Jesus is pure

And everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself just as He is pure.1 John 3:3

I want to encourage you today with this short message that has been on my heart for days.

You already know this. This has already been confirmed to you many times.

The religion and culture of Christianity is sooooooooo corrupt. But our Jesus is pure.

Our hope is in Him. It is not in Christianity.

Do not despair, though we weep for the little sheep hurt by the corruption, lies and evil in Christendom.

Do not despair, for our Jesus is pure.

Though surrounded on all sides by this corruption, we abide in His holy purity.


13 thoughts on “Jesus is pure

  1. Yes Loretta!
    And we who abide in Him are abiding in the Kingdom of God, which began at Calvary where He was then resurrected to sit at His Father’s right hand.
    Can you see how churchianity refuses to recognize His Kingdom, preferring to lift up their fiefdom as if it reigns till He returns?

  2. Yes, Jesus is pure, and we are not. If there is a congregation near you that is preaching the gospel then go to it…Yes the teachers may offend you in some way (James 3:1-2), but as long as they are teaching from the word then humble yourself. If they error in major doctrines (Roman Catholic) then run for it…find a congregation with elders not just a single elder…the Spirit of Christ will guide you away from congregations that are up the garden path…read your bible every day, love God and love your neighbour…the Lord will chastise you and at times you will feel like you have been pulled inside out (heb 12:6-8) but it is to put you on the path to heal you (heb 12:13)

    God bless you…again don’t follow bad teaching but remember you can listen to good teaching even from a bad teacher (mat 23:1-3). When you sin the Lord will chastise you so that you turn back to Him…ask for forgiveness…repent…and you will have peace again…abide in Christ, love and bring forth fruit from the lips…praising and thanksgiving toward God through Christ Jesus.

    • hi Colin nice to meet you. I understand what you are saying & am familiar with all that; I was in Churchianity for 43 years. Thank you for your kind exhortation. love & peace.

  3. You are right Loretta. There is nothing to be found in running around to “churches” like little baby chicks looking for their Mommy. I read a Dr. Seuss book when I was a little girl called “Are you My Mother?” The poor little chick thinks everything is its mother. That is the problem with the insecure and immature Christians who have not developed that deeper relationship with Jesus and who have not fully made Him Lord. They are still seeking a leader, a man and people to occupy the time they should be spending with and hearing from Him. Not only that, they become preachers attempting to lure others into the same trap.

    I have found that many who awaken to some degree are still sleepy and cannot fathom being delivered from the apostasy, so they start their own apostate “home groups” or Skype groups where they continue with the same pecking order they grew accustomed to in the “churches.” I am ready for something real and different in my walk with Jesus. If it requires being alone for Him to show me who the true body of Christ is, so be it. Considering the fact that I have been subjected to the same abuse by so called “ecclesia” or called out ones as I experienced in the churches, I am becoming far more selective about who I allow into my inner circle. I have found that I must choose my fellowship one person at a time, groups are not making it.

    The purity of Jesus is something to behold.
    His majesty reaches to the skies.
    His voice can be heard in the smallest rustle
    of the trees and in the tiny cries
    of the baby.
    He is the sweet and endearing Pearl
    He is Wisdom at its Best
    He is “church” in the home
    of my heart.

  4. missdebra;

    Nice to read your comments! You stated, ” I am ready for something real and different in my walk with Jesus.” Beautiful! Might I suggest that in Christ Victory comes by surrender…Also, Mary chose the most excellent way by sitting at His feet, over Martha’s concern for the many things.
    St. Paul, when confronted upon the Damascus road, and gaining victory through his surrender soon learned that he had to count all his religious past ye all things in his past as DUNG. We too must do the same! Then it was about 3 years before we see him being used in ministry. That 3 years was perhaps how long it took for Saul to die and Paul to count all things dung. Early we see him referring to himself as chief among the apostles, but as he decreased we later see him referring to himself as the least among them and the chief sinner! John the baptizer said, “He must increase and I must decrease.” It is no different for any of us. I know first hand that my walk, while being similar to Paul’s has now taken me 6+ years to get to his revelation of all my past being dung!

    You also said, “If it requires being alone for Him to show me who the true body of Christ is, so be it.”
    Thus, our alone time with Him and away from others is His way of fixing everything else? No these 6+ years has been for fixing me so that I could be used by Him.”

    Anointed Ones?” There aren’t any! Really! The Christ means the “Anointed One.” Thus there are no others, only false ones! Pentecost is where He poured His Spirit on all flesh, not just certain Jews, but all flesh/nations/elect called out ones. For you see, it is Christ in me/us the hope of glory. He has been reigning at His Father’s right hand since the resurrection, and His kingdom is both now and within we who are His. Thus the best thing we can understand from this is Jesus plus me is a hindering of Jesus, but Christ through me? That is power which only comes from me being crucified, for my most righteous moments deserve nothing more then eternal damnation.

    The prophet said, “I saw the Lord high and lifted up, and His train (glory) filled the temple. His next words were, “Woe is me! I am a man of unclean lips among a people of unclean lips. Why? Because when we truly see Him revealed for who He is we can finally see ourselves for who we are. I can assure you that the prophet prior to that moment would tell us he knew the Lord, just like Job said, “I knew of you Lord, but now I know you!” Want more proof? John the baptizer was Jesus cousin. He was less than a year older then Jesus. His mom was Jesus’ mother’s aunt. Mary had gone to her when both were with child. Her aunt stated, my baby leaped at your voice! I submit to you that John knew Jesus and Mary’s story. Further, Joseph and Mary when leaving the temple after Jesus’ dedication thought He was with family not knowing that He had remained in the temple doing His Father’s business. Most likely Jesus travelled the prior year to John’s dedication at the same temple. That “family” Joseph and Mary thought He was with was most likely John’s family and John! They knew each other from birth. John had to have heard and saw these things. Yet John, when asked, “Are you the Messiah?” Not only stated “No I am not, but when the Lord reveals Him to me I will know Him.” Soon after we read, behold the Lamb of God, (hey it’s my own cousin!)
    we see that until the Lord truly reveals Himself to us we can’t see Him as such and further we can’t see ourselves for who we are either. So, if we are truly seeking something real and different from Jesus, the best place for us to start is to cry out to Him to reveal Himself more clearly…so we can then see ourselves more clearly for the wretched condition we are in. Nobody can have a relationship without this, for it is the concept of our cross that we learn conceptually long before we truly experience this death in actuality…

    May the Lord bring all of us to the reality of our cross and victory through surrender!

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