Here is the mind which has wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits… Rev.17:9

7 Mountains DOMINIONISM: Where the different Evangelical Movements converge as one.

I see 3 completely different camps of Evangelical DOMINIONISM converging. These three Christian movement camps think they have nothing to do with each other. Not so.
They are all pushing for global DOMINIONISM. Rather than teaching their members to follow Christ, they are teaching them to be change agents.

Do the followers of these movements see this yet?

I see the convergence is unfolding before our eyes.

1. The Charismatic, NAR, “Army of God”, Rick Joyner/ Elijah List type DOMINIONISM.
2. The  Modernist, Neo-Evangelical, BillyGraham/RickWarren/Campus Crusade/YWAM type DOMINIONISM.
3. The Intellectual, Authoritarian, Neo-Calvnist Reformed, Crown Rights to rule/Rushdoony/Reconstructionism type DOMINIONISM.

They are all “7 Mountains” in their goal for political, religious, cultural & economic dominion,  “World Evangelization” , “converting the nations” and “changing the world”.

The “3 measures of meal” do combine, and the whole loaf is leavened.

There is also the John Hagee, Dispensationalist, State of Israel worshipping, “Israel has the divine right to rule the world” ideology, whose members can be found in all three of these movements. This is part of the mix for sure, without a doubt!

Beware the false gospel of DOMINIONISM.

(It’s a Roman Catholic doctrine, comes straight from the Vatican Basement.)

This movement is concerned with “moralistic culture, and religious, political and economic control.
It based on eating from the tree of good and evil, it is not of eating of the Tree of Life.

Jesus tells us to make individual disciples OF HIMSELF and that His kingdom is not of this world.

Rome’s Tetzel preached FEAR of “hundreds of years in purgatory” and the “eternal damnation in fires of hell” (if they didn’t pay The Church for their indulgences), and thus sold the middle ages Christians a bill of goods.

The new false preachers of Rome (dressed as Evangelicals) preach a FEAR of “losing our Christian nation”, “losing the world to the secularists”,  and they are thus selling modern Christians a bill of goods.

The DOMINIONIST agenda requires $$$$$$$$ (Get Tetzel, the pope is on the phone!)
The true gospel of Jesus Christ and His kingdom, requires the Holy Spirit.

The false Christianity builds physically, infrastructure for political Christendom and the world system, while the disciple of Christ works as a laborer, helping build the unseen kingdom of God,
which no one can SEE unless they be born again. (John 3:3)

Business Leaders==== “Leadership Network”, “Leadership Conference”—“Marketplace Transformation”=== it’s all worldly, dead, carnal flesh! It is MANIPULATION and manipulation is witchcraft.

This is about witchcraft working vs THE HOLY SPIRIT WORKING.

9 thoughts on “7 Mountains DOMINIONISM

  1. You can add physical Israel, and Eastern Religion, as well as the freemason and occult, and lastly new age/emergent to this. Christ Consciousness leads to “You shall be as gods.” Right from the serpent in the Garden!

    • Yes very true, all of it. I was just observing how these 3 particular very popular Christian Evangelical movements, are known for thinking the other ones are wrong doctrinally or weird or erring in their traditions, but they all have this in common. It’s clear they are being used as tools to get things done.

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  3. The Pharisees determination to preserve for themselves “our place and our nation”(John11:48)…..combined with the Roman Empire lust for world conquest: the resulting blend after they teamed up together, is Constintinian, Augustinian warring, crusading, conquering Christendom DOMINIONISM, better known scripturally as The Beast and the Great Whore and her many daughters.

  4. Evangelical Christianity is busy being taught(by a hierarchy of dark masters posing as Christian Leaders) to obey these false teachers, to increase and take earthly Dominion of the world. To do this they must join in spiritual unity with the whole world.

    But let us continue on, being taught by the Holy Spirit, learning to deny self, daily dying to self, making our bodies a living sacrifice, obeying Jesus Christ, as we decrease and separate out from the world, in spiritual unity with Christ Jesus our Lord.

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