  3. Christ our Pearl of Great Price
  4. Our home in heaven with Jesus our Savior
  5. Intimacy with Christ
  6. Spiritual blessings in Christ
  7. Robes of Christ’s righteousness
  8. Eternal security in Christ
  9. Safety from the wrath of God, also every work accomplished by the death of Christ on our behalf
  10. God’s approval because we are in Christ
  11. Our cross we carry, as we follow Christ, which is light and not burdensome, because He is so worthy
  12. His eternal Word
  13. His Holy Spirit: comfort, wisdom, guidance, intercession, strength, help and supernatural power
  14. The promise of being with Christ our Lord when He calls us home, or when He returns
  15. The promise of The Resurrection of the just

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ… Eph.1:3.