Render unto Caesar!

Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and to God, the things which are God’s. ~ from Luke20, Mark12,Matt.22

(Give to the government the things which are the government’s, and to God, the things which are God’s.)

In Church this last Sunday, did the pastor preach against the abortion provisions of Obamacare? Did he preach against the Federal government’s war and killing in the middle east countries? Did he refrain from honoring and praising Church members who are military? Did he walk over to the US Flag which stands tall near the pulpit and take it down and throw it on the ground? Did he preach against drone strikes on innocent children in foreign countries? Did he preach about how the US Gov. is supporting and financing groups that kill Christians in the middle east? Did he preach against the brainwashing currently being promoted which encourages Christians to fear and support military war against Muslims instead of loving them like Jesus loves? Did he preach against this Obamacare mandated healthcare info storage/ RFID/ tracking computer chip wearable or insertable “device”?

Did he preach that our allegiance and obedience is to our Lord Jesus Christ alone and not to earthly kingdoms, nations and governments? Did he teach that we must always obey God over man, even if that “man” is the government? Was he clear to preach that our allegiance is to the kingdom of God which is not of this world? Did he mention that loyalty to Jesus’ kingdom will create serious conflict with family, society, nation and government? No? Why?

Because if his Church is registered with the government as an incorporated business “body” or business, he is obligated by law to not speak against any US Government policy or government propaganda, but to demonstrate support, compliance and obedience to the US Federal Government.

The physical insertable “computer chip” is not the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast is spiritual: the heart/mind love for self and this world, and the deeds that follow.

The mark is about allegiance, loyalty, love and worship– it is about to whom we acknowledge as our God, our trust, loyalty, love, allegiance and owner.

Through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and His covenant with us, we belong to God. Not the government. That is why we are non-compliant with this chip thing. Not because it is the mark of the beast, but because we love Jesus Christ our Beloved Savior and want to show Him our love by demonstrating we know who owns us. We are already marked (or sealed) by HIM. We belong to Him.

Incorporated Churches belong to Caesar. So let the government have the Churches then! Let Caesar then be given what belongs to Caesar (the Incorporated Churches). But our bodies, minds, love, worship, actions, obedience, loyalty and allegiance belong to God, let us give ourselves wholly to Him.

4 thoughts on “Render unto Caesar!

  1. Why Augustine’s just war principles and Christa-patriotism doesn’t work.

    By lusting after the treasures of this world man has created a utopia of greed and covertness which spawns envy and jealousy. The apostle James says that fights and struggles come from among you because men chose to be this way. Man has followed his passions and desires producing his nature, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind “ie” his vices (by nature) Eph. 2-3> Meaning; man’s desire to store up treasures on this earth that leads only to the perpetual spiral done ward throughout the annuls of history, ever since Cain buildeth a city.

    After the exodus from the garden, Cane was the first to seek to serve two masters. The Cain model of religion; therefore serving the image of the beast, is always lusting and grapping to can all he can get, and get all he can. This is the perpetual state of kingdoms>(we claim this land in the name of the king of England etc.), by using every corrupt method to obtain it, of which he believes, is the natural course of life. Even to the degree of such foolishness as placing a flag on the moon seeking to declare ownership? What wrong with this Cainish way? This is the Monopoly mentality of who has the most goods in the end wins. Then to buff it all out, for extra appeal, they drag God in to the mix, and then claim it is HIS desire that they should be blessed in this state of Babylonian confusion, believing that God actually takes sides in man’s silly and fruitless conflicts and endeavors. How was it that Abraham, in great contrast to earthly treasures and kingdoms, was looking for a heavenly country? Hebrews 11-16.

    In following after the ways of Cain, kingdoms have created and atmosphere of greed and covertness. However, in the post-cross era, since 400 AD, it is justified now because it’s all in the name of Jesus? Thus, doing the works of Cain becomes godly if it is done in the name of Jesus? It was Augustine’s brilliance that discovered this dark formula from times past.

    Try and find this flawed mindset in the Sermon on the Mt. or anywhere else in the NT for that matter. You won’t’! Like James said in ch. 4-1; it comes from the desire of pleasures that wars inside your members. Meaning within the hearts of the members of the church, that support such carnage, having murder in their hearts, would seek to bite and devour each other as the apostle Paul wrote in Galatians 5.

    The love of money is the root of all evil, producing the fruits of wantonness. This is rooted out of the seed of discontentment. By being discontent with serving God, grows the roots of man’s desire to lay up treasures, this is the motivating ambition behind his wicked imaginations. This was the same down fall of the chief merchandiser Satan in Ezekiel 28 & Isaiah 14. The ambition of his grandiose desires is justified to meet them at any cost; even by the death of his fellow man such as was the case with Abel’s death at the hands of Cain. They be killing you and thinking it be a service to God John 16-2. Why could God not let such kingdoms as Rome and America etc. into His heavenly kingdom? Answer; they would ruin the place, that’s why.

    No matter what man can contrive it will fail, because corruption through his vices will triumph in the end do to his divided loyalties. While seeking to serve God and Mammon, he serves the beastly appetites of his own belly and the desires therein>”ie”a bowl of pottage while despising his birth right.
    But just as Esau did also want his blessing form Isaac, so do the kingdom builders of Xianity. (Give me this kingdom TODAY and may God bless her as well.). Foolishly not knowing that only “Godliness with contentment is great gain” . Not Godliness with worldliness ! “My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge” sayeth the Lord. Through the irony of the selfish concept of Democracy man will actually vote in and establish the final antichrist system, simply because, where your treasure is so shall be your heart also Matthew 6-21.

    Once again; Kingdoms always fail, and always will, because they are ruled by various loyalties and diverse intentions. This is why Satan said they are mine to give unto whom I choose. Therefore, this fabricated God and country myth, even if it were possible to make some sort of change by this so- called Christa-Patriotism, it would be compromised quickly in the annuls of the perpetual downslide of man and his kingdoms, of the which are being broken into pieces as we speak, Daniel 2-44. Why? The Power of the “Word” prevails!

    Although these endeavors may at times provide some good for some groups of people; however being always built upon the pillars of respecter of persons, therefore it will ultimately fail because God has been left out of the equation. Man, on his own, not being able to get passed 6 rungs on the latter, will never be able to establish the holiness of #7; and God is not interested in man’s vain ventures in doing such “ie” the God & Country myth falls on it’s face. The conclusion to this repetitive story, is that mans divided loyalties will provide the stimulus that is necessary to fuel his ambitions which will allow for corruption to triumph in the end and usurp its authority over the rights of the people. (Sow to the flesh and reap corruption). The quick demise and end result would be nothing more than exchanging one OLD World Oder for another Old World Oder, foolishly thinking it be New and smell good. The fallacy is because he built it in the image of himself on the shifting sands of his imagination. (the image of the beast). Thinking him-”self” to be better than someone else’s-“self”. Both are without God and doomed to fail. The reason that man descends to the lowest side of the pit is because he seeks to have it both ways. He wants a Godly government along with his own lusts and endeavors at the same time. Therefore the kingdoms of this world are of Satan and are doomed for destruction and are his to give to those that should worship him, Luke 4. The simplicity of the gospel is that Jesus has already established the kingdom, all man has to do is repent and get in on it.

    We must also never forget that it is our forgiveness that allows for the Holy Spirit to work in them that they should repent and forsake their ways…A marvelous fruition of the working power in the Spirit of grace..

    Grace and truth, Bill

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