the fake & the real

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. Rev12:11
Fake country……fake news, fake reporting, fake crisis, fake wars, fake actors, fake blood, fake government, fake presidents, fake govt. leaders, fake laws, fake victims, fake show, fake savior, fake power,

fake Church….. fake worship, fake prayers, fake Christianity, fake actors, fake doctrines, fake believers, fake pastors, fake Church leaders, fake traditions, fake show, fake Christians, fake jesus, fake gospel, fake power,

real Babylon, real deception, real delusions, real crisis, real death, real evil, really satanic.

Real preaching, real judgment, real separation, real snakes and scorpions, real Judases, real “repeat”, real voice of the Spirit, real prophets, real witnesses, real kingdom of heaven, real wilderness, real Shepherd, real saints, real narrow path, real blood, real suffering, real persecution, real betrayal, real mocking, real tribulation, real martyrdom, real commandments of Christ, real teachings of Christ, real Master and Lord Jesus Christ, real discipleship in Christ, real conditions, really abiding, really following, really obedient

real devotion, real Israel, real Zion, real remnant, real bride, real gospel, real testimony, real temple, real ekklesia, real deliverance, real food, real drink, real covenant, real forgiveness, real Life, real resurrection, real Jesus Christ is come in the flesh (really),

real repentance, real love for enemies, real love for neighbor, real courage, real forgiving others, real love for one another, really caring for the saints, really serving them, real picking up cross, real dying to self,

real gentle, real humble, real meek, real poor in spirit, real hungry and thirsty for righteousness, really merciful, really pure in heart, real peacemakers, really persecuted for righteousness sake, real insults, really hated, really receiving false accusations of evil, real lonely, real tears, real rejection,

real Jesus, real Word of God, real edification, real rejoicing, real glad, real reward, real prophets, real salt, real light, real fellowship, real unity, real communion, real love, real power, real glory,

real faith, real obedience, real enduring, real overcoming….. real overcomers.

4 thoughts on “the fake & the real

  1. Hi Loretta
    I never read your full testimony until today. I found it over at the other blog. What a story. I’m glad you were able to get out of church alive. I hear so many stories like this. The problem with church is it’s run by men. Like you, I’ve worried too much about what people think about me. Until about a year ago. When I fully understood the grace of God in Christ and realized God loves me unconditionally based on the finished work of Christ and my belief in Him. I was completely set free. God has miraculously provided for my service on the mission field through friends and family. As an added bonus, the church I’ve attended off and on since becoming a Christian is supporting me too. But I told God I was going to Africa no matter what they thought. They are far from perfect. I’ve heard things. But the pastor loves the Lord and shares the gospel faithfully every chance he gets. In any case, I’ve always known I don’t need to go to church to have a relationship with Jesus. But I’m happy to go when I want to. I’m equally happy to sit with another believer and praise the name of the Lord one on one. God has taught me through so many different avenues. Anyway, glad I got to read your story. I’ll speak to you from the other side of the pond!

  2. Fake Israel
    How shocking that was when my eyes were first opened.
    Churches brimming over with Esaus.

    So many people are perfectly content with fake.

  3. :
    i think the real key to the abomination of desolation being “set up” is that the existing abomination of wilful and presumptuous sin Hebrews 10:26-31. The sin becomes so openly arrogant that it is shamelessly flaunted in glory while despising Gods law and trampling the blood of Christ underfoot…this behaviour was spawned with the bay-boom and becomes worse with each passing generation contained therein., these are the untoward generations that Peter spoke of in which it vexes the spirit of the believer dwelling among them from day to day…,,,,,never has lack of modesty ever been so flaunted and proudly displayed, Sodomy is no longer a thing that was hidden and ashamed of, but now is joyously being paraded or displayed conspicuously with vigor. Mans achievements are the flags of humanism are dripping pride and being waved in Gods face

    Giant preachers in the earth, mighty men of renown, worldy respected names, such as Graham, Piper, and multitudinous others are exasperating with great swelling words that they can sin every day and God doesn’t see their sin,,,,some how they themselves can see it and flaunt it, but God is blind to it???…oh my, what proud branches of arrogance have shot forth into the sky from this tree of abomination Mark 4-32…. its becoming absurd and reaching to the highest level of heaven….Rev 18-5 For her sins have reached unto heaven………


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