resist & struggle

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Eph6


Resisting in the Spirit!

“Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

Fighting spiritual forces of wickedness with spiritual power.

Not resisting in the flesh, but turning the other cheek.

Not fighting physical or spiritual forces with physical powers.

Fake Christianity: rising up with physical force (preserving self);  their struggle is in the flesh.

Sheep of Jesus; going down in humility (losing self); their struggle is in the Spirit.

Fake Christianity, in pride and fear, encouraging their adherents to “take it back”, to “defeat the enemies” (physically) to preserve themselves, trust themselves, and rise up in the power of their flesh.

Sheep of Jesus, in humility and trust, encouraging one another to follow Jesus, to “love the enemies”, to lose their “self” and entrust themselves to their faithful Creator, in the power of the Spirit.

2 thoughts on “resist & struggle

  1. Wow! You hit this on the nail.

    God wants us to use our holy life to speak to those in ways that “words will not reach.” Which is a visible resistance to those around us. I am learning in this war that this force uses my 93 year old mother on a regular basis. This enters into my home through her because she lives with me. She is still trying to preserve herself … a fight to the end. Still trusting in herself, yet she has dementia …. Such a battle when one has lived in a world of pride and fear. My home battle has been when I stay in a conversation with her too long and start to get sucked into her mind/her world. Basically, I have done this out of love and concern for her well being physically and spiritually. Yet at times she becomes the enemy and a destructive force on my health, this is a fine line we walk. A few months ago I received from the Lord what I feel is so important for our battles.

    Let go


    Receive healing

    I have not been able to do this overnight because I have a responsibility as a caregiver for someone I love. But, I know if I don’t do this through Him in the spirit I could be consumed…. This being part of our fight. Yes, we love our enemies and we overcome in the power of the Spirit. I am moving and interacting throughout the day in my home with her, but I have been given a veil that I see through. I am on one side and the enemy is on the other side. We will overcome.

    Peace sister,

    Linda R.

  2. The land of “churches” is a dangerous minefield…Jesus nor the apostles ever said our religion of faith had a name, “aka” (Christianity) is just a title because they don’t want to accept that the scriptures is where the truth is found……..peace bill

    beware of “anities, ologies, and isms..

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