He …..made Himself nothing……. He humbled Himself…… Phil.2

Christian Dominionism is based on thinking your (so-called) “race” or ethnic group, or nationality, or religion, or government or State or Church, or culture or political ideology …. is “something”, is “special”, is superior and “better than everyone else”. Dominionism is based on making yourself “something”, it is based on self-exaltation. When the earth dwellers do this, it is all flesh.

But Jesus made Himself nothing, He emptied Himself, He made Himself of no reputation, He humbled Himself. When those abiding in Christ do this, it is all the Spirit.

Dominionism makes you the ruler. Jesus made Himself a servant.

Those following Dominionism believe they have “rights” and they crown themSELVES with a gold crown of authority, accepting the world’s admiration, submission, and obedience. They raise themselves up to dominance, importance and power.

Those following Jesus know they have no “rights” in this world, and accept Jesus’ crown of thorns as their own, sharing in His shame and suffering. They lower themselves as a servant, humble themselves and make themselves nothing.


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