the ladder & the cross

Carrying His own cross…………there they crucified Him. Jn.19:17-18


satan has a ladder. With it he climbs the ladder of global leadership and success and power and control and lies and killing others, TO THE TOP (of the Mount of the Congregation), where he rules over his followers in pride with cruelty, from the top down.
As their ruler, satan lords it over his subjects with disdain for them, even as they struggle to achieve self-preservation and try in vain to climb higher up in his kingdom. satan becomes the capstone to the empire he builds, and he is quite proud of it.

Jesus has a cross. With it He walks the lonely narrow path of servanthood, self-denial, self-sacrifice,
and giving of self, then lies down on it in surrender and dies on it in truth, humility, meekness, mercy and love. His followers lay down after Him,
next to Him, alongside Him, with Him, taking their place AT THE BOTTOM with Him. As He guides the little sheep as their King, their Life, with love and humility, He leads them ever to the last, down to the least place. Jesus, the foundation Cornerstone for the Kingdom He builds.

The ladder and the cross. One leads up. The other leads down.

The ladder will lead you up to the capstone, lucifer the prideful one, the fallen one.
The cross will lead you to down the Cornerstone, Jesus the King, the humble One, the crucified One, the risen One.

4 thoughts on “the ladder & the cross

  1. This word is very encouraging and timely to what I needed to hear. I have been struggling with issues of pride and selfish ambition, which is of the flesh and the nature of Satan. This word reminds me that it is better to be lowly in this life and to identify with Jesus and his cross than to live for this world and the things of this world (such as making it to the top of the corporate ladder). I thank the Lord for His word which helps in the warfare that has been going on in my mind and helps me to be victorious in the battle.

  2. Happy New Life, Loretta! Excellent word picture of the Truth of His Way, which is narrow, and the prince of this worlds way which is broad and leads to destruction.
    Thanks sister!

    • hi Mickey! amen, it’s either the ladder of worldly success or the cross that goes down to death of self…., following Jesus will lead us down! Happy New Life! i like that, thanks brother !

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