Report from Legacy

Here are a few drops from the showers of blessings at the Legacy conference.

There are saints who are preaching the Biblical Gospel, teaching Biblical Theology, edifying the brethren and leading the congregation of God in worship- all using the medium of hip hop. I did not even know this until about a year ago. It was a blessing, and very humbling, to meet many of these brothers and see them being used of God to exalt Christ and minister to Jesus’ church.

I was overjoyed to see and meet hundreds of young people the Lord is raising up to represent and serve Christ in the next generation. The young people I met shared how God saved them called them into various ministries. God is preparing them to be missionaries, evangelists, teachers, street preachers, pastors and worship leaders. They are being trained in the deep things of God as well as being trained how to disciple and “teach others also”; 2Tim.2:2.

One thing I rejoiced in was the fact that this conference had nothing to do with the various unbiblical movements that are currently popular in American Christianity. I’m referring to the Emergent, church growth, and “signs-wonders-I-got- a-word from God” movements which are basically man centered. No, these young believers were studying Biblical Doctrine and Theology and the focus was JESUS: knowing, serving and worshiping Him in Spirit and in Truth. I loved observing all these young urbanites reading “Biblical Theology” books and attending workshops such as, “The Attributes of God”. The core values of this conference consist of the “5 Solas”; this year’s theme was Sola Scriptura.

DSC01646I chatted with Jerry who told me how God saved him in high school and called him to be a pastor. He is from the Bronx and before he even knew where the rest of his first semester tuition was going to come from, he already had his truck packed and ready to go to Bible college. By the time he arrived, the Lord had provided the last few thousand dollars he needed to start his freshman year. His father is a postman and his mother cleans rooms, and Jerry works in addition to starting Bible school this fall. This young man was on fire with love for Christ and the people of God. He is following Jesus. And there were hundreds more, just like him.

Finally, the most blessed thing at Legacy –besides the fellowship, corporate worship and theological unity — was the call to return to the preaching of the BIBLICAL GOSPEL.

Putting God First in Evangelism

Putting God First in EvangelismDSC01436

by Vincent Piater

Jeremiah Cry Ministries

As believers we are called to share the Gospel. In fact, we are commanded to. It is said that only 2% of the church actively share their faith. This implies that most of the church is living in disobedience. Many don’t share their faith as they feel unequipped and don’t know what to say. They are afraid as they don’t know what the response will be. The other problem is the fear of offending people when speaking about sin, judgment, and hell. They say, well I just want to speak the words of Jesus and the love of God. Yet Jesus spoke more about hell and judgement than anyone else in scripture. Men must be warned of the realty of judgement and hell. Only Christ can save them, and without Christ they are doomed.

We must plead with men with all of our might and show them what they are in the eyes of God, in their unregenerate state. We must also pray that the Holy Spirit would convict them of sin and bring them to repentance. Unless the Spirit convicts them they are still blind in their sin and the Gospel in foolishness to them. Men some how think that they are good people in their own eyes. Yet Scripture tells us that all have sinned and that there is no one who is righteous. It is only through the grace of God that a man may be saved. It is because men think so highly of themselves, that they have such a low view of the Gospel and their absolute need of a saviour. When man’s eyes are opened to his total depravity, only then can he understand how God demonstrated His love for us. While we were sinners, disobedient unto God, and enemies of God, God sent His son Jesus Christ to shed His blood to reconcile us unto God that we could be saved from the wrath to come.

Here’s a link to the page with the article.

God’s Power vs. Man’s Decision

Here’s more excellent teaching on the subject of biblical evangelism. Paul Washer at the DEEPER conference 2008 on “Regeneration vs. Decisionism”

Washer goes over modern evangelism standards such as ‘pray The Prayer’, ‘accept Christ’, ‘ask Jesus into your heart’, ‘make a decision for Christ’, and ‘raise your hand’, etc., and exhorts us to continue to faithfully preach the gospel, trusting in the power of God alone to save the lost.

Need encouragement for witnessing today? Then you must listen to this Christ exalting message about the POWER OF GOD in the gospel.

1 Year

Hey it’s the one year anniversary of Witnessing Encouragement! To celebrate, I’d like to review some resources, teaching and ideas featured on this site to help you become equipped to biblically share your faith. Get trained, and then teach others!

And the things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, these entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also. 2Tim.2:2.

Read The Gospel and Personal Evangelism, by Mark Dever.

Read The Way of the Master, by Ray Comfort.

Read One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, by Mark Cahill

Learn about how the Law and Grace work together in Biblical evangelism.

Study to learn what the Biblical gospel is, in order to communicate it.

More on knowing what the gospel is, so we can witness.

Understand the difference between modern evangelism and Biblical evangelism.

Understand that Biblical evangelism always uses words. 

Understand the issue of Postmodernism and the gospel.

Understand the issue of the Emergent/Emerging church and the gospel.

Learn why we must be “direct” when witnessing, as well as “relational”.

Consider the many different ways to witness.

Check out Way of the Master ministries, which trains and equips believers in how to share your faith. They have audios and videos online to get you started.

Here’s one example of a basic gospel message:
Audio: THE GOSPEL, or Click here or here for high quality audios of this message for burning your own “audio gospel tracts” to give out.