The Gospel the Power of God

Here is “Grace”, by J’Son featuring J.R. In this redemption story, young J’Son is convicted of sin, and God draws him to Himself by His grace. J’Son picks up a Bible and begins to read God’s Word and is saved by faith. God then leads him into fellowship with other believers.

I like this video because it highlights the mighty power and work of God in saving His people by His grace through reading or hearing of the Gospel. The key event in this story is “J’Son picks up a Bible”. This, as well as the faith he then demonstrates, is an act of God by His Grace, through the Holy Spirit.

God’s plan is that you are the messenger to bring the Gospel of grace to His lost sheep, through spoken and written word. So keep praying and working because this is how He powerfully saves His people: through THE GOSPEL.

For I am not ashamed of THE GOSPEL, for it is the POWER OF GOD for salvation to everyone who believes… Rom.1:16

Don’t Waste Your Life video- Lecrae

Lecrae & friends and Desiring God team up for this inspirational, exciting and beautifully produced video. The “Don’t Waste Your Life” theme is wonderfully demonstrated in this story of two friends who commit assault and robbery. One man gets caught; the other gets away. While in prison, Lecrae gets “apprehended by Christ” (someone witnessed to him!) and he is a changed man. His friend is on the outside, enjoying the “good life”. Lecrae sends his friend a package with a Bible and a long letter, in which he witnesses and pleads with his friend not to waste his life. He’s also declaring his desire not to waste his life anymore; he now lives for Christ.

The man is moved by his friend’s transformation and is convicted as he reads. The video ends as he picks up the Bible and letter, leaves his friends hanging out at his apartment, gets in his car and goes to visit his friend. As they meet in the prison visiting area, the man smiles at Lecrae and taps the Bible, showing that he has a humble attitude and wants to hear more.

Fantastic encouragement for witnessing!