“I must decrease” John 3:30

Evangelical Christianity is busy being taught (by a hierarchy of dark masters posing as Christian Leaders) to obey these false teachers, to increase themselves and take earthly Dominion of the world. To do this they must join in spiritual unity with the whole world.

But let us continue on, being taught by the Holy Spirit, learning to deny self, daily dying to self, making our bodies a living sacrifice, obeying Jesus Christ, as we decrease and separate out from the world, in spiritual unity with Christ Jesus our Lord.

4 thoughts on “Decrease

  1. Greetings in Jesus name.

    So true … So many for the past 30 years have preached a you name it you claim it lie that they say will bring about the kingdom of heaven. They are just gods that will bring about the return of Christ to the world so that they may reign and rule over all …. Just another twist on God’s word to appease the flesh of human kind.

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