public policy vs His Kingdom Way

Evangelical Christians will do whatever their pastor tells them to do regarding any public policy issue (or else pastors will be 100% silent on the issue). They will be in compliance with their pastors who are in compliance with the USGovernment policy. Pastors and “Reverends” will be up in pulpits preaching compliance, or, he or she will be silent on public policy. When and if the next president is a Republican, especially and if he is a professing Christian, compliance with all existing and new government policies will be fully expected of the flocks, by the Incorporated Church clergy.

This is why our pastor needs to be Jesus and our king needs to be Jesus. Because contrary to popular Evangelical theology, that “to unquestioningly obey government is to obey God”, Jesus and the laws of the land are often at odds.  We are NOT to blindly obey everything the government says we must do or not do. We are to obey Jesus in matters of conscience and when HE tells us instructions that differ from public policy. Churches lie: Obeying government is NOT always obeying Jesus. Public policy is not always Kingdom policy. You must discern the difference. There is conflict because there is contrast. This is why Jesus talks about being in and of HIS KINGDOM WAY.

4 thoughts on “public policy vs His Kingdom Way

  1. We are to obey government but if the government goes against God’s laws we cannot be forced to obey man’s laws. Example would be Daniel 3:14-18 and 6:10. Romans 13 tells us to honor the government 1 Peter 2:13 but not necessary the leaders who have become tyrants to the people.

    • I agree Vickie if the government leaders decree or legislate that we must not do what Christ teaches us to do, or that we must do contrary to what Christ teaches, we then, in love and peacefully, go with the higher law and obey Christ.

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