Convictions Out, Global Faith In

Of all the signs of the times we are seeing, and there are many, the one that most interests me is the development of a global new spirituality, or “one faith for all”.

In Tony Blair’s first major speech on religion as the head of his new Blair Faith Foundation, Blair states that religion must be rescued from religious extremism. He suggests that faith should not be reduced to a set of ‘strange convictions’, but must address the necessities of ordinary life. He desires to ‘awaken the world’s conscience’ to the world’s social/physical problems and has set the Millennium Development Goals as a priority. He also says his foundation will bring together different faith organizations to foster understanding, and harness “people of faith” as a force for good in the world. Paul Woolley who welcomed Blair’s speech made this comment:

“The theory of secularization has been widely discredited,” he said. “The reality is that religious faith will play an increasingly significant role in society and not simply due to radical Islam.

“The return of civil society, the emerging political interest in well-being and the growth of identity politics all point towards a greater role for God in the public square.

“Mr Blair recognizes this and is to be congratulated on establishing his new Faith Foundation.”

Atheism is not the enemy’s plan for the world, but religious “faith”: a re-ordered, diapraxed, redefined, synthesized, antichrist global spirituality which serves the world system and the god of this world. But the truth of Jesus Christ and the gospel will not be involved, nor tolerated.

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