The people will volunteer freely in the day of Thy power.. Psalm110

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses… Acts1:8

Going to baseball games (Masonic “philosophy of life” metaphor rituals) and football games (pagan “sex” metaphor ceremonies) is currently voluntary. Voting is voluntary. Going to Church is voluntary. Pledging allegiance to the flag is voluntary. Watching TV shows like the satanic “Superbowl halftime show” is voluntary.

What if they started coming around like they did in the 1st century, with mobile altars where you had to pledge allegiance and declare loyalty to say, the pope, or the USA, the president/king/dictator, the UN Charter, the Agenda 21, the global one world federation, Humanity, the Earth(Gaia), the gods, the new Earth Constitution (Global Law), the New Global Moral Commandments(Global Religion), or something like that?

What if tossing in the incense and saying, “ceasar is lord”, or something to that effect via modern means, was reinstated? What if this act proved a person’s committment to world peace and security? What if they said it proved allegiance to the “god” of the global government or global religion? What if it were required of every person, not voluntary? Are we prepared spiritually today, right now if need be, like they were in the first and second century Roman Empire?

The witnesses thru time since the giving of Christ’s promised Holy Spirit power, were volunteers. Because of love for Christ, they voluntarily chose to make their witness for Him. They voluntarily chose to say “no” to demonstrations of loyalty to this world system, and “yes” to demonstrations of loyalty to Christ Jesus. Their witness was voluntary, motivated by love. Their power to be witnesses was from the Holy Spirit.

Now you voluntarily choose to say ’no’ to demonstrations of loyalty to other gods and the kingdoms of this world. Now you voluntarily choose to demonstrate your love and loyalty to Christ and His Kingdom, which is not of this world.

That great cloud of witnesses from Hebrews 12:1 is not only a past event, describing only ancient saints from two thousand years ago.

How sweet that Jesus has spoken many words to us, and continues to speak to us through the Holy Spirit, to prepare us for our own part in the great drama. As you take your voluntary active and verbal stand for loyalty to Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, you become a witness. As a witness of Jesus Christ, you too become part of that great cloud.

Confessing Christ

Because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus..Rev1:9

With Jesus, they made Him confess who He is, they asked Him if He is the Christ. He gave the wrong answer (in their minds) and this enraged the Sanhedrin, they killed Him.

In the early church era, people had to confess “Caesar is lord”, (if they confessed Christ is Lord they were killed) in the middle ages, people had to
bow to the pope and confess that the pope is the “stand in” of Christ on earth, (if they confessed Christ alone they were killed)… in the end people will have to confess that fake Israel is God’s true Israel or is “the savior”……..if not you must be killed. (Figuratively and/ or literally.)

All 3 of these scenarios involve the flesh, “divine right of kings” that held up in the kingdoms of the earth……in that Caesar, the pope (and the earth’s crowned Kings&Queens) and false Israel were/ are considered DIVINE rulers of the earth (royalty, kings) and either representing God or God Himself.

Oaths or not taking oaths, and confessing or not confessing, are a big part of the drama that plays out in the tribulation.

Confessing Christ Jesus as the only Savior, the only Christ (the only true GOD) worthy of obedience, and the only King worthy of allegiance, helps separate everyone in the (ongoing) tribulation of the saints. Regardless of the consequences (Rev.12:11), the overcomers (Rev.3:21) are loyal to the Kingdom of Christ, pledge allegiance to Christ alone, and only confess the Truth.