crown rights

…and twisting together a crown of thorns, they put it on his head and put a reed in his right hand. And kneeling before him, they mocked him, saying, “Hail, King of the Jews!” Matt.27:29

Dear friends, let us not take Dominion of this world; let us follow Jesus Christ and be like HIM, doing as He did, Jesus our example.

He did not pull rank. He did not accept the political ruling King’s crown. He did not assert His rights as King in this physical world. He did not take over any ‘mountains of influence’ in society. He did not impose the physical outward Rule of God, or government subject to Rule of Biblical Law. He did not work with the Pharisees to create any movement, Institutional Church, State, or any kind of Theonomy or Theocracy. He did not preach and work towards “Christian” (Old Testament) Reconstructionism. He did not demand power and privilege. He did not institute a State built on Christian principles.  Au contraire.

He did not take physical, geographic, military, cultural, social, legal, governmental, economic or religious Dominion of the world.

But His kingdom is within us; He is gloriously ruling our souls within us.

Let us deny ourselves by resisting the battle-cries of the politically religious, and empty ourselves like Jesus, and lay down our “Crown Rights” to rule the world.

The only “Crown Right” He accepted, and demonstrated for us, was the right to be mocked and despised, the right to humble Himself and the right to die to self.

7 thoughts on “crown rights

  1. Increase through decrease…Victory through surrender…strength through weakness…fullness through being emptied…attainment through resting and not doing…peace through tribulation…living by dying…

  2. The grace of God is only delivered through faith. No faith, no power of God to overcome sin, false beliefs, the world, and the deception of the devil.

    The mind must be purged of sin through a godly repentance; faith and good deeds of love (obedience to God), that bring forth the good fruit worthy of repentance. A large part of that purging is the dead works of man-made religion. God desires His people not to be entangled in the vanity of religious systems, nationalism, nor the economic blood beast. These alliances are offensive to God. Man invented politics, religion, and economics which are in direct opposition to God. The so-called Christian multitudes along with their pundits cannot understand this truth because their consciences have been cauterized with the hot iron of lust. Marching of too war for centuries and centuries in the name of God and country, now their children suffer the habitual curses of the consequences of being hated by many other countries. Both Catholic and Protestant religions failed largely because of this one main factor. They are most excellent in mischief by employing missionary societies (London Missionary Society) that get their foot in the door so the merchandizing enterprises can then enter and pillage the people, land, and resources, while leaving them with a blanket of small pox guised as the gospel. This has been the MO of organized Christianity (Church and State) for hundreds of years.

    Peace bill

  3. Someone recently told me that if I was a real christian I would be storming the US supreme court and placing the ten commandments monuments back in place by force. They also said that any woman who has an abortion should be put to death immediately according to the law and that Christians had a responsibility to execute this death sentence. I told them the only place we see such a thing in the NT is when the pharisees brought the woman caught in adultery and told Jesus she should be stoned under the law. Sadly our back and forth was deleted by one of their ‘reformed’ friends who owned the blog it took place on. Even sadder I used to belong to the same evangelism group as one of these guys and many looked up to him in the Lord. Now his idea of evangelism is killing people.

    Google the title of this post and their site will probably be the first result. These people think they do God a favor by killing sinners. All that is left is for them to label anyone who doesn’t agree with them as a heretic and show that heresy is punishable by death and they will try to kill us too. Like in the days of Calvin they will kill us thinking that they do God a favor.

    God bless you sister and all that post here. -Jim

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