The Jesus You Can’t Ignore!

Proclaiming the real Jesus and the true gospel, defending and contending, discerning false gospels; if you desire to be faithful with “Grace and Truth”, you will be encouraged by this interview.

Audio: The Jesus You Can’t Ignore: An Interview with Phil Johnson and John MacArthur

ONE Faith For All, Pt.2

My own introduction to the New Age concept of spiritual oneness came as a child when I heard “Imagine” on the radio. Even as a child growing up in the Roman Catholic Church, I understood that the song was about all the people of the world coming together as one spiritually. I understood the song’s purpose was to destroy the truth of Christianity.

In my youthful college days, I was extremely naive. I was already well versed in Humanism, the prevailing secular wisdom. This was to be expected from public institutions. Foolishly thinking I could continue my education in Liberal Studies at San Francisco State, I knew there was more Humanism to come. I would take it, as always with a grain of salt. But I was hoping the curriculum would consist of content such as “Invitation To the Classics”. It turned out to be more like, “Invitation to the Occult”.

The main textbook for the core class was Marilyn Ferguson’s The Aquarian Conspiracy, which was basically a primer for the outing and mainstreaming of the New Age occultic religion into modern society. The total required reading list of luciferian primers was more than I could stomach as a young Christian. A watershed moment in my college career was the day the class listened as the instructor taught us the concept of ‘paradigm shift’ and declared, “The goal is to destroy the old paradigm and replace it with the new paradigm” (as described in Furgeson’s book). As we look around us now, we see they are very successful in achieving their plan.

But that is the world, and we know the god of this world is working hard to institute the global religion of antichrist, which is essentially the global worship of himself, the enemy of God. The thing that is happening now, is that we have professing Christians, supposed Christian organizations, and church leaders who are promoting this one world religion. The enemy is working overtime to get professing Christianity into the mix.

I got a copy of the Spring 2005 SoulMag in the mail. It was a new magazine for Christians, and it was about “entertainment, lifestyle and faith”. Every single article was blasphemous diaprax to transform an undiscerning Christian to accept new age beliefs, for the goal of joining Christians to the global religion via “common ground”. Who was producing this magazine? Professing Christians. The content of the articles was undeniably luciferian (new age or anti-biblical).

Then, around the same time, I got a postcard in the mail, inviting me to sign the ONE declaration, and join a good social cause, along with other “people of faith”. It had a picture of several Christian and political leaders, and of course Bono. The card promoted this as a public-private partnership to do social work. What jumped out at me, was this bible verse printed on the card: “There is one body and one spirit (small s), just as also you were called in one hope of your calling.” Eph. 4:4. That is exactly how it was phrased on the postcard. They were using a bible verse to appeal to Christians, but what they were really saying was that the ‘one body’ is the whole world (misusing this text). This is so because they made it clear that this was a joint effort of secular organizations and an interfaith cooperation of all ‘people of faith’.

Another interesting experience was when I looked at the church bulletin and I noticed that they were inviting the people in the church to participate in building a house with Habitat for Humanity. Habitat claims to be a Christian organization. For a long time church groups would sign up to work on a house together. It would be a time of fellowship and serving alongside one another in an act of Christian love and service. But this project was different. This was no ordinary Habitat project. This was the new “All Faiths” house build project. This interfaith project would bring Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus together to build common ground and interfaith unity. These interfaith projects would include a worship service where all faiths participate, and all are recognized.

So I gave a call to my local chapter of Habitat, and asked about this interfaith project, and how it would help bring people from all religions together in unity. The man on the phone happily affirmed this, and with excitement in his voice, said, “Yes, it’s already happening!”

ONE Faith For All, Pt.1

In 1998 the Lord woke me up out of a Laodicean slumber and by 1999 I realized there was something strange going on in the world, spiritually and geopolitically. In the summer of 2001, I was talking with my best Roman Catholic friend, and I asked her opinion regarding the historic event of Pope John Paul ll being the first pope (or Christian leader of any kind) in history to enter a mosque. Pope JPll had entered a mosque in Syria, not to bring the gospel, but to join with Muslims for worship and prayer.

Her answer really surprised me. “Why are you so shocked? Christians and Muslims worship the same God!” Well we had a friendly debate about that, and she was very surprised that I would see a problem with that. She thought it was marvelous. She submitted my question to the “Ask the Monsignor” column in a local Catholic paper. In the June 24, 2001 issue of Our Sunday Visitor, the Msgr. M. Francis Mannion in his answer quoted from Nietzsche, Pope John Paul ll, and the 1965 Declaration on the Relations of the Church to Non-Christian Religions, of the Second Vatican Council.

He quoted, “They(Muslims) worship God, who is one, living and subsistent, merciful and almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, who has also spoken to men.” Vatican ll also went on to say regarding the Muslim attitude to Christ, “Although not acknowledging Him as God, they worship Jesus as a prophet, His virgin Mother they also honor, and even at times devoutly invoke…..they highly esteem an upright life and worship God, especially by way of prayer, alms-deeds, and fasting.” Finally the Monsignor quoted Vatican ll, “The sacred council….. urges that a sincere effort be made to achieve mutual understanding for the benefit of all men, let them together preserve and promote peace, liberty, social justice and moral values.” Remember, this was 1965.

After my friend handed me this published article, I had to attempt to answer the Monsignor, and thus began an earnest interest in apologetics and defending the faith. This also began for me, an interest in watching the amazing development…….of the One World Religion.

Just for fun, I began collecting John Paul ll quotes like some women collect shoes. After a while, I had lots of fascinating quotes which only showed one thing: the Roman Catholic Church was at the forefront (aside from the New Agers) of helping the new religion of Global Spirituality come into fruition. Now, Pope Benedict XVl is continuing where JPll left off.

But there are many more besides the Pope working hard to achieve this goal.