JESUS crowned with glory and honor

Jesus, crowned with glory and honor

because of the suffering of death..Hebrews2:9esv

A function of ancient Roman religion: the augur was the priest who determined the will of the gods by performing a divining ritual involving reading and interpreting the flight, behavior and movements of birds (ravens, crows, eagles, vultures), ie, “taking the auspices”. It was through birds that Jupiter’s will was interpreted. The birds were regarded as Jupiter’s messengers. The augur determined whether the gods approved military and political acts. He also marked sacred areas (templa).

From one history site: “It will be seen from what has been said that the Roman state was a species of theocracy, that the gods were its rulers, and that it was by means of the auspices that they intimated their will to the representatives of the people, that is, the magistrates. It follows from this, as has already been remarked, that no public act could be performed without consulting the auspices, no election could be held, no law passed, no war waged; for a neglect of the auspices would have been equivalent to a declaration that the gods had ceased to rule the Roman state.”

The president: inaugurated leader of a temporary wicked kingdom of this world.

Lord Jesus Christ: Crowned King of the eternal holy Kingdom of God.

Lord Jesus! Crowned with glory and honor!
Joyfully confirm the affection and Kingdom allegiance of your hearts, saints!


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