Lofty words, published books, well attended conferences

Dear children, let us love one another not just with words and speech,
but in deed and truth. 1John3:18


Yes right words are important, yes truth is important
but so are deeds …….

Missing even 1 of those 3 will make a mess
and even cause people to be hurt.

Many Lofty words, claims of knowing truth, published books, well attended conferences, exclusive “invitation only” Theology clubs, popular Movements, superstar famous Christian Leaders…………. nice, but is there present, the fruit of the Spirit?

The Holy Spirit.

The Spirit of Jesus.

By our fruits (deeds) shall we be known.

Each tree is recognized by its own fruit….. by their fruit you shall know them.

Fruit of love.

Fruit of kindness.

Fruit of gentleness.

Fruit of courage in the face of fearful trials (a manifestation of faith).

“Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof”

(The power of God to manifest the deeds.)

These who deny the power thereof, do not just act religious and talk religious, and perhaps verbally deny the power of God….they deny it with their actions; there is no demonstration in them, of the power of God.

Which comes from the Holy Spirit of God.

……These who deny the power thereof…………. : 

From such turn away.

7 thoughts on “Lofty words, published books, well attended conferences

  1. Most of official, visible Christianity here in America is completely apostate. The popular ministers do not love, for they love neither in deed or in truth. The fruit is bad: no manifestation of love in deed towards the saints OR towards the lost. And no manifestation of love in truth, as lies and deceptions are taught to the masses of Churchianity attenders. The entire loaf is leavened with bad fruit (deeds) and bad teaching ie lies (words). Ministers of satan have transformed themselves into ministers of righteousness. They do not minister the love of deeds and truth. They look good, impress the senses and intellect and are very popular. They deceive the masses (no love for truth). They hurt the flock (no loving deeds).

    Fruit of the Spirit of God… loving(adj.) deeds and loving(verb) the truth, which comes from the power of the Spirit of God.

    To stay in the truth, to love the truth, is to continue in the power of God, in both the love of the truth and the love of deeds(fruit) of the Spirit.

    One does not simply heal Babylon, (ruled by ministers of satan) one must flee it.

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