Christendom the mighty city

We would have healed Babylon, but she cannot be healed Jer.5:19 niv great city, you mighty city, Babylon! Rev18:10 esv


Christians who mean well and love God and His people, sometimes imagine they can help “reform” Christendom. They hope they can try to change it, fix it and make it more like what Jesus intended for His followers. They want to clean her up and try a new “look” on her, a new dress perhaps, different colorful adornments. But she remains unchanged inside. She remains the same “woman” under whichever color dress she is wearing.

Christendom, a world system, its formal structure and function, is not a work of God. It is a carnal work of man and the spiritual powers that are in opposition to Christ. Christendom is a work of religious power and political power and financial power. All the striving, writing, debating, disputations, councils, logic, academics, rhetoric, persuasion, programs, plans, governments, strategies, architects, kings, popes, priests, PhDs, bankers, lawyers and politicians in the world cannot fix it.

The work of God, through those who abide in Christ, is a work of the Spirit. This work of God in the Spirit, through Spirit-filled disciples of Jesus Christ, has been continuing along in Holy Spirit power, all this time, regardless of what Christendom has been doing. And these Spirit filled disciples do get revived, encouraged, guided, corrected, disciplined, exhorted, sanctified and brought to repentance directly by the Spirit of Christ. Thus Christ reforms the hearts of his people, His ekklesia that He is building Himself.


3 thoughts on “Christendom the mighty city

  1. Yes Loretta, the apostle James says we are to be as a “pure religion”, that is unspotted from the world.

    The Harlot keeps washing her garments in a relentless effort to remove the outward spots of religion, while giving the impression she is clean. She codifies her self in documents, perpetual upgrades in the whited chapels with the latest innovations, honours and feasts celebrating her mighty men of renown in the market places, while washing, scrubbing, and bleaching the linen of her spotted garments. A continuous rinse and repeat cycle. Yet she cannot get the worldly spots out of her religion, thus remaining “spotted of the world”, claiming I shall be no widow…peace, bill

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