Brothers and sisters I’d like to announce that Witnessing Encouragement will be going through a design and content overhaul by the new year. Since March 2007, the theme has been general encouragement as well as training and issues related to the theology and methodology of evangelism. I hope it has been helpful to you. But it’s time to go deeper as God is now taking me in a new direction to narrow the focus of this blog away from evangelism training, to focus more on your identity as His witness and encouragement as you abide in Him.

The old content from the last 3 and a half years shall remain available for anyone who needs it. The new content shall likely be less training, and more devotional and exhortational.

Here are all my posts on teaching related to evangelism.

Here are various posts on witnessing and evangelism.

Here are posts about Discerning.

Here are posts, more like the above, about False teaching.

Here are the posts about Watching..the spiritual reality manifest.

Here are posts on Suffering.

What you see on each page is not all there is; if you scroll down you will see,”previous page”, which will direct you to more pages of articles in the same category. My continuing hope is that you be edified as you follow Christ.

Stay tuned for what’s next….