Why I will not “ice bucket” myself

Then he showed me the river of living water, sparkling like crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb…Rev.22

1. I choose to follow Jesus: I am not a follower of men, pop culture, trends, fads or movements. I do not accept challenges given by those in allegiance to the kingdoms of this world.

2. I choose union with Jesus: I will not participate in the world’s unifying, social-bonding, group-hypnosis, peer-pressure, conformity-participation, mass rituals.

3. I choose obedience to the commands of Jesus: I will not obey the commands of the kings of the earth (the principalities, the powers the rulers, the spiritual forces of wickedness in high places).

4. I choose to love the Truth: The behavioral reasoning for this act, as well as the spiritual symbolism, implications and manifestations involved with this social ritual are deceptive and based on lies.

5. I choose not to participate in pagan ritual: Immersing self or bathing self with icy cold freezing water is an Eastern Orthodox pagan ritual for “cleansing self of sins”. It also looks like some kind of new age, “Age of Aquarius”, water-pouring ‘baptism’ ritual with possible “waters breaking /birth” or “shock” esoteric meaning that is NOT of Jesus Christ. Also I choose not to mimic torture: Ice water is used in occult trauma based mind control ritual abuse programming, which hurts people’s minds, bodies and souls.

6. I choose not to participate in occult ritual:  the Hexagram is a symbol of fire and water combining for satanic purposes. The triangle pointing up is fire (fire, fires, firing bullets, firing tear gas, Ferguson, MO) and the triangle pointing down is water (Ice bucket challenge). Both triangles combine in these simultaneous events.

7. I choose not to participate in the bold mocking of the throne of God and of the Lamb, but instead to love, reverence and honor my Lord and My God, my Savior and King. Then he showed me the river of living water, sparkling like crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb..Rev.22

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14 thoughts on “Why I will not “ice bucket” myself

  1. Interesting because I was commenting to my wife the other day as to how disappointing it was to see all these people from my old church doing this and how I just don’t see the Spirits leading in this. This ice bucket thing seemed of the world, not the Spirit.

  2. I am watching all of this lunacy from Australia and wonder, has anybody actually said no to this yet? Reading the link about the pastor who doused himself, I am not really that surprised, but I wonder what would happen if somebody refused to do it. I understood that you either doused yourself with ice water and gave a smaller amount or gave a larger amount without the ice water?

    We have had enough of the ‘chugging’ (charity mugging) which happens here, and refuse to give to those who get in our faces and rudely insist that if we don’t give to the charity in question we have something wrong with us. But this is taking it to a whole ‘nother level.

  3. I would also say that I would choose to give to a charity of my choice, without others needing to know about it. This is both exalting a pharisaical approach to giving, very much like the person on the street corner proclaiming loudly ‘Look at what I am doing!’

  4. Another of the major errors that contributes in muddying the waters is the misunderstanding of the parable of the wheat and tares. The age old doctrine of the visible and invisible church is a heresy invented by men. In other words, the wheat and tares do not grow up together in the church, because the field is not the church,(light and darkness cannot co-exist within the kingdom). Therefore the field is the world…. God’s people are in the world but not of the world, thus there can be no real worldly church (organized Xianity), it is an oxymoron…..Not knowing this has brought about a lot of confusion, in that their are no tares in Gods’ church, never has been. Christ has had a pure bride, unspotted of the world, from the beginning, James 1-27. This other thing that is called the CHURCH is nothing more than giant tare barns. God has been calling His true believers to come out of these cults for centuries.

    They understand not the parable because they view it through the eyes of dualism, ironically they perceive its members in the same manner (adamic-nature), gnostic dualism. The entirety of first epistle of John addresses these false theologies……………bill

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